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/dr/ is a place to discuss night and day dreams.

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I don't even know if this image will fit
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I want to get into Lucid dreaming.


Me too. I've tried several times but never really got into it unfortunately, though it's something I really want to do.

Thanks for the post, OP.


oh nice thank you op i also wanted to get into lucid dreaming but never really managed. Will sure give it a good read!!


good guide only issue on my part is outside noises that I can't control


i tried lucid dreaming but it freaked me out… every time i went lucid scary things would happen even if i could control stuff to an extent

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That sad feeling when you woke up and realise it was just a dream.
What was it, Anon?
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Do you get along well with this girl in real life?


Yes, we have similar interests and senses of humor. We don't see each other very often though because we go to different universities.


I think this is a sign you should see if she wants have coffee soon :)


She has a bf unfortunately. Well, probably for the best actually. She's several hundred miles away from me most of the time and I doubt that's going to change anytime soon.


Ah sorry to hear that, glad you have a sense grounded in reality :) again welcome to dreamchan!

File: 1546436255888.jpg (51.02 KB, 600x370, mirrors.jpg)

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Had a strange experience waking up this morning. After initially waking up, half-roused, I had a thought, I can't remember if it was verbal or not, to the effect "oh, I'm me again finally." It felt as if it was the first time in a long time it had happened. I also remember imagining I think myself with blond hair, which I don't have and noone close to me does. The details escape me, I have pretty poor memory formation when I'm just waking up. The predominant feeling was pleasant surprise and curiosity. I drifted back into sleep and when I woke up again a little later I had those memories. Has anyone had a similar experience?

File: 1442801242604.jpg (11.35 KB, 480x360, 1441305833584.jpg)

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Subject says it all!

I had a strange one recently, though most of my dreams aren't at all based in common reality, this one stood out not only because it felt like I was in a situation that could happen (in non-dream standards, mind you), but I was also me at an age of I think around 12-13. It also featured my little sister, around the age of 7 or 8 (her current age).

Basically what happens is that our mother who I can only assume is the last surviving of her family dies, and we were left to go live with our older adoptive sister. This is all assumed, as in this is kind of the context I was feeling while in the dream, why things were happening, why I was there. Our older adoptive sister was an anthropomorphic possum though she didn't dress the same way I believe it was based on the main character from a webcomic called 'habits' or 'clementine' as some call it on vice because she was basically homeless. We walked around a downtown area of a medium sized city as she would drink alcohol and flip off cars that passed us by, edging us on to do so with her. I would, but my little sister wouldn't. Then she bought us slushies, poured alcohol into mine and I got drunk with her while my little sister just drank a normal slushy, after that I woke up.

I liked it, felt like I was having fun in the dream in the innocent way a kid at that age would despite the shitty situation.
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I wish I could remember my dreams in their entirety. I used to write them down and it helped a lot, I really need to start doing that again.

Part of my dream from last night was that I was back in school again and someone brought a gerbil to class. I think it was black and red. At one point, someone opened the classroom door and the gerbil ran out. I was really worried for the gerbil, so I helped to search for it. I found it under a table and I had to crawl under to reach it. I caught it but the little thing was so scared that its heart was racing. I knew I did the right thing but I also felt bad about giving it a fright.


I think a dream I had this Saturday was the first time I recognized I was in a dream. I was standing in my sister's old room, looking out the window and seeing slums as far as the horizon. There was a lot of really fast moving fog that kept obscuring things, but in the distance, maybe two or three miles off in the fog, there were some large buildings and very thin towers of something that stretched out to the clouds. It was strange because I distinctly remember turning and seeing a female classmate standing inside the room, with the top half of her face not matching the color of the bottom. Again, I feel like I realized I was in a dream, but I didn't think it was strange that she was both deformed and present in the room.


I had a phone conversation with my mother that ended when my battery died and then went into town, which had changed to a busy beach town at night in summer. I was shopping and flânering and trying to avoid running into someone I knew.
I got woken up by someone calling me (wrong number) and it surprised me because I was expecting the battery to be dead from the dream.


