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Is your dream journal a digital one (IE a txt file) or a real journal? Do you write in it right when you wake up?

I use a text file and keep it open, since I immediately jump on my computer in the morning anyways.


I really don't keep a dream journal, though I should.

I would do text because I am able to type a lot faster than I write, but I am against leaving the computer on over night, even if it is in sleep mode. I also believe if I were to leave it off, by the time I have it on/the program on to put my thoughts down the dream would already be gone.


My dreams don't translate well to text so I don't, but sometimes I do draw a few storyboard style cells to remember the good ones.


What kind of stuff has ended up in the storyboards?

At first it sounds childish but honestly drawing dreams out is pretty cool


technically what I choose to do is more ephemeral than a journal but mostly I just pull up lainchan /zzz/ on my phone and dump it there. There have been times where a dream felt really significant and I put those down in a legitimate hardback journal.


Heard it's best to use physical pen and paper. Act of writing better for memory retention and whatnot. What I do when I wake up is write a few keywords or important points about the dream. Later when I have time and I feel like it, I'll use the keywords I wrote down to remind myself of what went on in the dream.


I have been writing them down for this exact reason.

Lately my handwriting is stagnating (I'm a programmer don't have to do much) so I'm trying to improve it. I don't want to be an adult that writes like a teenager. I've been writing down my dreams and sending letters to older relatives in cursive. There has been some definite improvement over the months.


I am a traditional guy, i draw quite a lot (and haven't improved for a while ;_;) and first thing is trying to draw what i saw and at the same time write what happened, if the process was entirely digital until my pc boots, then photoshop loads and i plug in my tablet it would be all gone


Sometimes I remember my dreams enough to write them down, but I usually don't. At the moment I'm working on a comic based on my most recent dream. Since I'm a fairly shit artist, this'll be the first story idea that I actually make into a comic… I hope I manage it.


Damn OP, you're reminding me of my dream diary which I abandoned last year. I was really detailed with my entries and I was able to better remember my dreams as a result.

But then I got hung up over a single detail and I put it off because I'm lazy but refused to do any more entries until I perfected the original because I'm a perfectionist.

And os my diary is undone


Apologies for bumping such an old thread.

My dream journal is a digital one, a phrase or so that describes the dream. I haven't found the time to write a proper dream journal yet, but I should. Anyone found it intriguing how easy for it for dream events to be forgotten? Personally, I found that the feelings/emotions associated with such dreams can last longer.


I find that physically writing down your dreams increase your ability to recall them. I still remember parts/images of dreams from 10 years ago that I'm 100% sure I wouldn't have remembered. Something about the act of writing out each line to make up each letter.

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