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aspirations and head movies
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No. 54 [Reply]

a board about dreams? alright

when did you have your first wet dream?

>be me

>night before the first day of eighth grade
>dream i am at my uncle's cabin on the porch
>girl i've never seen me before bends over railing
>go to town on her, she takes it
>finish in a creamy explosion
>woke up, spunk everywhere
>i felt like a man the next day at school
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It seems to be a way that we expressed our middle school type affection, ways we saw and were familiar with and the way we thought it was supposed to make us feel. Feeling love and attraction tangibly.


I had just one.
>pushing crates around
>woman in black cat suit jumps out of crate
>her butt brushes my crotch
>semen everywhere


never had one, am I missing out?


A little bit. Most people won't have a lot but it's cool to experience it once.

Stop masturbating for awhile, maybe edge a few times before bed.

10x better orgasm. Your mind makes it reap ;)


My first wet dream was also the first one where I went lucid. I think I was about 15 at the time.

>walking around in the local mall for whatever reason

>suddenly realize that I'm dreaming
>decide to start flying around the place, feels good man
>eventually think "hey, maybe I can have sex too while I'm here"
>fly over to one part of the mall and see this girl I liked at the time
>tall, blonde hair, nice hips, a little plump
>a couple years younger than me, but I still found her hot
>we just start fucking in the middle of the mall
>wake up right as I cum

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Loved that movie along with The Never Ending Story and Labyrinth as a kid.

The thing about The Dark Crystal that stands out the most today when I re-watched the movie are the villains. They're just not your norm of the mill villains either, they are supposed to represent jews. Look at all the things that the skeksis represent and look at the things jews have been accussted and found guilty of throughout history.

Damn trip once you're and adult re-watching what is supposed to be a children's show.

Never seen that film. I'll have to give a view.


File: 1443394364265.jpg (6.68 KB, 170x213, daumenhoch.jpg)

truly a classic with really strong metaphysic topics

there should be more like this



Anything else guys?


i have it on vhs. it really is a good comfy movie.


File: 1443717760322.jpg (402.08 KB, 1920x1080, wizardofoz5740.jpg)

Does /dr/ like the Wizard of Oz?

File: 1443605334037.jpg (102.74 KB, 700x884, mydream.jpg)

No. 181 [Reply]

Like a month ago, i had a dream about swiming in the sea, then the water turned to mud, and i came out of it crawling. After i got back on my feet, i saw this giant being of light sitting in front of me meditating (i think).

i woke up feeling like it was some weird sh*t because of smoking a bowl right before sleeping, but then i saw this in my news feed.

>Image related

>inb4 hispa refugee


Have you been smoking before bed a lot recently? Unfortunately after smoking before bed enougj you'll find that you have less dreams you can remember.

I smoked before bed last night and all I can remember is being at some fucked up comic con


smoke as in weed or as in cigs/nicotine vapor?


Weed, tobacco/nicotine doesn't affect dreaming as far as I know.

File: 1442808962708.jpg (31.59 KB, 250x205, image.jpg)

No. 89 [Reply]

Post a description of the last dream you had and interpret the dream of the poster above you. I'll start, I went to a movie theater to see aliens vs predator but the room they were playing the movie in wasnt a room but instead a swamp.
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Only a couple months, but we were extremely compatible and she made me feel like I could be a better person :(

With all that said it's pretty obvious what my own dream signifies. This dream has recurred 3 times in the past week btw.


Could someone interpret >>162 and >>163 for me? I don't want to copy/paste the whole thing over.


File: 1443477618564.jpg (8.82 KB, 207x243, download.jpg)

Did he look like this man?


Has anyone ever actually seen this man in their dreams?

What if he's really sexually adept and can greatly please us in our dreams but we try to avoid him


He had more hair and smaller eyebrows. I don't remember what his nose looked like, though.

