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Hi anons, I've been having this strange dream where I'm lying on the sand and I wake up in front of a house similar to the one in the photo.

It has two paths, one to the right that leads to a mystical jungle full of Hawaiian totems, aztec pyramids and moais.

And the path from the left that leads me to a village of shanties and small houses with boats.

I think the dream has no particular meaning but it feels like a liminal space, the thing is that I dream with this same place at least 3 times a week since last 5 months.

>It has a meaning?

>Should I be worried?
>What are your thoughts about it?


If it has a meaning then it might be something personal only you can gasp. But in my experience what is really important is: How does it make you feel? Does it give you anxiety or bad vibes? Or rather it's just a quite calm and comfortable experience?


File: 1655881024593.jpg (15.15 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

It's a calm and comfortable experience but also makes me feel confused


You need some vacations


According to Jung, the dream house represents your psyche.
West and East (Right and Left) are materialism vs. spiritual transcendence.

You may feel that mundane life is bogging you down and feel the need to reconnect with the gentle solitude of nature. The fact that you dream of this ocean multiple times a week tells me that you have a desperate subconscious need to return to the womb - you value cozy respite more than most because of the toll active participation in society takes on your energy.

The fork in the road signifies that you balance on the fine line between being someone who fits into society and being someone who spiritually transcends mundane society. You probably spend time searching for the truth through ancient mysticism in between your 9-5 job.

How was my dream interpretation? Was I close?


File: 1656222728801.jpg (564.58 KB, 4032x3024, 9f841dddf40578cf870f4f740a….jpg)

>West and East (Right and Left) are materialism vs. spiritual transcendence.

It is a good interpretation, lately I have felt that my life has no direction and that I only work and live to buy things to fill something, I work a 10 hour shift and earn well but I already feel too exhausted mentally

So yes u were close but I'm not a very spiritual person


I’m sorry to hear you’ve got such a burnt out feeling. I’ve been in that drudgery and know how it feels. Sometimes if you do one, small thing differently every now and then can make a huge difference in the day.

Maybe try to do little things to break up the monotony - like doodling an unflattering pic of your boss and leaving it anonymously on their desk or practicing the art of reverse pickpocketing on your coworkers and then challenging them to a bet that you know what’s in their pocket or printing out an inspiring looking picture of billy mays and posting it in a very conspicuous place

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