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/dr/ is a place to discuss night and day dreams.

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What are the recurring themes/elements in your dreams?

>places I've been to, but mixed in a way that create new places, so I can't recognize them

>flying (rare)
>time travel (e.g. have a limited amount of time to restore things)
>being late
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People acting the like the opposite of their IRL selves. Like my loved ones being completely evil. Even I act differently.


for years I had reoccuring nightmares about being robbed at knifepoint after a traumatising experience with that irl. These days I often have dreams about just walking around urban places which are in the dream logic familiar to me, but don't actually reasemble any real places I've been to. For the amount of time I spend on my computer, it's surprising how little it shows up in my dreams.


File: 1659381255457.jpg (47.59 KB, 720x720, facebook_1659269721226_695….jpg)

Going back to college and being intellectually challenged with new things to learn.


I often have nightmares where the theme is trying to go home.
Sometimes there are people who follow me and try to stop me. I tend to stop by and hide in stores. Sometimes I don't know the path home and get lost, it can be a short path or I could come back from another city or country.


just remembered this - i used to have dreams where i was in school and just trying to fight everyone, yelling etc. no one reacted. they were sitting there like statues and i was the crazy person yelling at them. lol

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any dreams you've had that have changed you for the better (or worse)?


File: 1665252220863.png (19.12 KB, 721x451, 1659828526488.png)

Only ever a couple. Happened when falling asleep during a dissociative episode.

Biggest one was a dream I had that I was immortal sitting behind a computer screen heavily invested in the Internet but completely ignoring everyone living and dying around me in the real world. Completely changed my perspective on the Internet and how I interacted with it.

Other one is a little too personal to share here.

File: 1625493023935.jpg (2.52 KB, 125x115, elliot.jpg)

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Have you ever dreamed about cartoon/TV show characters?

>dream that I'm Rigby from Regular Show and that I went to rob a warehouse with Mordecai and Benson

>Benson locks the doors and burns the warehouse so all 3 of us would die
>Mordecai and I enter this room where the floor is deadly, but the exit is located on the other side of the room
>I magically spawn a platform that I used to jump to the exit and escape
>Mordecai tries to jump on it, but trips and dies
>Benson dies in the fire
>wake up
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im sorry but this is the funniest thing ive read in a long time, what the fuck op. are you okay?


>are you okay?

I didn't watch Regular Show in like 6 years,I have no idea why I dreamed this.




>I'm Gumball from The Amazing World of Gumball
This only really happened to me once

>Eat a special magnet

>Train bursts through house
>Huge ass train is now chasing me and Darwin everywhere for the rest of the dream


I've had quite a bit of dreams with ALF in it ironically. I also was abused by my dad, am I an alternate version of Elliot?

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What are some recurring things that appear every now and then in your dreams? Could be an event, a location, an object…

A recurring dream i used to have is being at a store buying a my little pony toy (i was obsessed with the show but couldn't tell anyone). Funnily enough i stopped having this dream after ordering a mlp toy online


A college friend of mine has betrayed me and then made up for it right after by saving me at least twice in my dreams.
Apparently I have invaded the dreams of this same guy just to tell him to wake up two or three times.


File: 1661476316877.png (96.29 KB, 480x640, yumeme[sound=https://files….png)

I used to have a lot of dreams about relatives, but in my dreams my relatives were "usurpers" pretending to be my relatives, I will usually find out because while they act almost normal, the behavior will seem strange, the things they say, or their body language, etc.

I also used to have nightmares about strange beings observing me while I sleep.


A frequently reoccurring theme in my dreams is underground locations. Usually fallout bunkers, derelict basements, creepy tunnels with exposed concrete walls.

Another theme that's also highly prevalent is finding hidden functionality in computer games and software. Like it will be a dream where I'm messing around with it normally, and then I'll find a hidden menu or something. A notable recent dream that was exceptionally surreal was that I was at a MWR (Morale Wellfare and Recreation, it's a thing on military bases, I'm a military kid.) and I was messing around with a homebrewed wii and found community of people chatting about a old game.


Being in a more dystopian version of my town.

File: 1444846925711.png (356.78 KB, 1000x600, 1442758832478.png)

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ITT:Worst nightmare you ever had.
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It was a history channel special on my life and I was a brutal dictator that killed and was just horrible. And it was more realistic than any other dream i ever had.

