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aspirations and head movies
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Dreamchan now has a Twitter!

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No. 104

What? Talking about uboachan is against the rules? I don't see anything about that in the rules? Who is the owner of this place?


Did you have a dream about uboachan or something?


yeah, well there are no meta boards so I thought I'd ask what you thought about it here


I was hoping to create a meta board down the road when there would be more to discuss.

Single rule of /dr/:
>Discussion is to pertain to night time dreaming and aspirations.

Not a bannable offense, but worthy of a deletion.

What about uboachan though?


>I was hoping to create a meta board down the road when there would be more to discuss.
That would be nice.

>What about uboachan though?

Just wondering what you thought about it? Have you been there before or heard of it? The topics of uboachan and dreamchan are very alike.


I have heard of it but I wouldn't call myself a lurker or poster.

I see they have a dreams board. I wasn't aware.

As a long time sufferer of acute sleep paralysis, things like sleep and dreaming have always been really important topics of discussion for me. This place has been a long time coming. (For me at least)

I just want to ultimately cultivate a relaxing environment where people can discuss some interesting topics. I don't want to try to be like anyone else, or claim that Dreamchan has something that other places don't.

I do hope that in time Dreamchan does develop a unique sort of culture. Slow and dreamy


Aye, I like those types of imageboards, I like the logo and color scheme too, were you the person that put an ad for dreamchan on 8chan? (That is how I found this place)


Thanks, I've been making little tweaks to the styling as the days go on. Working on the code for some features I hope to put out in the coming weeks.

Yes, that was me. Though I'm not big on advertising, having people to post on your imageboard is necessary, so this week I'm putting out a series of banners on 8chan. I don't really plan on continually doing it though.


I'm *p* sure I've visited uboachan before (and all of the similar 'waifu'-niche *chans); I've always personally been a fan of lainchan (and wakachan). I remember uboachan being nice, though, and somehow not actually drowning under glaciers of its niche boards.


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Admin, are you an INFP or just similar to me? I've been very to almost the idea of dreamy feelings. I tie a lot of it into memories, like I put a sort of semi-real filter over things like high school and middle school memories. Idealized feelings met I suppose. I was very into lucid dreaming and inducing sleep paralysis too. Pic semi related in a subjective way.


I meant very attracted to.


>are you an INFP or just similar to me?
INFPP precisely. Or that's what I have gotten in tests. The general description fits me pretty well. When it suits me I can be very social though.

> I was very into lucid dreaming and inducing sleep paralysis too.

I admit I was never much for inducing it.

When I was young, up until I was 8 I was a chronic sleepwalker. I would wake up in the living room nearly every morning. My mom would catch me standing by the sink as well.

One time I woke up to find myself peeing in the cabinet under the sink and my mom screaming at me. That was probably the most outrageous incident though.

I don't remember when I started experiencing sleep paralysis, but it I would estimate around 6. They weren't originally accompanied with hallucinations, I would just wake up unable to move. I remember being scared, and I would pray to God every night before bed that it wouldn't happen. (I was raised Catholic)

I don't know if this was the first time, but this is the earliest I could remember.

I had fallen asleep in the living room. I woke up laying face down, unable to move as usual. This time though, all I could hear was the sound of a lawnmower. It sounded like it was right in the room.

I tried as hard as I could to move and when I could, I just started crying and went to go wake my mom up and tell her what happened. She explained to me then that it would happen to her when she was little, and that it was alright. (She later told me that it had only happened once or twice to her.

I suppose since I had a few bad experiences with it throughout my youth (even up until now), I try to avoid paralysis as much as I can. Sleeping on my side helps, and of course not eating sweets anywhere near bed time. (That is just good advice in general lol)



I can always spot another INFP.

I experienced sleep paralysis a few times when I was maybe 2 1/2 or 3. I would see a medieval knight move extremely slowly across the room or news anchor faces merge into each other, black and white I think.

I got into lucid dreaming when I was like 13 and was able to finally do it when I was 14. I loved being "lost" in the feelings that they provided, like a way to live in the afterglow of feelings I would get in normal dreams. I would always think back on successful attempts and really memorable normal dreams, I can still remember them if I try or something triggers it.

I tried to induce sleep paralysis a few times when I was 14-16 I believe, it ended up being very loud and I would get scared somewhat quickly, very rarely having the nerve to go through with it.

I can be social as well, it just takes a fair amount out of me. My own head and all its little nuances seem a lot more real than the world I see in front of me.

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