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No. 616 [Reply]

Have you ever had a dream that felt so vivid and alive that you almost feel ashamed to forget about it? Like you would be doing the people in it a disservice? It's honestly breathtaking to have a dream that makes you want to switch realities with it.


Too many times anon. Their always so vivid it makes me incredibly disappointed to forget.


All the time. I like to feel sand between my feet, smell the ocean, smell drinks and food, anything.
On the opposite side of the spectrum, I once dreamt I was my pillow, and somehow I felt things. That wasn't realistic at all.


That kind of dream is why I still spend so much time on this site. I guess it's a fascination. Any other chan as inactive as this one I would have ditched long ago. But, since this one contains a lot of individuals who value dreams as much as me, I stick around.

File: 1487158635335.jpg (14.98 KB, 330x270, JohnTavener.jpg)

No. 640 [Reply]

I've had lots of dreams this month. I dreamnt a song for the first time today, I can still almost hear it. I'm telepathic and they are forewarnings.


Forewarnings of what?

Also that man looks like Benjamin Franklin and Dennis Quaid had a kid.

File: 1477969029557.jpg (65.49 KB, 706x674, 1473754014841.jpg)

No. 588 [Reply]

So, what have you been daydreaming about, recently?
What's your current project?

I've been spending a lot of time pacing and thinking about ruling a medieval country, and what I would do.

Of course, first thing to do would be to get an expert blacksmith to listen to my explanation of trains, and clockwork, and Etc.
Just get the modern technology I understand made.
Then, I'd make a senate like this:
The King, with the equivalent of maybe 10~ votes, he would be trained from birth to be a good king, no partying, or anything, just studies.
This would be inherited.
The Ministers, with something like 2~ votes, all experts at their field, and, of course, responsible for various sections of the government, like the Education Minister, the War Minister, the Entertainment Minister(Scheduling public plays, sports games, festivals, Etc.), Etc.
They would not be elected, but be chosen by their predecessor.
Then there would be the Noble Senators, elected from the nobility, only nobles could apply. They would number something like 1/10th~ of the Common Senators.
And the Common Senators, elected from the people, only commoners could apply. Elected from the people.
The Senators would have a single vote.
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Some revised ministry stuff, wrote about it on /his/, so copypasta.

You have a monarch, raised and educated to be the most efficient ruler he can be, but instead of absolute power, all he gets is to be the head of the senate, of the nation, and to have a few extra votes in the senate.
Also, there would be ministers, who are appointed by the last ministers, based completely upon skill, and departments within those ministries.

Ministry of War; Departments of Police, Border Control, of Firefighting, and the Military.

Ministry of the Post, News, the Census, and Public Entertainment; Departments of Carriage Post(Mail delivered by carriage), Bird Post(Mail delivered by trained birds), the News(Weekly newspaper, with everything said by politicians, word-for-word, information released by the government, recent events, short-stories, puzzles, census data, Etc.), the Census(Makes censuses about everything imaginable), and Public Events(Circuses, plays, other organized public events, Etc.)

Ministry of Health, Education, Museums, and research; Departments of Health(Maintains hospital



Ministry of Health, Education, Museums, and research; Departments of Health(Maintains hospitals and clinics, one in each town), Education(Maintains schools, one in each town), Museums(Maintains museums, might just be one in each big city), and Research(Based in the National University, researches health, history, science, Etc.)

Ministry of Building and Maintaining(Builds and maintains everything built by the government, basically nation construction company); Departments of Roads, Sewers, Public & Government Buildings, and Inspecting.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Departments of [Every nation we have relations with]

Ministry of the Treasury and National Bank; Departments of the Treasury, and the National Bank(One in each town).

Ministry of the Courts; Department the Court(One in each town)


Oh, and change Ministry of Health, Education, Museums, and Research to Health, Education, Museums, Libraries, and Research and add a Department of Libraries.


