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File: 1489973125260.jpg (809.72 KB, 1473x1000, 1424559119647.jpg)

No. 665 [Reply]

How do I dream about what I want to dream about?
Some context: Sometimes I have dreams where a girl like me or I have a gf and I want that to happen more often rather than seldomly at random.
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File: 1510172635832.png (3.88 MB, 1280x720, [JN]_Chuunibyou_demo_Koi_g….png)

I can't control my dreams, but I dream very often, like everyday, that's probably because I stay up until I just fell asleep by fatigue.


File: 1516109128052.gif (1.53 MB, 540x300, hello.gif)

I ate spicy chicken right before I passed out last night and had a strange but lewd dream.


File: 1516248229277.jpg (32.03 KB, 419x419, vJz9t0-Y.jpg)

do you remember any details?


File: 1519609983379.jpg (74.62 KB, 625x562, Dream gf.jpg)

This thread seems relevant enough for a story of mine.
A couple years ago, I dreamt that I was in a Lovecraftian shopping mall looking through CDs with my "girlfriend". She was just the girl singer from the old Guitar Hero games, super cute blonde dreadhead and all that. Anyways, the evil mall shuts down because the Incredible Hulk is attacking it. The Hulk is old, skinny, pissed off, and made out of broccoli and human shit. Also, his head has two boob-like protrusions on the the back of it.
So he's getting his Columbine on or whatever, so I decide that we need to cheese it. I climb the emergency fence blocking off the storefront only to realize that my girlfriend has fallen down and the back of the shop might be on fire, I climb back over the fence to go get her, but then I realize that this is just a dream. So I decide that I'm not going to put up with this shit and I'm just going to wake up and have a smoke. So I did.

I left my sexy dream gf to get murdered by Poop Hulk. Anyone else have a good girlfriend dream story?


I had a laugh, anon

File: 1507359650125.png (26.07 KB, 384x110, 12m.png)

No. 802 [Reply]

A huge giant folds in on itself and you are sucked in and it says 'welcome to eternity'


Go on..


We arrived on the surface of a planet and a creature spoke to us that was made of the planet. I've tried to write the journey but the dream was succinct and told in emotions. I'll think about it and try to shape the story but instead it gives me beliefs which is different to the events that I'd dictate. There isn't anything but life quite possibly. Even what we call empty allows life to travel. The planet spoke back as much as the clouds are alive and the soil once was and still is.

I do not remember what the planet told us, maybe the message was for someone else. Or we will travel onwards now instructed or enlightened.

File: 1504238921440.gif (733.84 KB, 200x200, 44df54e356d3a80791bc34f76e….gif)

No. 774 [Reply]

Why dreams are more vivid/intense when you are really tired?


yeah definitely

i don't take naps often (maybe once a month) because i'll only take one if i'm too tired to do anything else

i always have the most ridiculous damn dreams. like ice cream flu dreams

i wish i knew why :o


File: 1504251215891.png (1.7 MB, 1500x1200, 098572e1ea3ea54bd56f97f80d….png)

I dream very often, almost everyday, but only when I fell asleep being extremely tired is when I have either the most realistic dreams, that I can't tell apart from reality, or ridiculous dreams when I'm fully aware I'm dreaming. Some days ago I experienced it, I had a dream that seemed so real, that I wasn't able to tell If I was dreaming, everything seemed so natural, I was having a conversation, a very fluently conversation, I only realized I was dreaming at the moment I woke up, and today too, I was so aware I was dreaming, that It was fun, and I tried to take the dream in the direction I wanted but I couldn't concentrate enough.

I've been looking in internet and I found this:
"When someone is sleep deprived we see greater sleep intensity, meaning greater brain activity during sleep; dreaming is definitely increased and likely more vivid,"
"The brain is an interpretive organ, and when regions are less connected as they are in sleep, we get bizarre narratives,"

That kinda solves the answer, is an interesting read too.
Here is the source material: https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/strange-but-true-less-sleep-means-more-dreams/
777 get


(…) or ridiculous dreams where I'm fully aware I'm dreaming.*
That kinda solves the question*

File: 1500723686466.jpg (149.54 KB, 407x500, elagabalus11.jpg)

No. 746 [Reply]

Life is mysterious. Visions of ancient gods I later discovered were real. Vivid memories of lives from other times. Learning of a Roman Emperor through one such vision to find out he worshipped a literal piece of Eden. Like in Assassins Creed. Idk what to do with the knowledge from these experiences. I cannot talk of them explicitly and feel ill take these things to the grave and share them only with the gods. I wish Revelations may come to all who seek.