I feel awful thinking about it. The atrocities in it so vivid. The people I cared about mistreated. It felt like possession, being trapped.


A few weeks ago, I had a dream where an autistic kid visited my home. He said he wanted to play my PS2 and I said that its locked up in a box outside. So we went on an adventure looking for the PS2. We eventually found the PS2 and he disappeared. I was looking for him and I ended up in a murky area. There was thousands of tiny white bugs that was pulling me down in the murky land. I was able to escape by crawling but man, those little white fuckers were terrifying.


A few nights ago I had a dream where I was a small child and a friend of the family (who does not exist IRL) was living with us. Every day my parents would go out the house and he would chase me down and beat me, I felt so weak and helpless. Throughout the dream he would just hurt, torment and threaten me whenever my parents were out of sight and then act all charming around them. I remember in the dream I didn't even think about telling my parents what was going on because I was scared and it was sort of like I had the mind of a child. I was so confused and upset and the man actually seemed more like a big monster to me. And yeah… this dream went on for quite and while and it was very distressing. When I woke up I was both relieved and sort of shocked at what I had dreamed.
I had no such experience growing up so it came as a shock that I would dream it out of nowhere.
My parents never hurt me and neither did any family friends, I am not sure what caused this dream but it has been on the back of my mind ever since. There is nothing quite as scary as being a small child who has no hope of defending themselves from a fully grown adult.
The dream has given me more empathy and thought towards those who have had such experiences for real growing up.


that's pretty spooky


File: 1662636459705.jpeg (241.16 KB, 1200x878, FRbq6e4VcAAxSby.jpeg)

There's two I can think of.
The first one I had when I was about 8, or maybe even younger. I was in the house I house to live in and there were red lights everywhere. A robot was slowly chasing me and few of my friends, but we couldn't run full speed because there were obstacles. I see one of my friends fall, while I keep running away from the robot. I know something bad will happen to him and I don't wanna watch.

In the other one I was in a bizarre nightmare loop. There was a monster that I couldn't see, I could only feel their presence but only if I remembered that they were there. The monster would have control of my dreams, and they'd "change" the dream and erase my memories of the previous dream. I'd eventually remember that this new dream is actually part of the same dream, and that the monster is still around. The goal of the monster was to have me see something that for some reason I really didn't have to see. Whenever I remember the monster and their intentions, the dream would reset, I'd be in an entirely different scenario. As this situation advanced, I eventually started to dream that I woke up, until I eventually remembered that I was still in a dream, and that the monster was around, trying to catch me off guard to show me whatever the fuck it was that they wanted to show me. It was terrifying. I remember feeling paranoid as fuck after I had already woken up, because I had thought that I woke up so many times before waking up for real. This happened not that long ago, maybe 3 years.

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Subject says it all!

I had a strange one recently, though most of my dreams aren't at all based in common reality, this one stood out not only because it felt like I was in a situation that could happen (in non-dream standards, mind you), but I was also me at an age of I think around 12-13. It also featured my little sister, around the age of 7 or 8 (her current age).

Basically what happens is that our mother who I can only assume is the last surviving of her family dies, and we were left to go live with our older adoptive sister. This is all assumed, as in this is kind of the context I was feeling while in the dream, why things were happening, why I was there. Our older adoptive sister was an anthropomorphic possum though she didn't dress the same way I believe it was based on the main character from a webcomic called 'habits' or 'clementine' as some call it on vice because she was basically homeless. We walked around a downtown area of a medium sized city as she would drink alcohol and flip off cars that passed us by, edging us on to do so with her. I would, but my little sister wouldn't. Then she bought us slushies, poured alcohol into mine and I got drunk with her while my little sister just drank a normal slushy, after that I woke up.

I liked it, felt like I was having fun in the dream in the innocent way a kid at that age would despite the shitty situation.
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I've been dreaming a lot of an ex girlfriend that I dated over a decade ago.


I dreamt I was working in a warehouse helping to move donated supplies in Ukraine and I was a little worried when some jets flew over, but then I woke up.


That's a very detailed dream you had, were you perhaps not looking somebody elses life through your dream?


I should download this entire thread, so much interesting stuff in here.


