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No. 541 [Reply]

I had lots of dreams and aspirations but I lost them


A tree loses lots of leaves over the course of its growth, and likewise, often branches. Up, up, up it goes, until felled by weather, axe, or age. Such is the way of life. Breathe well, while you can.


What were they and why? :/


File: 1468206153064.png (1.41 MB, 1243x854, lesbo_fuckfest_3000.png)



File: 1473388230126.jpg (8.13 MB, 6000x3274, Nighthawks_by_Edward_Hoppe….jpg)

I had dreams and aspirations but I started to lost them.

File: 1470782085867.jpg (471.39 KB, 750x1125, IMG_6475.jpg)

No. 558 [Reply]

It was a long dream

there were many recurring themes I often dream

I was on an island, it was some sort of re-union or prize giving

I had flunked (I often dream of failing exams) and was wandering the grounds and building

I visited the shower block and the toilets were overflowing, I had to hide from other people and danger

I was followed by women

every single women there wanted to have sex with me

They were lifting up their clothes, showing off their underwear, talking cheap talk
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File: 1470791194504.png (147.99 KB, 990x763, 1469636547035.png)

>every single women there wanted to have sex with me
>They were lifting up their clothes, showing off their underwear, talking cheap talk
>I was almost forced to have sex with all of them
Interesting dream, Anon. Pic related.

File: 1443206832303.jpg (676.21 KB, 1600x900, alley-painting.jpg)

No. 141 [Reply]

Post art which reminds you of your dreams in this thread.
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File: 1459632393843.jpg (14.53 KB, 308x512, the-chocolate-war[1].jpg)

This book cover always reminded me of the mood of my dreams. A dark, hazy, lonely world, as though you were late to something or the only one who bothered to show up. Everyone is somewhere else or nonexistent.

I remember the book being very good (mind-blowing even) but haven't read it since middle school, so I don't think adults would get much out of it. I'd probably think it was shite now too. It's great if you're a pessimistic pre-teen though, as is the rest of Cormiers stuff.


I want to live in your dream. Mine are far less wondrous.


File: 1467170772303.png (942.65 KB, 800x640, 14551129524028.png)


:/ All of those soggy books

I had a library dream the other night. All of the books I came across were written by my family. My dad's book was on cocktail recipes


File: 1469402450973.jpg (168.88 KB, 745x805, mtg_card_alter_swamp_by_ze….jpg)

File: 1444892116428.jpg (52.96 KB, 560x420, image.jpg)

No. 250 [Reply]

Have you ever had a happy dream about a person that you miss only to wake up and sadly realize that you were dreaming?

General dream feels thread.
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File: 1460438101962.jpg (232.29 KB, 841x800, 1414862420059.jpg)

>cute Vietnamese girl


You'll find a nice vietnamesw girl soon anon :3


Jim Webb is that you?


It happens to me often. You'd think since it happens so much I would get used to it but I never do, it always hurts to wake up.


My brain can't even give me wet dreams, just these bullshit feelings that tear me up for the next 8 hours of the day

File: 1463209801442.jpg (108.1 KB, 1000x1000, 80010981_01_l.jpg)

No. 508 [Reply]

This board is also to discuss personal aspirations too? It doesn't seem to clear for me.
Also, I apologize if I can't make myself clear, english isn't my native tongue.


When I made the board I intended it to be for dreams of the night and dreams as in goals. So far no one has taken advantage of the latter, but you can start!

What do you aspire to do, friend?