OP here, recently been chewin' on an idea.
A radio show. Stay with me, now.
A radio show about a noir-style detective. Framed in his tapes. He'd record everything, from his ramblings while pacing, to his street interviews, to all his phone calls.
Episodic cases, probably two hours a week on some station.
Opening would be him pacing and rambling about something, just his footsteps, breath, and shirt buttons snapping as he does and undoes them.
Set in the year it airs, he doesn't really like modern conventions, but ends up doing a lot of internet searching off-air, since he can't get a ton of real work.
Became a detective after buying the office, making a website, Etc. on a drunken night.
There would be no description of him, but we'd gradually learn about how he looked through other's observations, like how he's missing half his right thumb(This comes from my grandfather, I thought it'd be an interesting addition.)
In the very end, his cassette recorder would be shot, and we wouldn't know whether he lived or died.
Now I'm just coming up with a few episodes.

What do you think? Would you tune in every week?


Lately I've been daydreaming about two things.
One, what I'd do if I could redo life by reincarnating as myself but younger. I'd fix many things, and learn so many arts and sciences.
The second would be what I'd do if I had some godlike regex powers.

File: 1481800933577.jpg (39.38 KB, 300x300, Arabic-Scarf-Wedding-Style….jpg)

No. 627 [Reply]

this is my dream about 'the basket game'.

some people had stopped a whole group of randoms on the street to play a game.
can't remember really the details butit involved "basketing" them into two groups
with some kind of hypnotic/arabic drone music playing to subdue everyone.
for some reason at this point all the people being basketed were hot as fuck girls
in one group they were in bikinis one girl with polkadot bikini was stretching her leg
up. other group was more middle eastern outfits, all white lace/braided stuff.
i was just kind of walking around watching what was going on, lots of people were.
but i heard one of the organizers talking about how they were going to start killing
the people, and then killing them at a greater depth and number. (cant remember the exact

at this point thanks to dream continuity it's happening inside red rooms of a large mansion,
im the only one watching and got to see the hot girls in their bikini think they were just playing a nice game but about to get killed? in one room. getting pushed together closer. go through to the other room and the other group are all syrian looking and they're naked (pussies showing) except for their lace/braided headwear things. I think i woke up there..



File: 1477631731079.png (1013.45 KB, 1136x640, image.png)

No. 583 [Reply]

What's your favorite dream you had this month?

I had a dream earlier this month where I was in this awards ceremony kind of place. I left the huge room because I needed to use the restroom, I looked around the building and it took me forever to find a restroom but I eventually found a restroom in the parking a lot. I went to go use the restroom but It was blocked by two men in suits telling me that I must leave. I said no then they threw me out of the area. I found a long haired man who said that he was also kicked out of the building. We became friends and left the area and started walking till we hit a river. We both got on a small boat and drifted down the river. All of the sudden a whole bunch of men in suits started chasing us in their own boats. My new friend turned into a talking can of soda which I shook up and opened. I would fire bursts of soda towards the suited men and every time I knocked a few guys off of their boats, there would be this animation of this superhero flying out of my soda can to tell me I leveled up. I kept shooting at the until I eventually woke up.


File: 1477831453098.jpg (428.35 KB, 1920x1080, 1432286241681.jpg)

that sounds kind of scary anon. I haven't had a nice dream in months, but I think I'll sleep a lot more easily having quit my slave retail job.

File: 1447582465569.jpg (149.42 KB, 900x1145, warning simo ahead.jpg)

No. 316 [Reply]

i've had a lot of trauma in my life, bodily, emotionally, and the two at the same time. most of it is body trauma that of course has emotional trauma directly related to it. i've had 11 surgeries before, and each one is exponentially harder on my mind than the last.

the first eight were on my eyes for acute strabismus, and on the eighth (age 15) i ended up not being completely unconscious for the first twenty minutes. that's more common than people think with surgeries on children, since too much anesthetic can kill a child very easily. it's better to do too little than be sued for malpractice.

my ninth surgery was at age 16, to remove a ruptured testicle from a violent encounter with a group of people who didn't like me. later that year i had my ninth and final eye surgery. it was relatively uneventful.

