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aspirations and head movies
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and it has numbers and signs. It is my belief that they are carried down from a long time ago again and again and altered. Wether we prosper and are well or are cut down bar the one. That they are the thoughts and directions or less bold to tell you you are not alone and that many years agree and back our actions. I personally think that self sacrifice is important but this changes to each believer. Ultimately the same goal. I hear you and will try to succeed, leave what I can and be amongst you as the person I am.

bow down and give thanks and live to my beliefs


yes i have an old reliable almanac too dude


What is this word salad? Are you a bot?


File: 1453997827578.jpg (36.36 KB, 170x170, oc_ADjjBzoy48vtDsD-VaDl72e….jpg)

This is a word salad


maybe, but it was a actual thought,

and an event

castigate as you feel bro


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Just drank a bunch of apple cider, ready to make my dreams absolutely loco!
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i thought op meant just plain apple cider

sugar before bed makes my dreams go fucking nuts


a banana before bed is good for you


I always have terrible dreams on Thanksgiving night. I guess it's because I do dessert round 2 at like 10 o clock

This year banana cream cheesecake was the culprit


It was pretty loco. Almost turned into a nightmare at like 3 points but instead just shifted into an entirely new dream. Really fast paced


good for you to gain weight

File: 1451287349563.gif (1.99 MB, 320x198, breakdancing-trash-man.gif)

No. 392 [Reply]

do you guys get those falling dreams often?


Where you're falling for no reason?


Often some kind of fall or trip wakes me up from my dreams

I fall forward or fall from a tree


I always get those infinite void falling dreams. Almost all I ever dream now.


A few years ago I dreamt I was falling from the sky and when I finally hit the ground I woke up with the air knocked out of me and soaked in my own sweat. My wife said I also let out this curdled death scream that scared her shitless.



File: 1450767500315.png (883.71 KB, 4000x3758, 1450675028712.png)

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I don't even know if this image will fit


Oh hey, nice OC, friend!

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yeah i hate when you have what seems like a crazy good dream, and as you are trying to tell it to someone you start to realize how stupid it sounds. can see it on their face too

also 400 get


I swear that i wont shitpost here, but the sad face of that guy in second panel make feel sad, pretty sad. And i am close to my sleep time.

Tfw OP, tfw.

File: 1450051446872.gif (1.2 MB, 621x352, gondola night.gif)

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I was watching a video at night while I was extremely tired. I drifted into a dream of me in a empty bus at night and I had my laptop on my lap with the audio of the video playing. The strangest thing is that I woke up from the dream before the video (In non-dream world) ended. The video was only about 15 minutes long. What I'm saying is that I dreamed for about 10 minutes. It felt very strange and I never had anything like that before. Do you guys know what happened?
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Like staying up 24 hours tired


Yeah something similar to this has happened to me too. I always thought of it as a daydream type of thing


Do you remember what your dream was about?


Listening to some boring lecture which was about a half an hour long. I'm positive that it was a dream because someone nearby decided to wake me up right before it ended.


that's…pretty cool OP.

File: 1449837092539.jpg (64.66 KB, 700x525, aad_001.sized.jpg)

No. 362 [Reply]

A new dream


It was a waking dream, the sort where the room is apparent to me but I'm dreaming. A mixture of the real with the imagination projecting.

My head was straining like a bad headache, being crushed and my heart was seizing too. I was calling out to my parents in the other room, throwing things at their wall trying to wake them. It's a common dream since I was young, something bad is happening and I'm trying to call for help but I can't wake up and despite screaming nobody comes. I'm trapped in the dream.

But this time my parents came, my mother was angry with me and my father had gone crazy. Eventually they left my bedroom and I locked the door.

Next dad is trying to break the door down after I'd locked it. I was holding it fast by holding the handle while he took apart the lock and the screws fell onto the floor my side. The door began bending inwards from the struggle with light breaking through the gaps.

The dream slowed, disappeared into the night mist and I woke up into the same room dark, none of these things having happened.

Maybe I was experiencing a real pain as I slept which created the dream, if so then if I die in my sleep maybe I can expect a nightmare before my last breath. I hope not.



Sounds like a stress dream.

I often have headaches/feel like I'm high in my dreams. It kind of hurts

File: 1448153385884.jpg (112.39 KB, 600x600, 1443188605788-1.jpg)

No. 325 [Reply]

I don't normally have dreams but this one was pretty freaky

>enter dream

>its me sleeping, as usual. in fist person view
>hear loud knocking on door downstairs
>eventually the door opens, loudly
>I hear loud noises from downstairs
>an old womens voice, with the sound of crashes and whatnot in the kitchen
>loud steps are coming walking up the stairs now
>freaking out
>but I can't move
>still in bed
>loudly opens the door to my room
>(I live alone, btw)
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You know what you must do.


>frozen head

Ted? Walt? When will you come save us from the ZOG?


>she says, 'North'

fugging kek

File: 1448092834486.gif (2.88 MB, 312x250, 1373755977651.gif)

No. 324 [Reply]

Any tips on remembering your dreams?


If you have a dream, make sure you record it somewhere.


Write down what you can remember as soon as you wake up. Be sure to write it with a pen or pencil instead of electronically.


Like they said, you gotta keep a dream journal. Even if you remember nothing, get your journal out and write that down. Even if you just remember a feeling or one image, write that down.

Over time your entries will get longer and longer until they could easily fill pages. By then you'll have excellent dream recall.

This also makes it much easier to get into lucid dreaming.

File: 1448381514439.jpg (85.8 KB, 620x372, Mazen-Hariz-and-beard---W-….jpg)

No. 348 [Reply]


following on from my dream (horses, car, drive, beach lights, murder scene) I'm going to have a little talk (as something from somewhere is telling me to type this so here we go).

The conversation was that the five lights are possible guardians — I'm trying hard not to say guardian angels but that's the thing, maybe mine . So, ok. And then from a snatch of a line somewhere else "are we coming back?". Yes and no is the answer. But..says someone, not those bad people with the guns? They're not going to come back or go to heaven.

Mmmmm that's what you would like to think but I don't think it's true, they weren't right for their time or .. had some other function or didn't develop right, but we like to think only the Good come back and that bad is excluded from our thoughts on eternity.

I don't think so. I don't think the world views things the way we do, they are archetypes of people that we are always amongst and just as eternal. Sorry.

Do good and fix problems, clean up the dirty paw prints


File: 1448382346117.jpg (16.13 KB, 340x270, il_340x270.801891205_jfvd.jpg)

It was just some business, sorry about that

- no problem

off he goes with it sucked in his briefcase

- see you next time!

- bye!

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