Same anon here. I had a dream yesterday that was just a car ad with narration over it. The narrator seemed to disagree with the footage being presented and openly mocked both the driver and the director of the ad. I had no presence in the dream at all, just following a car in cinematic shots like you would see in normal advertisements.


File: 1545350496569.jpg (269.26 KB, 1024x1004, 1544635352367.jpg)

I dreamt I was lying on a bunk bed on my right side, and someone woke me up and pulled me upright. I could not make out their face as they were seemingly a shadowy figure.
They then took my hand, pulled it up, and injected about 9 needles coming from one circular flat base into my inner elbow or however it is called and I could feel the stinging.
After that stinging was done, they grabbed my (long irl) hair and held my head in place while performing a transorbital lobotomy on me and right after threw me back down.
The scariest part for me was that I awoke in the same position I was woken up like in inside my dream, and so I lay there irl for about an hour waiting for someone to pick me up again which did not happen irl

Actually, lately I've been having many of these dreams where I wake up and it feels like my dream is still going so I try hiding or making sure I'm not still dreaming

File: 1529719892877.jpg (209.73 KB, 800x630, 1526026246466.jpg)

No. 947 [Reply]

Do you guys ever get dreams that are a continuation or a retelling of some dream you've had in the past?
I swear this has happened to me at least three times already. Maybe it's just deja vu, because I feel like, fuck I've seen this before, when I wake up.
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File: 1530989151039.jpg (143.94 KB, 850x1178, __hatoba_tsugu_hatoba_tsug….jpg)

Sometimes the dreams are nightmares and they're so bad that i intentional try to make myself forget them, but usually the dreams are just me and my friends trying to do normal stuff in the weird world around us and acting like everything is normal. Most of the buildings are in the same place they are in real life, but the landscape is different, so there are thrift-stores on stilts in the ocean, or gas-stations partially buried in sand. So sometimes I have to dig or swim to get where I'm trying to go in the dream!


File: 1531007897336.jpg (7.17 KB, 250x239, 1516441686437.jpg)


Ive had the same sort of dream, i can only remember having it about three times but its a slightly different version of my town where certain features are different such as stores, layout and terrain. Its also a sunnier if i remember correctly, and inhad more friends.


I don't dream much, but I do dream. When I was a child dreams were more usual, I think. Maybe I'm wrong. I usually dream about my town. I think the first dream I remember having involved me walking in a road next to my town's cemetery. Everything was full of mist, and people looked like like white cloudy figures.
I once dreamt about a gas station that was not there back then. A few months later it was. Other times I've dreamt about places in my town that do not exist. Once I saw a house that still doesn't exist, but in front of that house there was a playground with trees. The trees I saw them last week. They had not been there before either.
When I was a kid I would usually visit this room, it looked like a yard but the ground was made of something white, and it was surrounded by columns made of it as well. I was staring at people there from a corner surrounded by trees, by leaves. I have not returned there.


File: 1544635153912.jpg (221.27 KB, 1920x1080, metro.jpg)

i have these dreams sometimes which follow up on each other and every time i'm in this Rapture-like setting (from the Bioshock series), but a pre-revolution version where everything looks very fancy.
I am always in this very fancy hotel area with long staircases and fancy art-deco wall decorations in the lobby yet very cramped room. I can walk around normally but walk through the furniture. Every time I have dreams in this setting, I meet new people wandering around or have things explained to me about that world in the lounge or just find unexplainable things in other peoples hotel rooms.
Scary dreams in the setting bring me outside of the hotel area and into the Rapture metro system where everything isn't destroyed yet although very barren with the wallpaper hanging off the walls and such but no structural damage, just neglect and a lot of grey and colourlessness. People there seem scary and brooding and although they ignore me they still give off a negative and unwelcoming vibe, sometimes I feel like I'm being followed when out there.

