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No. 912 [Reply]

How does daydreaming go for you, /dr/? Do you just fantasise about some particular things and topics or do you get lost in your own mind and feelings to the point when you fall out of reality, but in the end, you cannot even phrase what you were dreaming about?


I maladaptively daydream about my favorite characters at the time. I feel much better inside my head than being present in reality. It's where i truly feel accepted, no matter what.


I daydream that I'm not a loser. But then start to feel depressed when I struggle so hard to ever get out of the slump I'm currently in. Life is suffering right now and I just want a small quality boost.


File: 1598294650473.jpeg (261.88 KB, 1280x1145, 4238EC61-9337-4F06-B021-6….jpeg)

>>913 (my reply)

I wanted to mention that daydreaming is a very comforting experience that I've been doing since I was a little kid. I'd make up friends who enjoyed my presence, or a person who could love me for me, and create the perfect scenarios where real world hinderances couldn't reach.

It's somewhat stereotypical… but the world of floating islands, sky whales, colors the human eyes can't see, vast plains and endless amounts of ocean all tweaked to absolute perfection is infinitely times better than real life. This is where I prefer to be whenever I don't have normal human things to do.

Everything in a daydream setting is perfectly controlled, absolutely safe and nothing can go wrong unless you make it so. It's why I love it so much. Whenever everything in real life becomes too much to handle, a softer and gentler world is waiting for me on the inside.

And when I'm ready, I can come back out again.


File: 1598303199110.jpg (128.36 KB, 550x584, 125676809920.jpg)

I can relate to these in a way, but it's still a bit different for me. Most of the time I daydream not in order to run away from from reality, but in order to recreate and alter it in my own consciousness. I've tried doing a lot of things in my life but I've never been able to overcome reality's boredom and bleakness. Maybe I'm a coward for not trying something truly life-changing, but the fact is: life sucks. Daydreaming, even though for me it's usually substanceless, helps me to concetrate on my true vision and desires, chaotic and eminent, even when they are incompatiable with reality. So, in a way, for me it's also a part of self-reflection.


File: 1598886356999.jpg (99.34 KB, 1025x1140, wplf34iavyb41.jpg)

I generally daydream about saving my crush from a terrorist or my school from a shooting or something. Like a really badass, Pulp Fiction-esque, "do you hear me mothafucker" beatdown. Then I'm the hero. Shit like this doesn't happen IRL all that often so it's nice to daydream. When I can, I'll carry a butterfly knife and pepper spray so that if I'm walking with friends and we do get mugged, I can do some tricks to intimidate the guy and then pepper spray him down (i dont wanna stab anyone, epecially not just to look cool).

No. 903 [Reply]

This is a thread to post your dreams and have other people try and figure out what it means.

File: 1595210039547.jpeg (125.9 KB, 1280x720, FAB7107C-DB31-48AB-A14C-6….jpeg)

No. 894 [Reply]

It's always this type of dream that sticks with me.

I'm in a ghost town, but I recognize it as my home town. There's a railroad nearby, and it's the most vivid object in the dream. It's dusty, not much life, everything is made out of tin. People come out during the day but hide inside at night when the monsters (akin to a Closer in Silent Hill 3). It's always foggy at night. Sometimes me and a group of friends will go out exploring since I have no shelter at night. Always narrowly avoid being mauled by these creatures. Always ends with a trustworthy person admitting their a serial killer.

What's up with this?


Meant to say when the monsters come out. Sorry for the bad grammar.

Also this group of friends is nobody I know IRL. Just random people.


Also before anyone else does it: they're*

Please don't be mean, my hands are cold. :(

File: 1465277595362.jpg (125.39 KB, 500x481, despair.jpg)

No. 516 [Reply]

I am living with aphantasia and I have zero ability to picture something in my head. The only time I have a chance is when I'm dreaming but its about a 2/10 visualization (1 being absolutely nothing and 10 being very clear). I can pretty much see nothing but the only thing I can play out clearly in my mind when I'm dreaming is character movement from video games. What I mean by that is that I process in my mind video character movement (such as Overwatch) in fights with replays for possible movements outcomes. To be clear I don't actually "see" the characters I just label move speeds on some form of phantom that is recognizable to me but has almost no identifiable characteristics. Also when I do dream of other things I can only feel the emotions of the dream but not see anything. The result is a crap ton of Deja Vu because there is no perquisites besides the flow of emotion I feel. Help
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:/ are you working now? what do you do if you don't mind


I'm doing grunt work for my Uncle's new business before I go into IT for the United States Navy.