File: 1441550505668.jpg (362.39 KB, 710x1080, 2012-11-16.jpg)

No. 58 [Reply]

daydreams turn much too serious as you get older


All i daydream about anymore is having sex and being dead


I dunno about that. >>59 They certainly do involve a lot more sex now, though, yeah.

I *do* however know this feel far too well for comfort: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9jut-9NBkY


For like three years, I've had a lot of daydreams. Like it's started to replace video games. It's interesting because it started off as daydreams about "what if vr was real" and slowly cut out the middleman. It was a lot of arbitrary situations. I wish I could l lucid dream to experience some of the worlds I built. The closest I can get is roleplaying games.

I remember a free graphics on this years ago, anyone have advice for lucid dreaming that doesnt wreck your sleep schedule? Don't want this board to devolve into that, but it's relevant.


Check out lainchan.org/zzz
There's a thread about lucid dreaming techniques.


File: 1443466645090.png (168.19 KB, 500x650, lucid.png)

This graphic has helped me before

File: 1440305416971.jpg (83.45 KB, 960x960, s'nice.jpg)

No. 15 [Reply]

I wanted to post about a great dream I had, but when I tried to do it I discovered that I had forgotten most details.
What is the best way to remember your dreams? What are your tricks, if you have any?
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Ok, I'll start a dream journal.
I seldom remember my dreams, I hope it really does work.

Several years back I dreamed I bought a PS3 and started playing it. I was so real I woke up hyped as hell and got sad after realizing it wasn't true.

I ended up buying one the day after that.


File: 1442042457544.jpg (75.54 KB, 650x526, io97_pebdon.jpg)

I dreamt I was playing in a snooker championship in Iraq during the reign of Saddam Hussein.


I keep my phone on my nightstand and if I wake up from a dream I quickly dictate it to a note while half-awake.



I had previously done the same thing with a little pocketbook but I have since just been using the notepad on my phone. Just the act of writing it down encodes it in memory better and I can look at it whenever


Try walking yourself through the dream again. Try to remember the earliest thing avout yiur dream and start from there. Talk about it in the present tense, as if you are actually doing it again.Try getting back into the different positions you were when you were sleeping. Start writing your dreams down more frequently.

File: 1443410417133.jpg (237.67 KB, 1280x960, 1443359959295.jpg)

No. 168 [Reply]

I'm about to smoke a j and do some dream root. Any advice?


Smoking marijuana inhibits your ability to dream


Will confirm, however, if you smoke before sleeping every night for a while, you'll get really vivid dreams soon after if you go cold turkey.

File: 1441089575538.jpg (301.54 KB, 500x750, 1420078586945.jpg)

No. 31 [Reply]

Hello /dr/ i wanted to talk about a recurring dream i have and maybe seek some guidance as to what it could mean. Also share yours if you have and maybe we can help each other.

I'll start:

I have this recurring dream where i engage in a fight and maybe lose. To elaborate further, it wall starts with an intense feeling of anger, as if i'm being wronged somehow and it gets to a point where i can't take it anymore and lash out. Usually happens that i'm near the person who wronged me and i get closer and closer, call their attention and throw the first punch, but here's the kicker (no pun intended heh) as i continue hitting and fighting i notice i'm struggling to even hit em and every punch is like my hand is a pillow to them, completely harmless, now you'd think that i'm just fighting resilient people, but i've done everything from mushing their face to the wall, to hit them with a plank and again it all seems like i'm hitting with a pillow.

So at that moment upon which rage secedes and reason showers my brain, i stand aghast at the scenario of my dream and finally realize the inescapable reality of the situation, i shall never defeat my foe.

So i wake up.
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Hmm, not to sound flippant, but I think you might be reading too much into these dreams. Certainly, they're stressful, but I don't think it's a commentary on you or your psyche, it's just the kinda thing that would be, dreaming about. I mean, I've certainly had very similar dreams–or the opposite, where I can't *stop* hurting people–but I really think it's just a combination of: the brain fucking with you, because that's what dreams do, dig up discombobulated neural circuitry while they're cleaning up your wiring; venting stress — or rather, responding to stress, even the stress created by the dreams themselves!