Write fiction to explain it.
The first 3 sentences sound bit Lovecraft.


I can't say i had a vision of the future once, i can't remember and i doubt a little bit about it, my father told me about it.
When i was little my parents had a clothes factory "maquila" (i don't know how to call it) one day my dad was about to meet a person who has never meet before, another cloth tailor.
I ask him if was the guy without a thumb, he didn't take me serious.
He meet him, when they were about to stretch hands he notice he lost a thumb, ashamed he apologies by his reaction.
There's a lot of weird stuff my parents has told me about my early childhood, i can't remember of course, but sometimes i recall some small segments.
I guess i haven't seek for any revelations yet.


Thanks good idea. If I come out and say these things as true publically, souless materalists with no experience in what I talk of will just say Im crazy. I know im not though because I sometimes see things I should not know about. Like a vision of an ancient biblical temple then see a documentory about certain deus ex machina devices they really had in ancient times that I saw. Sorry to be so vague but I feel like some of these things are meant to be secret, like they are revealed to certain seekers in time. Its like I learn mysteries I see talked of in secret societies but instead of being told about them by mortal man, I am shown them directly. I want to be able to inspire faith in people with these things but I feel its something I cant do in such cynical times.


Typically when people have visions they are a famous or well-known person in history, or someone connected to them. Thousands of people have self-reported as having been this or that Leader, Messiah, etc. I think that egoism is a part of the human condition, and that it will go to any length to preserve its illusion - our delusion.

There is also a question of consciousness which must be considered - more people are alive today than were alive in historical times - are their consciousnesses split amongst others? Are new ones formed? What is the system? In any case, I imagine it is most useful to ourselves and those around us to temper our convictions with statistics, known information, and humility.

File: 1467769334603.bmp (1.23 MB, 770x560, 001.bmp)

No. 541 [Reply]

I had lots of dreams and aspirations but I lost them
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What were they and why? :/


File: 1468206153064.png (1.41 MB, 1243x854, lesbo_fuckfest_3000.png)



File: 1473388230126.jpg (8.13 MB, 6000x3274, Nighthawks_by_Edward_Hoppe….jpg)

I had dreams and aspirations but I started to lost them.


by Langston Hughes

What happens to a dream deferred?

Does it dry up
like a raisin in the sun?
Or fester like a sore—
And then run?
Does it stink like rotten meat?
Or crust and sugar over—
like a syrupy sweet?

Maybe it just sags
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I'm sure there's people who loves you deeply

File: 1497233095200.gif (123.61 KB, 250x250, 20130918235736.gif)

No. 737 [Reply]

I dream to make a buncha cash and achieve a state of ultimate comfy

I will reply to this post only when my dream is fulfilled. Wish me luck travelers


File: 1497234634858.gif (504.33 KB, 584x459, 1484091087521.gif)

You will do it! And it would be nice!


Good luck man, why not try your hand in investments? Maybe a cryptocurrency or something.

Just because I'm proud, I bought 12 Ethereum when it was at $150/piece and now it's at $350. I hope it will go to the moon but I'll be ready to sell at a moment's notice.

Swarm City Tokens have an MVP becoming soon, maybe look in to investing there.

Best of luck friend


Why not comfy without the cash?
Good luck though.


He probably want to buy a lot of stuff to be comfy forever.



File: 1495238777905.gif (277.49 KB, 800x556, C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppD….gif)

No. 728 [Reply]

Do you day dream?

I day dream all the time. Dream about people I'm acquainted with or people I make up and pretend we're friends or something more, having everyday interactions. Banter, serious talk, confessions, or just enjoying each other's company. Inspiration for some kind of scenario will strike and entertain me for a few hours, until I get tired of it and either distract myself or think up a new one..