File: 1662633820065.jpeg (142.81 KB, 680x680, FK6tQpCaAAAXtZN.jpeg)

This is a dream I had last night that disturbed me a little.

I was having a nightly stroll with my best friend who also happens to be a person that I love(odd relationship we have). As we walk, people approach us and tell a joke, or do something funny, and then leave. It's always one at a time. We get used to this little routine, so once another person approaches us, we expect him to do something funny.

But he stabs my friend viciously out of nowhere. I panic a little and then I remember that I have a revolver with infinite ammo, and I start shooting him. He's shocked and tries to run for it, but he's left me feeling not only wrathful but hateful too. I think of Tony Montana as I shoot him so I feel a little embarrased when he turns his back on me and I have to shoot him from behind, but I think "Fuck him! he doesn't deserve an honorable death anyway". I stop chasing him when I see him finally drop to his knees, dying.

Then I start looking for my buddy. I wanna heal him because I have healing powers, but I can't people back from the dead. For some reason he's not where he was stabbed and I can't find him, so I panic and I start yelling "WHERE THE FUCK IS HE? WHERE THE FUCK IS HE?". Two kids approach me and they're laughing. They're not malicious but they dont understand the seriousness of my situation and I guess they see me as a funny grown up. I ask them questions but they just keep laughing and smiling. Suddenly I see a big, massive rat approaching me and I shoot it. Once I hear the kids cry in horror, I notice that In reality I shot a dog. Their dog. Kids wanted to make a silly harmless prank and their dog was onto it.
The dog runs away in a state of shock much like the man that attacked my friend. I try to follow him to heal him. I tell the kids "don't worry, I have healing powers, I can give life", because I feel so bad. I don't want them to cry, and I want their dog to be okay. But I can't find the dog either. I start to open random doors, entering random houses, and the people start staring me and being suspicious of me. An old lady looks at me from afar, she looks like she hates me. Evil. I notice that too much time has passed and both my friend and the dog must be dead somewhere. I start sobbing as I lay on the floor, hopeless, alone and scared in the middle of nowhere, late at night.

File: 1655840474722.png (24.39 KB, 220x183, Trollface_non-free.png)

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Had a dream that gay rights didnt exist :)
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File: 1657454074257.jpeg (15.01 KB, 270x301, download.jpeg)

gay rights and trans rights


are unnecessary




wish straight people didn't fucking exist



the only valid poster here got an angel number too. thanks for being the only person here who cares about people

File: 1646641689726.jpg (1.11 MB, 4256x2830, 1645558987179.jpg)

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Intitle. For those who dreamed something notable but don't want to write the whole thing out, unless maybe someone really cares about it.
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Map of Norway above with pine fruit on its left sea barring route to blood-drop pirate flags "if you send us blood we'll just drink it"… :
~The ??? Tree is un-mixed… the ??? Tree grows down to its roots…~


Fincus? Picus? Mincus? Micus? Ficus? NAh!


Had a dream where I was browsing the internet
and reading the comment section under a
post. Found an interesting comment and
saved it. My subconscious was trying to tell
me something lol. I forgot what the
comment was.


Someone threw me a surprise party. We were celebrating although I don't know what. It was huge. Everyone at the party ignored me.


Sorry your subconscious is full of rude assholes. Next time you should try to show them who is boss!

File: 1630349790119.jpg (14.61 KB, 467x299, Apu023.jpg)

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I dreamed that I had a bb gun shootout with my frens against the nonfrens.


File: 1630444843340.jpg (144.29 KB, 1024x1300, 215284758_4318363504950105….jpg)

sounds awesome anon


I dreamed similar one with yours. I have two guns, a shotgun and a pistol.
I remember that shotgun was M1014, and the pistol was G17. But you know, I don't have any gun irl. Also I haven't fired it too except an experience of a military service.

Anyway, I shoted some people with my gun. In the situation of dream, I don't know most of them who I shot. But when I wake up, I realize most faces are I know. I guess most dream are made up with experience and some imagines which were organized with reallife things. That's why most faces are I know.

Also, I fired my gun to them. That was BB guns. Why? I said before, I didn't shot my guns to others except when I play games irl with BB guns.
So they weren't dead. Just. Just I remember they were really suffered in pain.

Since I shot my people, other people came to ours and they worried about people who get shot. And dream were ended.

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