I really feel you OP because I have aphantasia too. Sometimes there's this moment as I'm falling asleep where I'm dreaming but also semi-lucid and it's fucking incredible. To think that there are people who can do this during the day whenever they feel like and can control the images they're seeing is absolutely wild to me. I think people like us probably get way more excited about dreams than the average person.


File: 1591217619072.jpg (7.84 KB, 250x250, terrydavis.jpg)

Interesting… have you ever considered some kind of entheogen or hallucinogen?
There are natural and legal ones that could help with dreams such as:
>Silene Capensis
>Wilde Lettuce
>Sugandi Root
>Calea Zacatechichi
>Holy Basil
>Entada rheedii

I wish you the best of luck anon


File: 1619030029150.jpg (382.72 KB, 550x549, 09d45f62ce9b14c0da47641850….jpg)

I suppose I'm lucky because unlike some people with aphantasia I think I have pretty visual dreams. Occasionally I wake up right in the middle of a dream and know that I was experiencing some fairly vivid image, but it's pretty rare. I can't remember my dreams though. Sometimes I can convert the last few minutes into a description I tell myself but without much detail. Being unable to see images or experience other senses in my head it just becomes a jumble of almost meaningless words without connection to anything. Like eavesdropping on a stranger trying to explain a dream that's rapidly fading.

It's really painful actually. I think that the only time I ever feel OK is when I'm in the dream world, but every time I wake up I am forced forget that happiness. Leaving only a lingering sorrow I can't quite describe.

I can't speak to anyone else's experience but hallucinogens don't work for me. It seems that they don't actually cause hallucinations, but just free a person's imagination to wander. Not having an imagination only my thoughts and senses get messed up, and things get a bit wiggly and colorful but that's about it.

I've also tried Galantimine, melatonin, histamines and a few other drugs rumored to be "oneirogens". They definitely do seem to help with being in the right sleep stage to remember dreams and some maybe make them more vivid.

File: 1468202741740.jpg (15.44 KB, 400x299, aww.jpg)

No. 546 [Reply]

Ok, since most of the board is about night time dreaming, let's have a thread about real life dreams and aspirations.

What do you wish to achieve?
How do you plan to reach your goals?
What have you done so far to succeed?
What's keeping you down or what obstacles do you see in your path?

Tell us about your dreams anon, and hopefully we can help each other towards reaching our goals!
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(for context I am 18)

>What do you wish to achieve?

I want to meet a nice girl I get along with and become a father while I'm still fairly young. I also truly want to be a good dad and raise my future kid(s) well.

>How do you plan to reach your goals?

Keep on dating fairly regularly, developing myself (for myself) so I will also be able to be a good boyfriend and just get out there more.

Fatherhood: Meet GF, have kids, be patient with the little ones, do my best to raise them right and give them both love and support when they need it.

>What have you done so far to succeed?

Improved myself mentally so I can be a good man and a good father. My mental health has improved greatly over these past few years and I'm looking forward to the future. Other then that I still date and try not to fall to the usual pitfalls of the modern dating world. (Tinder, ghosting, not talking about things long enough etc) I also no longer drink which I think is going to really pay off in the long run.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Sounds really nice anon, but what about getting a degree or a stable job?


I've thought about that too. Currently I am probably going to study business/something in stem. I've got good scores in my standardized exams so I should be able to get in with just those. (I might retake some if I don't get in, and even take a completely new one in another language.)

The stem fields are a bit of a new annexation for me. When I went through my countries version of high school, I was mainly a humanist. Since then I've discovered that I actually really like math. I'm currently teaching myself basic physics.

Stable career is a bit of a mystery for me as of now because I don't have a degree yet, but I trust my ability to get that in order as well.