By fixating on them, you're just fertilising them to keep growing under your skin, perhaps interfering with your daily interactions, repeat.

I might suggest trying to de-stress in general: give yourself some (more) private time away from people, pick up (or focus more on) a hobby, get some fresh air in nature, take a vacation, read some philosophy to help you understand other people's stupidity and ignore them. Just, little things, to get you thinking on something else, and reminding yourself of your own individual motivity.


I don't have very many recurring dreams. One recurring element in my dreams, though, has been RVs. For a week straight, all my dreams involved RVs. They stopped after I watched a video about one, and I don't know why.


I dream about work all the time, but I think that's normal for most people who work full time

A lot of my dreams involve doomsday scenarios too


Dream of being a man OP, and not a faggot.

Anyways, sounds like you have anger issues, not saying you're a violent faggot, but that you are anger at someone and frustrated.

So if someone is making you angry to the point that you dream about, I say confront them and get it over. Worse thing that could happen is that they beat you into a pulp, but hey that's life for you.


my dreams aren't identical, but they are similar.
I keep ending up naked in public, usually by a pool or some other body of water. also, Kids are usually around me. anyone know what the hell it means?

File: 1443379619363.gif (12.41 KB, 400x400, donganim3.gif)

No. 158 [Reply]

Tell me more about this chan…


what did you dream about last night?



Listen to this and spill your heart out.

File: 1442940507069.jpg (285.04 KB, 1024x768, 52184751_p0.jpg)

No. 104 [Reply]

What? Talking about uboachan is against the rules? I don't see anything about that in the rules? Who is the owner of this place?
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I'm *p* sure I've visited uboachan before (and all of the similar 'waifu'-niche *chans); I've always personally been a fan of lainchan (and wakachan). I remember uboachan being nice, though, and somehow not actually drowning under glaciers of its niche boards.


File: 1443139848462.jpg (1.37 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpg)

Admin, are you an INFP or just similar to me? I've been very to almost the idea of dreamy feelings. I tie a lot of it into memories, like I put a sort of semi-real filter over things like high school and middle school memories. Idealized feelings met I suppose. I was very into lucid dreaming and inducing sleep paralysis too. Pic semi related in a subjective way.


I meant very attracted to.


>are you an INFP or just similar to me?
INFPP precisely. Or that's what I have gotten in tests. The general description fits me pretty well. When it suits me I can be very social though.

> I was very into lucid dreaming and inducing sleep paralysis too.

I admit I was never much for inducing it.

When I was young, up until I was 8 I was a chronic sleepwalker. I would wake up in the living room nearly every morning. My mom would catch me standing by the sink as well.

One time I woke up to find myself peeing in the cabinet under the sink and my mom screaming at me. That was probably the most outrageous incident though.

I don't remember when I started experiencing sleep paralysis, but it I would estimate around 6. They weren't originally accompanied with hallucinations, I would just wake up unable to move. I remember being scared, and I would pray to God every night before bed that it wouldn't happen. (I was raised Catholic)

I don't know if this was the first time, but this is the earliest I could remember.
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I can always spot another INFP.

I experienced sleep paralysis a few times when I was maybe 2 1/2 or 3. I would see a medieval knight move extremely slowly across the room or news anchor faces merge into each other, black and white I think.

I got into lucid dreaming when I was like 13 and was able to finally do it when I was 14. I loved being "lost" in the feelings that they provided, like a way to live in the afterglow of feelings I would get in normal dreams. I would always think back on successful attempts and really memorable normal dreams, I can still remember them if I try or something triggers it.

I tried to induce sleep paralysis a few times when I was 14-16 I believe, it ended up being very loud and I would get scared somewhat quickly, very rarely having the nerve to go through with it.

I can be social as well, it just takes a fair amount out of me. My own head and all its little nuances seem a lot more real than the world I see in front of me.

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