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No. 325 [Reply]

I don't normally have dreams but this one was pretty freaky

>enter dream

>its me sleeping, as usual. in fist person view
>hear loud knocking on door downstairs
>eventually the door opens, loudly
>I hear loud noises from downstairs
>an old womens voice, with the sound of crashes and whatnot in the kitchen
>loud steps are coming walking up the stairs now
>freaking out
>but I can't move
>still in bed
>loudly opens the door to my room
>(I live alone, btw)
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You know what you must do.


>frozen head

Ted? Walt? When will you come save us from the ZOG?


>she says, 'North'

fugging kek

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No. 324 [Reply]

Any tips on remembering your dreams?


If you have a dream, make sure you record it somewhere.


Write down what you can remember as soon as you wake up. Be sure to write it with a pen or pencil instead of electronically.


Like they said, you gotta keep a dream journal. Even if you remember nothing, get your journal out and write that down. Even if you just remember a feeling or one image, write that down.

Over time your entries will get longer and longer until they could easily fill pages. By then you'll have excellent dream recall.

This also makes it much easier to get into lucid dreaming.

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No. 348 [Reply]


following on from my dream (horses, car, drive, beach lights, murder scene) I'm going to have a little talk (as something from somewhere is telling me to type this so here we go).

The conversation was that the five lights are possible guardians — I'm trying hard not to say guardian angels but that's the thing, maybe mine . So, ok. And then from a snatch of a line somewhere else "are we coming back?". Yes and no is the answer. But..says someone, not those bad people with the guns? They're not going to come back or go to heaven.

Mmmmm that's what you would like to think but I don't think it's true, they weren't right for their time or .. had some other function or didn't develop right, but we like to think only the Good come back and that bad is excluded from our thoughts on eternity.

I don't think so. I don't think the world views things the way we do, they are archetypes of people that we are always amongst and just as eternal. Sorry.

Do good and fix problems, clean up the dirty paw prints


File: 1448382346117.jpg (16.13 KB, 340x270, il_340x270.801891205_jfvd.jpg)

It was just some business, sorry about that

- no problem

off he goes with it sucked in his briefcase

- see you next time!

- bye!

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No. 243 [Reply]

I keep having dreams about a guy I know who won't talk to me anymore. They're good dreams where I run into him and have a good time and everything turns out OK but then I wake up and i get incredibly sad because it was just a dream


Are you beyond being able to talk to this guy again?

I hate when you have dreams about friends/lovers that aren't accessible anymore because it's all you end up thinking about the next day.


I keep having similar dreams aswell with a friend who this got aquward with once I started hanging out with other people. We don't talk anymore and even eye contact seems strenuous. But I have dreams where we talk and hangout and it's a good time.


haha i love daniel johnston


I've tried calling him but it goes to voicemail after a few rings and there's no followup. I saw him a few months ago, he waived but didn't respond to any text i sent him the next day.
That wrecked me for a good month.


I feel like a lot of times our dreams capture our regrets and worries. You'll make new friends annon but you just have to savor the memory and move on.

File: 1445193670007.jpg (22.7 KB, 275x173, implying.jpg)

No. 264 [Reply]

I was visited by a voice at night. The curtains were open, a square of light on the dark wall.

I sat up to attention and it started its conversation.
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File: 1445203581806.jpg (6.35 KB, 120x218, images (31).jpg)


I don't want to repeat the conversation with the voice. Seems too personal.

It started course of events and imaginations.

I have a chart (pic not related but to give an impression). The chart has numbers and circles, gobbledigook words of months,

Pillar of Severity
Pillar of Mildness
Pillar of Mercy

I meditated on it a little. I wonder if this chart is re-written with a significance for our times now? Is this chart past down?

My Father said something to me a few days latter I have never heard in my life.
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File: 1445203613339.jpg (88.25 KB, 400x598, 01800.jpg)


File: 1445203899610.jpg (36.97 KB, 292x320, 220250-hermes_kriophoros.jpg)


Bringing about spring is more than a season or even a year, maybe ten years or one hundred. Or different in different places.

Holding hands and hoping for things, changing bits of minds.

Leaving things behind like seeds, that will go dormant, be found and start you up again.



Would you mind telling us what your father said?

File: 1445606309255.gif (103.21 KB, 400x254, 1409868442409.gif)

No. 278 [Reply]

Last night I woke up from seeing this vivid battle of WW2 style proportions. Islamic state soldiers had brought the fight to the outside of a government building, either London or Berlin. It was rawer than any movie Id ever seen. Their bodies were getting torn to pieces by cannon fire as the entire place was engulfed in flames like napalm was being used, people were running for their lives. The whole thing was live on the news and the reporter was even disturbed by how graphic it was.
This alone is no big deal but its a recurring dream, last month I was walking around Westminster, it had been completely destroyed by the Blitz II, bombed to shit. Then I was in Tel Aviv and a bomb went off in a gay community. I woke up and a bomb had gone off in Israel but that happens all the time. However the amount of dreams I have verses how little I care for all this war politics makes me wonder what the future holds…no more watching the news for a start.