I've always wanted to be brave and self-reliant. I was raised by an overbearing and dominant grand-mother, my mom wasn't very mature (and still isn't). She was a single mom, my father took charge of it. I never had a strong fatherly figure, so I grew up as a guy with a very weak will, low determination, always relying in others to get things done, and this also made me a very lazy guy.
Since I was young, I also liked girls. Ironically, I was more confident with them, but all changed when my mom changed me from one school to another. I was bullied at the new school, so I became very insecure and avoidant when socializing. I became bitter and agresive, so I secluded myself from others, but I was actually scared of being judged.
I'm 25 yrs old, and I never had any job until the past month. I was hired to be a cashier, and was in a test period. I didn't made it through, as I was too scared sometimes and I made some serious fuck-ups. I'm still a virgin, as I keep avoiding women.
I tend to daydream a lot when I feel frustrated, scared, or sad. In my real life, I'm just a man scared of living his life, never willing to step out of his comfort zone. But in my imagination, I'm an hypermasculine guy, with no fear of anything. I'm a badass detective fighting perps on a cargo ship in a stomy night. I'm a soldier with true grit, defeating terrorists and enemies. I'm strong, invincible, and confident. And, while I know I can't be that kind of badass, I want to be a guy that most people can respect and like. My cousin is a college football player. He's awesome, but I've never told him. He has tons of friends, he has tons of girls, and physically he isn't some kind of 9/10 guy. He has no kind of social fears or limitations. I wish I was like that. Yet I feel like I'm doomed to be like this forever. But one part of me wants to keep the fight until the end. One part of me wants to believe that, deep inside me, I have more courage than I think.


Hold on is this a personal reflection or a description of half the population of any imageboard


Probably both

File: 1445927250050.jpg (66.38 KB, 666x430, 1349734407329.jpg)

No. 286 [Reply]

How often do you all get sexy dreams?
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I sleep with my clothes on, but that's mostly because I'm really, really scared of getting caught naked if I have a nosebleed in the middle of the night.


Keep a robe or something convenient but do you get nosebleeds that often?


No, but when I do, they're horrible. Blood just gushes like crazy out of my nose. Stopping them on my own is a challenge.


i sleep naked except for socks. it's really comforting.

when it's cold i'll wear a shirt or something


Oh that's unpleasant

File: 1444846925711.png (356.78 KB, 1000x600, 1442758832478.png)

No. 239 [Reply]

ITT:Worst nightmare you ever had.
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File: 1457725711972.jpg (1.02 MB, 1024x768, 20101027153220_view--dead_….jpg)

another one I had

>some kind of weird beach boardwalk/highway

>foggy sky
>very desolate
>cats and dogs are strewn about everywhere
>they called it a 'yard sale'
>there were also piles of junk and stuffed animals, but many were just plain live animals
>no cages, but the animals can't escape
>some animals were alive, but some just sat there rotting, left to decay
>if you don't adopt the animal after a period of time, instead of euthanizing it, they just stopped feeding it until it starved
>they left the corpses to rot
>i pass by a giant, bloated, indistinguishable white animal
>all the live animals i pass by can talk, and are just as sentient as humans
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It was a history channel special on my life and I was a brutal dictator that killed and was just horrible. And it was more realistic than any other dream i ever had.

I feel awful thinking about it. The atrocities in it so vivid. The people I cared about mistreated. It felt like possession, being trapped.


A few weeks ago, I had a dream where an autistic kid visited my home. He said he wanted to play my PS2 and I said that its locked up in a box outside. So we went on an adventure looking for the PS2. We eventually found the PS2 and he disappeared. I was looking for him and I ended up in a murky area. There was thousands of tiny white bugs that was pulling me down in the murky land. I was able to escape by crawling but man, those little white fuckers were terrifying.


A few nights ago I had a dream where I was a small child and a friend of the family (who does not exist IRL) was living with us. Every day my parents would go out the house and he would chase me down and beat me, I felt so weak and helpless. Throughout the dream he would just hurt, torment and threaten me whenever my parents were out of sight and then act all charming around them. I remember in the dream I didn't even think about telling my parents what was going on because I was scared and it was sort of like I had the mind of a child. I was so confused and upset and the man actually seemed more like a big monster to me. And yeah… this dream went on for quite and while and it was very distressing. When I woke up I was both relieved and sort of shocked at what I had dreamed.
I had no such experience growing up so it came as a shock that I would dream it out of nowhere.
My parents never hurt me and neither did any family friends, I am not sure what caused this dream but it has been on the back of my mind ever since. There is nothing quite as scary as being a small child who has no hope of defending themselves from a fully grown adult.
The dream has given me more empathy and thought towards those who have had such experiences for real growing up.