I do, all the time. I made a thread about it. With the Shitpost King as the OP image.


What a nice painting. I have very small day dreams throughout the day.

As a tfwnogf, my most common day dream is whenever I see/meet a grill who looks homely and kind, I will day dream about what it would be like if we were happily married.

The place I live has lots of birds and squirrels running around, so I day dream what it would be like to be a duck sitting in the cool shaded grass on a warm day, or I wonder what it would be like to cuddle a squirrel.


I used to. High school killed my imagination, and I'm still recovering.
All sorts of fun things, fantasy stories, scifi stories, cuddling with animals, etc.


>my most common day dream is whenever I see/meet a grill who looks homely and kind, I will day dream about what it would be like if we were happily married.
Pretty much this


In all honesty I wish I did daydream, maybe I'd be worrying about the little things less if I did.

File: 1495039043888.jpg (854.76 KB, 1920x1080, 1491894553063.jpg)

No. 726 [Reply]

Where do you want to live? Where's your dream home?
I'd like to live in a very old town on the coast of New England, with cold, rocky, beaches, and great big forests leading up to huge mountains. Maybe 50000 people, at most, and older architecture. And great autumns.
Maybe my place could be a small cabin a ways away from the edge of town, up on a hill, and nestled between the trees.
Boy, that'd be great, huh?


A small apartment in central europe, close to whatever university I will work at, yet also close to some land to walk my dogs in, if I ever have any.
The photo you posted reminds me of the beautiful Cascade mountains in Oregon.
I don't want much in life, just happiness.
Your dream home is a nice dream too.

File: 1477969029557.jpg (65.49 KB, 706x674, 1473754014841.jpg)

No. 588 [Reply]

So, what have you been daydreaming about, recently?
What's your current project?

I've been spending a lot of time pacing and thinking about ruling a medieval country, and what I would do.

Of course, first thing to do would be to get an expert blacksmith to listen to my explanation of trains, and clockwork, and Etc.
Just get the modern technology I understand made.
Then, I'd make a senate like this:
The King, with the equivalent of maybe 10~ votes, he would be trained from birth to be a good king, no partying, or anything, just studies.
This would be inherited.
The Ministers, with something like 2~ votes, all experts at their field, and, of course, responsible for various sections of the government, like the Education Minister, the War Minister, the Entertainment Minister(Scheduling public plays, sports games, festivals, Etc.), Etc.
They would not be elected, but be chosen by their predecessor.
Then there would be the Noble Senators, elected from the nobility, only nobles could apply. They would number something like 1/10th~ of the Common Senators.
And the Common Senators, elected from the people, only commoners could apply. Elected from the people.
The Senators would have a single vote.
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Suddenly, BAM! The girl's in the hospital! Why? I don't know. Some contrived reason. He visits her, he's sad, she's sad, he leaves the room, overhears her father talk about how expensive it'll be, now he knows what he needs to do.


He starts mugging other classmates, and brings the money to the girl, gets a bad reputation, now completely stays in the open in class. Now that he also sees the board, instead of just hearing the teacher, his grades improve from mediocre Cs to decent Bs, so he asks his mother for money, "Oh, he needs it for his boyfriend, yada-yada!" She so proud of her "little girl," this scene shows his growing annoyance at his insane mother. After the girl gets out of the hospital, they go on more dates, he makes a real move on her, they start really "dating," Etc. Except, now he's different. Now, she rests on his chest when they tell stories, for example. He's confident, but also much meaner. Never to her, though. He used to have paranoid rants about how they hated him for being a coward, at the very beginning, and now he has them about how they hate how confident and strong he is. This shows him developing, then regressing.


Now that she's out, he stops mugging kids, but he's still approached by a large kid from a bigger school, nearby. This guy hasn't been getting his money from the lackeys who used to mug MC. They fight, MC ends up killing him, hides the body, cleans up, is very clean about it(I'm not actually too sure about including this part, what do you think?) He confesses to the girl what he did, how he doesn't feel bad. She's now actively scared of him, but the moments when they do things that they did in the beginning of their relationship show that she still loves him. At some point, she's approached by another guy in their class while she waits for MC, MC assaults the guy, now the whole school learns of their relationship. MC hates how they gives the girl bad looks, now. Really lets his top blow off at some kids mocking her. Gets home, lets his top off at his mother. (This part, the killing, and the guy hitting on MC's girlfriend are ones I can't really place very well. I need to clear up my order.)