File: 1444846925711.png (356.78 KB, 1000x600, 1442758832478.png)

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ITT:Worst nightmare you ever had.
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A few nights ago I had a dream where I was a small child and a friend of the family (who does not exist IRL) was living with us. Every day my parents would go out the house and he would chase me down and beat me, I felt so weak and helpless. Throughout the dream he would just hurt, torment and threaten me whenever my parents were out of sight and then act all charming around them. I remember in the dream I didn't even think about telling my parents what was going on because I was scared and it was sort of like I had the mind of a child. I was so confused and upset and the man actually seemed more like a big monster to me. And yeah… this dream went on for quite and while and it was very distressing. When I woke up I was both relieved and sort of shocked at what I had dreamed.
I had no such experience growing up so it came as a shock that I would dream it out of nowhere.
My parents never hurt me and neither did any family friends, I am not sure what caused this dream but it has been on the back of my mind ever since. There is nothing quite as scary as being a small child who has no hope of defending themselves from a fully grown adult.
The dream has given me more empathy and thought towards those who have had such experiences for real growing up.


that's pretty spooky


one where I visited my grandparents house
it was a long long time ago, just before both of them died
it was a normal bright day, and they lived just down the road so i went to visit like i would usually
most stuff was normal in the nightmare but i couldnt stop feeling like something was wrong
their faces were wrong, and they spoke sort of robot-like
when i tried to act like everything was fine, they got agressive, and when they realised that i figured out they werent my grandparents, their mouths extended past their heads in a rage and they marched towards me making a horrible low-pitched noise

ive had similar nightmares but in other situations, where these "invaders" ill call them, try and convince me that im living my everyday life, and when i realise im not, try to kill me


I killed someone very close to me
I thought it was real


File: 1542718856542.jpg (30.57 KB, 446x750, ysB2F8z.jpg)

I used to have recurring nightmares as a child about dinosaurs. I think it had something to do with having watched Jurassic Park way before I was ready to see something so violent. Most of my dreams would involve hiding from or being chased by herds of dinosaurs. I remember one dream vividly where I was hiding in a caravan and dinosaurs were circling it. I had to go to school, which meant passing some of these herds and I was holding onto someone's hand really tightly and holding my breath. The dreams were never gory/violent but they were very, very tense. At some point I realised that if I hit myself really hard in the dream, that I would actually hit myself in real life too which would wake me (although, first I had to realise I was in a dream, which is terribly difficult). I guess this is why people talk about "pinching" themselves to wake themselves up.

I think the worst nightmares are always in sleep paralysis or while having night terrors. It's very difficult to tell that you're dreaming and the hallucinations seem real because a part of you is awake. I've had all kinds of hallucinations of shadows coming into my room, insects crawling all over my bed and I'll even have times where I'll get up and go about my morning routine but something is "off" like someone will say something cruel to me and then all of a sudden I wake for real. Sometimes I can't tell if the hallucination really happened or if it was just a hallucination. It genuinely puts me in a horrible mood for the rest of the day.

File: 1534734367902.jpg (56.71 KB, 1280x720, [Mezashite] Aikatsu! - 48v….jpg)

No. 966 [Reply]

How come our minds can make super complex dreams sometimes that are like movies and have plots and are interesting but when you try to make up a story consciously it sucks or you can't think of anything?
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File: 1534770304690.gif (126.24 KB, 1047x1162, 1352676833832.gif)

it's the opposite for me. i have a super vivid imagination and daydream a lot, but when it comes to normal dreams i can never remember them.


Dreams are just an experience of the subconscious. They unfold completely organically, there is no arch, no story to be written, it's just things happening as they occur to you. Writing stories requires a working understanding of a bunch of different things most people can't be bothered to care about.


Reality cannot distract you when you're asleep.


if you actually watched a dream whilst you were sober, it would be an incoherent mess. Your brain just sort of accepts it at the time


I think when we consciously try to come up with a story, we tend to stick too closely to tropes and conventions, so it ends up feeling boring. Dreams don't care about rules or logic. They have no filter. That's what makes them such a great source of creativity.