the last two were separate surgeries to remove shrapnel from a single welding accident.

i'm 21 now, and as i go through EMDR therapy for PTSD, everything is coming back very vividly and painfully. it's 3 am right now, and i'm awake because i have come to dread sleep. every dream is a mundane, hazy vision of being in a hospital bed. the room is well lit, as hospitals are, there are no windows, and always one or two people semi-visible in my peripheral vision. i can move, but not with any meaningful control over myself, and never enough to get up or get the attention of the passing figures.

it's been four weeks, and every night it's the same dream. does anyone here have any advice to give me? i can't stop the therapy but i really can't continue dreaming like this. it's never restful and i just want everything to stop.
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Oh, I'm well aware. Looking at my relationship history, I can't help but only get romantically involved with someone after I've come to terms with the idea of their premature death. It sounds cynical, but the love here is so strong that it could very well destroy me even without her premature death, so I need to make sure I'm in a state where I can be there for others most of the time.

It's crazy, I've regained the fear of my own death because of her. I feel a reason to not die. It's incredible.


File: 1460611633634.gif (1.93 MB, 235x240, 1460520461061.gif)

I still have dreams that I'm back in school, and it's usually miserable because school itself was miserable for me. However as of late my dreams have mostly taken different directions, being somehow video-game influenced or just straight up random or nonsensical.

For OP, if you're still having hospital dreams or dreams you don't like, maybe you could put some effort into learning to lucid dream? I've heard the control can be a great way to overcome fears and traumas, if only because when you face them head-on in a dream they tend to morph into something pleasant. I have yet to experience one yet, unfortunately, but once I do I plan on making some DC posts about it.

Good to hear you're doing better, man. You've had it really rough, when I hear stories from guys like you it makes me realize how easy I've had it.


File: 1466055241564.jpg (72.15 KB, 599x661, tacoge.jpg)

Glad to hear you're better OP.
Best of luck to you.


Nice doggo


How are things, Anon? Have you forgotten about this place?

File: 1469922913558.jpg (1022.58 KB, 1359x900, new mexico desert.jpg)

No. 550 [Reply]

Hey, I'm >>316
I had two nightmares in a semi-coherent stream.

The first dream felt around four hours long, with the first three being many quick vignettes of very stressful situations. The final hour placed me in a mountainous desert, very similar to parts of New Mexico's Florida Mountains. After walking though very familiar desert I found myself in a flat pine barren filled with dead or dying trees, and a ground covered in loose dust. The dead trees gave way to dark green trees, and later more uneven ground, leaving me in a forest similar to Gila National Park in New Mexico.

As usual in my dreams, this atmosphere was retained when my stream of consciousness was suddenly placed on a black asphalt road in what struck me as the same forest. I was standing near a shiny black and chrome object that I recognized as a car, then a figure inside the object noticed me and drove away. "Noticing" me included implanting the outcome of a statement in my head, which I understood as the figure leaving me there for something or someone it knows. The road ahead me turned softly into the trees, and a smaller road the size of a sidewalk extended perpendicular to the wider road. I walked down the smaller road, which was suddenly rain-slick without it having rained. It felt very cold and humid. To my either side were two rows of trees placed equidistant from each other, with the second row placed between and slightly beyond the inner row, creating a staggered formation concealing the fields beyond them.



File: 1469922982684.jpg (3.19 MB, 3008x2000, pitcher plant.jpg)

From my right side came two figures from the trees. One was a five or so foot figure slightly shorter than me, with a hunched back and ears like pitcher plants. He had someone/thing else with him; a "man" with a short, fat torso, and limbs that seemed atrophied dangling where you'd expect limbs to be. I could not see a head, only a black stump of burned flesh where one would be. He was dragged by his cohort by a rope tied across his fat chest. The hunched creature said they were paid to "deal with me", whatever that meant. I was stricken with paralysis and fell to the ground, then I woke up immediately.

Once awake, I splashed my face with water, drank some, and had a piece of French bread before returning to sleep. I was far too tired to go about my day.