that's pretty spooky

File: 1458321236844.jpg (46.7 KB, 711x533, 4-streaked-tenrec.jpg)

No. 457 [Reply]

I remember some sort of flying craft coming out of the sea disc shaped but with a kind of tail. Then being submerged in the ocean next to statues of Minotaur and mermaids. Remind me of Atlantis.
Then the other night I was with this beautiful classy blonde lady in her mid to late thirties it felt like a romantic Encounter then she was worried about something because she was on trial, after she disappeared I saw her name written on a piece of paper it was Jane Mary Antoinette like the Antoinette of the French Revolution.

Last night remember talking to the lead architect of Washington DC and asked him why the obelisk was exactly 666 feet tall he mentioned something about there being lots of statues of deities and was not necessarily an evil thing.

I don't really know where these visions come from but I have a lot like this and this was just the last few days.


Was in a field with lots of horses then was holding a puppy Alsatian surrounded by people. A boy said that they found a crocodile across the muddy field so we went over to have a look.
Later found myself in a cinema sat on a row of seats directly before me was a holographic display of many strange characters in rows forming a square.. the colours were out of this world and changing. I had to ask somebody if I had taken mushrooms or something.

File: 1451757959940.jpg (207.95 KB, 1122x712, the_sleeping_sea_that_i_dr….jpg)

No. 396 [Reply]

Day two of the 2016 dream journal. I'd suggest everyone try one for 2016, you're not too far behind yet. If you can't remember anything, just write that you can't remember anything. I'm typing mine. Is this anyone else's new years "resolution"?
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i played the shit out of kirby super star on the nintendo. i haven't had any kirby dreams though :( definitely more than my fair share of fallout/xcom nightmares lol


File: 1455072437206.jpg (88.13 KB, 640x640, D_shortcake.jpg)

I did suddenly go from a nightmarish work schedule to having lots of time off (school ended, just working now) so that definitely could've been the cause…kind of fun to have dreams again.

Absolutely classic game…and yeah, this is my first Kirby dream ever. Hopefully next time I have a dream about cuddling with him or some such. I have a pretty respectable collection of Kirby music on my Mega, if you're interested. It's pretty nice to listen to on its own.


Yeah that sounds similar to what happened to me when I have dreams. Most of my dreams tend to be "realistic" at least as far as a dream could be, wish I would have a dream like your Kirby one!


It was definitely way out there as far as my normal dreams go - I've heard that just stream of consciousness writing RIGHT after waking up, like you already have the notebook in bed with you when you sleep, can yield some pretty trippy ideas. It might even encourage your brain to remember more dreams that you have. I'm sure you'll get a cool one.


I keep dreaming about girls, then it just gets me distracted all next day :/ I don't get it because I smoke weed everynight before bed. Only recently my dreams have started coming back, hard.

File: 1454468353941.jpg (150.13 KB, 664x910, 30model-adriana-lima.jpg)

No. 413 [Reply]

I've a dream to tell
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eh, i'll spare some of the self deprecating details but i basically disemboweled myself with a shower curtain rod? it was all sharpened and prepared for me to use it on myself. the blood that was everywhere was sweat when i woke up


So a dimension where people can get shower curtain rods of self-impalement? Not a very enjoyable experience I imagine


I'm very suicidal so most of my dreams are like this. Never a shower curtain rod before

One time I dived headfirst in to a big mousetrap


I don't think I've ever had a dream where I've "died" so it seemed weird to me. Speaking from experience, if you're taking meds for depression or something it's a good idea to find an alternative


I'm not currently taking anything. I do need to find some help before I find cyanide first

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