I want to have my family as a cornerstone in my life, which is why I mention it as a primary dream. Work is more secondary for me, though I don't mean to belittle its importance in living a full life.



I'm >>771 and I just wanted to say that >>798 is not me, I cannot stand Jordan Peterson.


>I want to have my family as a cornerstone in my life, which is why I mention it as a primary dream. Work is more secondary for me
Then you can't have a family. You're obsessed with the idea of impregnating someone but have no idea how you're going to support the result of that. Please don't bring children into this world who will suffer because you cannot support them.

File: 1590146621189.jpeg (22.05 KB, 724x500, 1573859810805.jpeg)

No. 861 [Reply]

It all started in a cold night, it seemed as if i was looking myself and him talking from above, then suddently i was looking in a closer way.
I dont remember about what we were talking or doing but we were sitting playing and suddently it was more vivid.
We were doing a game to see who will endure coldness for more time while looking straight to the other one's eye.
In that moment i cheated; putting my hands in his neck then his face, he trembled and i won.

Out of the blue, there with us, a girl appeared also playing, and i won again.
While this game with now multiple people and <him>, while my mother watching.
I notice that maybe im just thinking too much and worry about something, im kinda nervous and keeping spinning in a matter. But certainly i dont know in which.
I realized how stunning he looks, that night feels particularly special, and i knew it for a while now.


-"Hey, lets play the last one and then you can go to sleep!" -i said. And without a second intention i continued -I can accompany to your room.

I naively Suggested that, in seconds my mom was looking at me completely on blank! as if i was a pervert. But actually i just wanted to keep talking to <him>, because in that moment it was all so endearing that i wanted just some more minutes to enjoy his company.
When we finished the game, i stand up and we started to walk, very slow and kinda calm.
I notice that actually we are in a very nice garden, a grass labyrinth, and then i can almost feel the scent in the air; is soft and fresh. It feels Like…violets or little blueish color flowers.
I can remember that there were little rooms with night lights full of cristal walls / windows, So all seemed so calm and comfy.
I was in a very good mood and feeling happy.
Then i fell to the floor, very loudly and hard.
<he> smiled and laughed VERY noisy. In that moment i could completely felt how a melted pounding heart would feel.
His eyes were almost closed while the most beautifull laught was playing like if it was your favorite song on the radio. in that moment i just realized i was wearing a dress and a hat.
We kept talking very casual and he mentioned that he wanted to get a haircut, i just said he would look great but i liked the leght he currently had, better.

Then i said;
"lets watch the sky, together"
"have you seen the leonides rain?"
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File: 1556360388505.jpg (381.99 KB, 1280x768, amiens-cathedral-hero.jpg)

No. 698 [Reply]

I was visited by death and hell in a dream and as yet I haven't uttered this to a single soul. On recollection hades was very much alive, I witnessed a place of worship filled with parishioners with such goings on that I am still frightened to even give them breath, much less type them out for a lasting record. Frightened not of myself with its recollection , I experienced it and must live with it, but that the reader of such nightmares mighten not be able to contain the story, and that it may well be a curse best kept to myself. Or privilege? Or too personal for others. The blasphemic isn't for everybody after all. Or that this might be its interpretation by others. There is no blasphemy within this domain. Peculiar to visit there, I was not asked if I should like to and was transported there unknowing of the journey I was to take.
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I suppose I could do a pamphlet.


How did you know it was hell and not heaven?


File: 1558174468460.jpg (76.06 KB, 399x918, Isis_-_Vienna.jpg.cf.jpg)

A place of great Power
Statues of the Hero Gods
A valley, mountains and spires of flame.
The Goddess guides me.
The Glory of Geburah.


Was it like south park satan or nah


Hell unleashed may be unbearable, as the world clearly is, but what hell comes, when you deny that it is there, and do nothing to wrestle with it? Alone, you are doomed, and you will be consumed. Perhaps, and only perhaps, the wisdom of all of our elders, who we have all learned from in our different lands, may collect and address the problem - it is the only chance for success. Were this dream the herald of a demon, and were you to do nothing to strengthen yourself with wisdom, and attempt to fight it off yourself, you would be consumed, and your most intimate knowledge of the demon would be lost to us, those left to fight it. You must share what you've seen. If it dooms us all, then we were already doomed.