Now, he just sleeps outside of the school, and here we have more "romantic" moments. MC knocks up the girl, everythings looking better for them. Then, his mother kills herself. MC crawls back into the hole he was in at the beginning, minus the skirt, and the girl can only try to bring him out. The last scene, I think, should be MC's tailing slithering out of his magic pottery armor thing, and entertaining his baby. What do you think? For an amateur who's never actually written anything, before.


Got another story. This one's set as a comic.
Starts off with panels with sleeping pills. A mid-twenties guy is trying to sleep, but having trouble. Face is never shown. Eventually, the clock is shown as having moved forward two hours, and he's sleeping. Then, it's a new setting. A different apartment, and he's standing there in pajamas. HE wonders if it's a lucid dream. It has to be. He tries to make a woman appear(I thought this would be pretty funny, what about you? I want this to be comedic.), but figures he's not skilled enough. He leaves the apartment. He walks down into the streets of a city much bigger than his own. Immediately, all he can think of is crime. He should fight it! He's always wanted to be a superhero(Though, as is later shown, not because he's particularly heroic, but because he thinks it could be fun). He sets off down the alleyways in search of muggings, and, eventually, finds one. He makes a grand speech, something a superhero might say in a kids cartoon, mugger is confused. Tells him to back off. He walks up, pulls back his fist, concentrates, and releases. A second fist flies out of his own(Well, something happens. He's got the power to make things happen, like if he were in a dream. This seems like a basic power one might try in a lucid dream, no?), completely destroys the guy. Woman runs off, he falls asleep. Back home, he gets up and takes a shower, wondering about where he could take this good story.
I've got some other chapter rough drafts, too. And an overall outline. I'll write them later, but I'll be quicker if anyone here would like me to be.

File: 1493576977662.jpg (17.77 KB, 324x327, 1415683607273.jpg)

No. 715 [Reply]

The year was 2005
I was training for a special whaling mission. The goal was to discover if you could drain a whale of fluids without actually killing it. I was training my men in the remote forests of the northeast united states. Since we couldn't actually practice on whales, I had gathered about 4 or 5 crows (as crows are obviously the next best thing to whales) and we began the rigorous process of pouring heaps of sugar down their throats and setting them free. The challenge was to capture the crow with your bare hands, pry its throat open, and pour the sugar out into your team's bucket. whoever had the most sugar at the end won.

So much of this dream was spent grabbing crows and fingering their throats until they regurgitated. I don't really know why. [cont.]
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We also pried open its other pores, draining the poor whale of most of its oil, blubber, spermaceti, etc. into large jugs until the Whale was vulnerable enough that one of our crew could squat inside the blowhole, and with his wealth of whale knowledge, actually steer the thing with careful squeezes of its spine.

So with a wealth of bodily fluids on board, and a crewmember driving the sperm whale back to the seemingly estranged Blue Whale couple, hoping to ignite the spark of romance necessary for copulation.

This dream sort of faded out eventually, as the morning chills woke me up and forced me to close my window, but the last minute or so of the dream was spent in abject horror from the point of view of the Sperm Whale, as his human driver was forcing him to give the blue whale some sort of handjob, and eventually he ended up sandwiched between the largest lovers on earth as they went at it from every angle.

Anyway that was my dream. I'm glad i managed to write it down before i forgot any of it.


File: 1493578835331.jpg (156.74 KB, 1096x731, 4775fa35f91bea725c909f2ec3….jpg)

>until the Whale was vulnerable enough that one of our crew could squat inside the blowhole, and with his wealth of whale knowledge, actually steer the thing with careful squeezes of its spine.
Absolutely lost it. What the hell.


my latest dream was taking a shit on the ground out in the middle of nowhere and the moon making fun of me for doing it. Also there was a cat in a treehouse I was hoping wouldn't see.


Thank you for sharing.


File: 1493647340792.gif (1.82 KB, 84x17, shingix.gif)

Write a surrealist novel.

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