It's the future we chose


It's that you, Zeta?


OP here, last night I dreamt about a mass shooting. For some reason I dont consider these nightmares. Its like Im seeing a reflection of the general political climate on the planet right now. I should be disturbed by them but an observant apathy is probably for the best, I couldnt handle it otherwisr.

File: 1444840682761.jpg (737.99 KB, 1131x1600, 1441920170080.jpg)

No. 238 [Reply]


File: 1444247760062.gif (460.83 KB, 460x350, 1443951305346.gif)

No. 214 [Reply]

So when I smoked weed all the time I almost never dreamed. Sometimes when I would dream I would need a gun. (for whatever reason) when I would try to fire the gun it would never go off. Now I don't smoke and dream regularly. Why? The guns always go off Now too. Why?
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No not in all of them. Prolly 25-30% of them. I'm a gun enthusiast and own sevral guns too so that could have something to do with it.

Honestly I do have a problem with cumming too fast. Like I'm talking 1st nut in under 2 minutes usually and then it takes a while to get hard but once I do I'm usually solid. Idk if that's somewhat average or what, but it is more likely due to porn than weed I would think.


File: 1444347716402.png (74.95 KB, 538x482, 1444055834372-3.png)

Does weed mess with your stamina or cause ED? I know cigarettes can and I still smoke those. I've never performed well until after the 2nd nut. Now that we are on the subject the dreams where I would be having sex I'd never get my rocks off or even penetrate sometimes. Now I usually do. Maybe it has something to do with sex, but I am now ashamed at my shallow dreams


I didn't realise that was a screenshot from tumblr………


It's alright anon we won't tell anyone


Weed kills dreams. Hell, it's one of the reasons I want to stop because I haven't had a good dream in a while.

I used to have really vivid dreams, sometimes it would be almost like a movie. Other times I would get weird geometric things or odd colors like a screen saver. Nowadays, nothing. It's pretty sad.

File: 1444613172479.jpg (13.51 KB, 400x400, 1444605775684.jpg)

No. 228 [Reply]

Here's a somewhat lucid dream I had last night (Lucidity and I have a strange relationship, I can become aware of the fact I'm dreaming and exert some control over the dream, though I tend to be fairly limited to staying within the scenario - I rarely if ever can divert the trajectory of a dream to something new entirely):

I arrived with my friends at a local bar. The circumstances leading up to this situation are unclear, and I only gained lucidity once I entered. Someone had mentioned to me that the bar got some new arcade style games over by the digital jukebox and the slots, dartboard, etc. One of them was a sit down racer, with like the steering wheel and all that. So, I hopped in, and as I got through a race or two, I started to wonder if there was anything more to the game, secret shortcuts and the like. I opened up my phone and searched the name, which pulled up a page like gamefaqs which made a startling claim - you could use this machine to time travel if you hit the correct sequence of buttons, wheel turns, pedal manipulation, etc. I noticed the year on my phone, 2020. Well, I thought I may as well give it a shot, an opportunity to divert into a more interesting dream sequence. I followed along with the guide and punched in the correct sequence which would start the warping of time…and it worked! I hit the big yellow start button and had a very stereotypical TV sort of wormhole visual and it spat me out, but in an entirely different bar, but I recognized it. It was my hometown, and I was sitting in the seat of what looked like the same arcade game. Bartender asked me if I was going to keep pretending to be a racecar driver or actually buy a drink. I apologized and wandered outside, wondering if my friends in the other timestream would notice that I vanished into thin air. Checked my phone again and it said 2016.


I knew I was in a bar on the west end of town because I'd been in it before. My dreamworld is incredibly stable, and back when I kept a more serious dream journal, I even went as far as to map out the layout of the local towns as my dreams filtered them, as well as maps of the same towns – they are quite divergent from what these places are IRL, but given how stable they were, over the years I've learned where everything is and how to get around, one of the reasons I no longer keep a stringent dream record, it's all fairly well developed in my head. It's afternoon and I begin to head eastward, walking down main, enjoying the scenery as I go, intending to see if one of my old oneitis girls is where I expect her to be. IRL I'm not particularly susceptible to oneitis at this point but, hey, it's a dream, and I can get in some pleasant feels while I'm here. In the continuity of my dreamworld (so continuous that when I was young I'd go to sleep and the dream would pick up where it left off on the night before), she's working for her family at a consignment shop but IRL she's a dental assistant with a kid married to an utter choad. In any case, she was there, as expected, and I made some small talk, asked if she wanted to go for a walk, etc. I make a point not to head north, as in the dreamscape that area of town is kind of weird, full of odd disappearances, lights in the sky, monster sightings (bigfoot and the like). She says sure, but first she wants to grab her little jackass yippie dog. So we start going back toward the west, past the high school which lets out some kind of dance and we make small talk with the siblings of people our age. We cut south toward her street and we get her dog. The sun is starting to get low in the horizon.