File: 1487762651890.jpg (728.58 KB, 900x900, 1482569669208.jpg)

No. 643 [Reply]

I once had a dream that was really vivid. In it I was in love with a classmate that I hadn't seen in several years. I never spent much time thinking about her back then but did think she was kind of cute I guess.

Waking up from the dream it was like my body had sent out the actual "love-chemicals" that you get when you fall in love with someone for real. For the rest of the day I stalked her on facebook and couldn't stop thinking about how bizarre it all was, that the feeling of love didn't go away after waking up. The feeling did eventually pass towards the end of the day.

Anyone ever had something similar happen to them?


File: 1487943597027.jpg (1.21 MB, 1200x1200, 1487734833254.jpg)

Ugh… Last week I dreamt about getting married with my ex-girlfriend (the only gf I ever had), I don't know why, I don't even like her that much (not even like her anymore), we haven't spoke since we broke, we haven't see each other since then, I don't hate her, but she was a completely slut.
Anyway I felt weird, it wasn't a happy dream, but it wasn't a sad dream either, I was a dream were my ex-girlfriend pushed me to get married, for no reason. I'm pretty sure it doesn't mean anything but I felt kinda awkward after that.


File: 1555393826781.gif (1.85 MB, 500x395, Hide the Pain.gif)

Oh boy, do I ever know this feel. I once dreamed about a girl who I'd never seen before. I don't even remember what she looked like, I just remember the feeling of having her by my side. It made me want to get a gf, but of course I still haven't gotten around to it.


File: 1559437309997.jpg (16.41 KB, 412x367, sad cat.jpg)

yes ;;; usually remember past lovers in idyllic circumstances in dreams… then feel 'off' after waking, sometimes having to fight the urge to get back in touch with them for days


File: 1589503196295.jpg (97.44 KB, 960x648, 1547886955428.jpg)

I used to have dreams like this more often, but I'm kind of scared since I havent seen anyone irl in so long, and even my dreams recently have all been about starting some job again…

File: 1587948046834.png (334.6 KB, 1209x699, dream.png)

No. 855 [Reply]

A few mouths ago i had a dream that was so fantastic that i had to wrote it, i originally wrote in portuguese (my native language) so i could remember it (not necessary because i still remember everything) i translated it using google (so it's problably fucked up) anyway here it is what i wrote the morning after the dream:

(Its on the image because i think you cant post big texts)


Sounds wonderful anon. You’ve painted a picture

File: 1442889078952.jpg (35 KB, 600x480, journal.jpg)

No. 101 [Reply]

Is your dream journal a digital one (IE a txt file) or a real journal? Do you write in it right when you wake up?

I use a text file and keep it open, since I immediately jump on my computer in the morning anyways.
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I am a traditional guy, i draw quite a lot (and haven't improved for a while ;_;) and first thing is trying to draw what i saw and at the same time write what happened, if the process was entirely digital until my pc boots, then photoshop loads and i plug in my tablet it would be all gone


Sometimes I remember my dreams enough to write them down, but I usually don't. At the moment I'm working on a comic based on my most recent dream. Since I'm a fairly shit artist, this'll be the first story idea that I actually make into a comic… I hope I manage it.


Damn OP, you're reminding me of my dream diary which I abandoned last year. I was really detailed with my entries and I was able to better remember my dreams as a result.

But then I got hung up over a single detail and I put it off because I'm lazy but refused to do any more entries until I perfected the original because I'm a perfectionist.

And os my diary is undone


Apologies for bumping such an old thread.

My dream journal is a digital one, a phrase or so that describes the dream. I haven't found the time to write a proper dream journal yet, but I should. Anyone found it intriguing how easy for it for dream events to be forgotten? Personally, I found that the feelings/emotions associated with such dreams can last longer.


I find that physically writing down your dreams increase your ability to recall them. I still remember parts/images of dreams from 10 years ago that I'm 100% sure I wouldn't have remembered. Something about the act of writing out each line to make up each letter.

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