This is probably true. The real magic happens just after you wake up, when your half-lucid mind tries to make sense of the dream. That's the one moment when we are able to mediate between raw sensory impressions and structured, conceptual thought.

Most of my good ideas have emerged from that state of mind.

File: 1533172696487.gif (1.53 MB, 500x500, 1531473618562.gif)

No. 960 [Reply]

How do i dream properly? I can never seem to be able to have interesting or memorable dreams, i usually just think of a plot just before i fall asleep so that i have something i can work with.
The last dream i can remember is where i was on a bullet train and before the train stopped, a japanese woman turned to me and said "Do you know what betrayal is?" and then i woke up. I do however dream better during the day as i walk in circles around the house lost in daydreams. Any tips to get more interesting dreams?


I always feel incredibly tired when I dream.


Exercising within 3 hours of going to bed is something that has helped me


File: 1533480915430.jpg (162.69 KB, 800x1000, tim.jpg)

I'd say reading.
It "enriches" the unconciouss with new knowledge and stories.
I often dream of things in books but only months later.

A week ago I dreamt of two ravens. Both of them only had one eye.
I'm not sure what their meaning related to my dream is (if there is any at all) but this they're probably the two ravens of Odin, Hugin and Mugin, who leave everyday to gather news for their caretaker. Odin only has one eye so that's where that came from.

I know there isn't a huge story behind it but I find it pretty cool.

File: 1531619310087.png (10.17 KB, 428x590, Raincoat Man.png)

No. 957 [Reply]

I see this figure in my dreams. Out of the corner of my eye, he looks like a man wearing a rain coat. When I've gotten a good look at him, he's actually a floating raincoat with some sort of strange light shining from where the head would be. On the surface of the light is the face of a man in his 30s or 40s. He's clean shaven with light green or bluish eyes & a 1000-yard stare, thin lips on a mouth in a constant neutral expression, with thin, light-brown eyebrows. The face kind of "floats" on the light, sliding slightly from place to place as it moves like the puck in air hockey. The light behind the face is kind of a bluish, greenish hue but mostly white.

Sorry in advance for MS paint but it was the best I could do. He doesn't have any hands, feet or legs, but has a shadow. I have a very specific recurring dream where I'm maybe 8 or at most 10, walking in a wooded area that looks like an area near my old home. A little girl with dark brown hair is with me. We pass a cactus with a large fruit and then spot the creature. I tell her to get down, but it hovers menacingly, looking for us. I don't know why I keep having the dream. The girl is wearing a pink or red white polkadot dress and sandals. I'm in jeans, t-shirt and sneakers. She's short, maybe younger, and seems familiar but I can't identify who. It happen years apart, and don't doesn't correlate to anything like stress or life events. The earliest was when I was a teen. I'm not normally skittish. It will take this specific form and always ends with me waking up in a cold sweat w/ intense fear. Sometimes he will "hijack" other dreams by appearing in a crowd of people or just out of no where. In darkness, he's easy to miss, especially in rain but sometimes he appears in broad daylight, as is the case in the recurring dream, which feels lucid, almost like a memory.

WTF? Can anybody help me figure it out? Has anybody seen a similar figure before? Is there a rational explanation?


He's stalking you.
Nice drawing.


That's…pretty interesting, OP. Almost sounds like the beginning of a dream-invaders short story. You can't lock the door to your dreams, after all.

The only thing I can think of - and it's a stretch - is that someone in a raincoat, or maybe a raincoat itself, scared the shit out of you at some point, the memory was either actively suppressed, or it happened before your memories are really formed (like when you're a toddler) and your mind, for some reason, just wants to keep preparing you for another encounter with it. The fact that you are younger in your dreams is a clue - and 8 or 10 is probably around the age we start to pay attention to physical appearance - before then we're all filthy toddlers or something, right?

I duno, I'm trying to sound like I know what I 'm talking about, I guess, but it's an interesting dream character.

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