I hit suggest an alleyway now that we've got her mutt, and there's a fuckin' bobcat rooting around in the garbage. It sees us and immediately charges. It jumps, but low, low enough for me to start kicking at it. The thing latches on and starts biting and digging into my foot and lower leg. Luckily I'm able to kick the things head in after a bit of struggle, and I'm bleeding everywhere, she and the dog are flipping shit. I examine myself and while some of the wounds on my leg and foot are deep, no major arteries or veins have been punctured. I take off the button down I was wearing over my tshirt and tear it up to wrap the worst of the wounds, assure her I'm fine despite all the blood and we keep walking. This is when things get truly fucky.

We round out of the alleyway and I start to draw near a house which while fundamentally different from IRL, I understand to be a location that I knew to be haunted when I was young. I had friends that had lived in it and they relate that it had secret doors and hallways that you could access from cupboards and the like. Oneitis asks if I know who's living there now, and I reply yes. Now, I'd fundamentally avoided this spot in previous dreams as my weird dreams are weird enough without me going out of my way (for example chasing ufos under a very alien sky with more stars, different constellations, and visible gas giants, while tracking through utterly remote and rural areas full of backwater incestuous Lovecraftian families, you know, the usual). Anyhow, I said I knew who lived there, and did; I'd intuited it's the residence of one of my particularly bitter IRL enemies now. We start to draw near, and it's a three story brick affair, with boarded windows and large, like, garage style metal entrances that were closed. Now, this enemy of mine needs a bit of backstory but I'm wondering how to phrase things to preserve privacy. IRL I'm an initiate of Aleister Crowley's quasi-Freemasonic irregular occult fraternity Ordo Templi Orientis. Through this organization I'd met a dude who isn't a member but associates with a lot of people in it, and he's bad fucking news. All I can say is many, many years ago he was involved in a crime that got national, and probably international attention, and it involved a young child. I've been avoiding this guy IRL for a long time. He's scum.


So she gets nervous and starts telling me that people have started vanishing around town, and they heard weird shit coming from this place at night. That's when all hell breaks loose. The boarded windows shatter, wood and glass, which rains down on us. The vines crawling up it start to snake about. There are people inside, many people. The interior looks like something like an Elizabethan castle owned by a highly educated man – books, candle lighting, the whole nine yards. Maybe five or six people are visible, and each of them comes out of a window and literally levitates down to the ground. At this point people have started to come out of their houses to see what all the fuss is about; all of these folks look alike, and my enemy seems a number of years younger. They're all wearing somewhat modified regalia of the Cryptic Rite and Templar degrees of the York Rite. They begin performing a ritual which I could only construe as some sort of initiation for my foe, though as people start to gather around and yell I can't make out what's being said. My foe rises up a few feet off the ground and people start to back away, and in a flash of light both he and the members of his family vanish in a burst of light. The gathered crowd doesn't take kindly to this and starts to pelt the house with stones and whatever else they can find. It busts open one of the garage door looking enterences and inside I can see what looks like a gift shop, of all things, holding “God's Eyes” or those yarn things some of you may have made in church as a child, but which are actually a Native American (Specifically Huichol) convention used to mark and amplify zones of mystical power.


So, the crowd gets bored and disperses and my oneitis is utterly confused at this point, but I'm starting to think that I can use this time travel method to go forward, gather info about what the fuck just happened, and try to limit whatever sort of influence this dream version of my foe can have on the dreamscape. I tell her to run home and not come back to this place. We part ways and I start to jog back to the west end of town back to the bar. Unfortunately, as I'm sitting in the chair of the arcade game, I can't get the damn thing to work, and wonder if maybe it has to do with the make and model, year released or something like that. As I frantically try to replicate the sequence needed to initiate time travel, people start texing my IRL phone and I snap awake.

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No. 219 [Reply]

Last night I had a dream that a stranger contacted me online, through something like MSN messenger. He started telling me stuff that only I should know about myself. Turns out he had gained access to my computer and to all of my posts on 4chan and various other websites and forums. I had this feeling like I should be horrified, but instead I was just worried and curious what would happen next. The guy didn't seem to be totally malicious. He wasn't trying to get at me sexually either. I got the impression that he had started out trying to prove something negative about me, but then gave up. As we talked he would spit out quotes of myself to me, things I had posted a while ago, and he summed up everything saying that I am pretty funny and I know alot about movies, then he listed a whole bunch of movies that both of us apparently like. He also mentioned that I always pause after I type a colon, but not after a semi-colon or any other punctuation. I also noticed for this dream that I was in my childhood home, and my parents were home and I was in jr. high and going to have to go to school soon. I don't really recall what happened towards the end. But by the end I was feeling pretty comfy. I was still worried about this random person who knew everything about me, but he seemed to like me and he didn't seem dangerous so I was a little bit calm and even kind of surprised that he seemed to think I was cool. Weird but cozy dream.


Interesting. 10/10 dream.

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