The second dream was again, many quick vignettes of terribly uneasy memories. It felt around six hours total, with the final thirty minutes being back in the forest with the two creatures, just before I left them. I was walking down the small road again in a replay of my last dream. The same pitcher-eared creature walked up to me, dragging the other one behind him. He approached me in a much calmer fashion than before, getting close enough for me to see how terribly painful their physical afflictions must be. Here I realized that they were once something else. The pitcher-eared one said that they were paid more to protect me, and that someone outbid their services. They spoke as if knowing where we left off, and that we were going through the motions identically.

I woke up just as tired as I was, and didn't go back to sleep. The second dream had only been three hours.

I need to find a way to calm down my dreams. I'm so tired all the time.


File: 1469923070478.jpg (253.2 KB, 1300x856, dead pine barrens.jpg)

That's all of it. Here's a good picture of pine barrens similar to those I walked through.


S-so, nobody?


File: 1473674754755.jpg (167.51 KB, 1024x768, 10515336_880799471948883_8….jpg)

a wandering dream

with outside unknown actors deciding whether you live or die

at the hands of seemingly monstrous others

but upon second inspection you realize they are in pain and may or may not have another choice of how to live

I typically interpret dreams by taking them back one or two levels of abstraction. Yours, while undoubtedly very personal and very emotional, is also somewhat understandable considering your condition.

Not that I "understand how you feel" because I absolutely do not, but I may have touched on a core "message" of the dream, if you believe them to have meaning, which I tend to do, because I often learn something about myself in the process of interpreting them.

File: 1467769334603.bmp (1.23 MB, 770x560, 001.bmp)

No. 541 [Reply]

I had lots of dreams and aspirations but I lost them


A tree loses lots of leaves over the course of its growth, and likewise, often branches. Up, up, up it goes, until felled by weather, axe, or age. Such is the way of life. Breathe well, while you can.


What were they and why? :/


File: 1468206153064.png (1.41 MB, 1243x854, lesbo_fuckfest_3000.png)



File: 1473388230126.jpg (8.13 MB, 6000x3274, Nighthawks_by_Edward_Hoppe….jpg)

I had dreams and aspirations but I started to lost them.

File: 1470782085867.jpg (471.39 KB, 750x1125, IMG_6475.jpg)

No. 558 [Reply]

It was a long dream

there were many recurring themes I often dream

I was on an island, it was some sort of re-union or prize giving

I had flunked (I often dream of failing exams) and was wandering the grounds and building

I visited the shower block and the toilets were overflowing, I had to hide from other people and danger

I was followed by women

every single women there wanted to have sex with me

They were lifting up their clothes, showing off their underwear, talking cheap talk
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1470791194504.png (147.99 KB, 990x763, 1469636547035.png)

>every single women there wanted to have sex with me
>They were lifting up their clothes, showing off their underwear, talking cheap talk
>I was almost forced to have sex with all of them
Interesting dream, Anon. Pic related.

File: 1443206832303.jpg (676.21 KB, 1600x900, alley-painting.jpg)

No. 141 [Reply]

Post art which reminds you of your dreams in this thread.
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File: 1459632393843.jpg (14.53 KB, 308x512, the-chocolate-war[1].jpg)

This book cover always reminded me of the mood of my dreams. A dark, hazy, lonely world, as though you were late to something or the only one who bothered to show up. Everyone is somewhere else or nonexistent.

I remember the book being very good (mind-blowing even) but haven't read it since middle school, so I don't think adults would get much out of it. I'd probably think it was shite now too. It's great if you're a pessimistic pre-teen though, as is the rest of Cormiers stuff.


I want to live in your dream. Mine are far less wondrous.


File: 1467170772303.png (942.65 KB, 800x640, 14551129524028.png)


:/ All of those soggy books

I had a library dream the other night. All of the books I came across were written by my family. My dad's book was on cocktail recipes


File: 1469402450973.jpg (168.88 KB, 745x805, mtg_card_alter_swamp_by_ze….jpg)

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