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File: 1447582465569.jpg (149.42 KB, 900x1145, warning simo ahead.jpg)

No. 316 [Reply]

i've had a lot of trauma in my life, bodily, emotionally, and the two at the same time. most of it is body trauma that of course has emotional trauma directly related to it. i've had 11 surgeries before, and each one is exponentially harder on my mind than the last.

the first eight were on my eyes for acute strabismus, and on the eighth (age 15) i ended up not being completely unconscious for the first twenty minutes. that's more common than people think with surgeries on children, since too much anesthetic can kill a child very easily. it's better to do too little than be sued for malpractice.

my ninth surgery was at age 16, to remove a ruptured testicle from a violent encounter with a group of people who didn't like me. later that year i had my ninth and final eye surgery. it was relatively uneventful.

the last two were separate surgeries to remove shrapnel from a single welding accident.

i'm 21 now, and as i go through EMDR therapy for PTSD, everything is coming back very vividly and painfully. it's 3 am right now, and i'm awake because i have come to dread sleep. every dream is a mundane, hazy vision of being in a hospital bed. the room is well lit, as hospitals are, there are no windows, and always one or two people semi-visible in my peripheral vision. i can move, but not with any meaningful control over myself, and never enough to get up or get the attention of the passing figures.

it's been four weeks, and every night it's the same dream. does anyone here have any advice to give me? i can't stop the therapy but i really can't continue dreaming like this. it's never restful and i just want everything to stop.
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How are things, Anon? Have you forgotten about this place?


I have not. I made a visit to her home city, quite a ways from my state. I met her parents! I've seen her for the first time, made love for the first time in my life, and even almost four months later, this love has not only persisted, but grown. She's visiting around Christmas to meet my parents, and our love has only grown since then!

My dreams are better. They're the same as they were, but I had the best reasons to discard their memory and enjoy my waking life. Sleep is now only a tool; a painful injection of the necessary rest for my mind.

Sometimes I dream of her. I've been realizing that she isn't the dream, only my further torture and mutilation is. These things can happen again, and it'll all be ok because she's here with me.


I had a combo dream that consisted of my teeth falling out and being on a baseball team and playing very badly. The coach and other teammates were very mean to me.


File: 1530339226020.jpg (239.17 KB, 707x1000, mars_by_alexandreev-d8untc….jpg)

OP here. I tapered off of all of my medication several months ago, and my dreams improved, though my depression and anxiety got much, much worse. I've taken time off from work to focus on therapy, proper medication and such. I found an antidepressant that's been working very well, as well as something for anxiety that doesn't make my dreams so horrifying. My girlfriend is visiting again in a week, and we've grown a lot together. She's had similar problems, and we've helped each other quite a bit… It's so, so nice to feel loved. I want to spend the rest of my life with her.

I think about this place surprisingly often. Posting my dreams here has been incredibly cathartic. I posted one of my more recent dreams a while ago, if any of you are interested >>550


I'm very happy to hear that you're feeling better, anon. After all, recovering from trauma is a very hard and time consuming process, but you'll get through it eventually. Never forget that. It's also great that you have a person you share mutual love with. It truly does feel nice. I hope you'll have a great time with her and that you'll be able to spend your life with her, just like you want. <3

File: 1451287349563.gif (1.99 MB, 320x198, breakdancing-trash-man.gif)

No. 392 [Reply]

do you guys get those falling dreams often?
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I always get those infinite void falling dreams. Almost all I ever dream now.


A few years ago I dreamt I was falling from the sky and when I finally hit the ground I woke up with the air knocked out of me and soaked in my own sweat. My wife said I also let out this curdled death scream that scared her shitless.




I don't think I've ever had a dream where I've fallen. At least not that I can remember.


File: 1528755053909.gif (852.28 KB, 540x511, 3.gif)

I've had a falling dream where I was a girl, and I was kissing another girl, all while we were both falling. It was strange, but I kind of enjoyed it. The environment was really pretty too! Lots of nature and mountains, we never landed on anything but I got to see the beautiful environment my dream created.

File: 1525535129496.jpg (74.73 KB, 728x493, U5dsMuV2yEWSLn6SVQzArWhLTk….jpg)

No. 942 [Reply]

Let's talk about something closely related to dreams, the actual act of falling asleep. I only bring it up because I have had troubles with insomnia for a while, and I know a lot of imageboard goers tend to as well because of excess computer use, especially at night. Falling asleep is vital to dreams, since it can determine the quality and length of sleep (more time you spend rolling around in bed is less time dreaming). I've found a few ways to fall asleep quicker.

1. Don't consume caffeine, if you must only do it early in the morning. Some people are more sensitive to this than others though.
2. Try not to drink water too close to bedtime if you have a troubling bladder
3. Tense all of your limbs, including your neck and face, while in bed. When I say tense I mean squeeze them really hard for at least five seconds with all of your strength. When I learned how to do this it was probably the single greatest boon to curing my insomnia.
4. Avoid blue light an hour before sleep. I find it easy to do because I meditate for an hour before bed but if you don't want to do that, try reading a book or doing some other activity to get your eyes off the computer/phone.
5. Get a sleep mask and earbuds. Never let your sleep be interrupted by external light/noise.
6. Try melatonin on those hard to sleep nights. It's not good to take frequently though and it works better in smaller amounts, so don't go overboard.

What about you guys, do you have any nightly rituals?


I ripped a couple mp3s from rainymood.com and play those while I sleep - the white noise really helps smooth out whatever occassional car/loud people noises tend to happen as I live not far from a busy street.

I also have car sound-insulation foil-backed foam taped over my windows for complete black-out (I work grave-shift so have to sleep during the day)

My final strategy is to eat a big meal, then take a hot shower, and then maybe fap, but because it's so relaxing for me, I try to save it for days when sleep is really important (day before a job interview or some such).

File: 1523640328092.jpg (46.13 KB, 630x472, f.jpg)

No. 923 [Reply]

I've made up an imaginary friend at my dreams.
We always together, in a party, a pub, at home, whatever the place.
We like tha same things, we do all of this things together, we enjoy so much our conversations about the nostalgic things of the past (because, she looks like a mix of 3 or 4 old friends of primary school) and we talk mucha about the old friends and of how is they doing now, we drink together, we laugh too much… I feel like we are a perfect union because he understandme completly, of couse because we're the same person.

It was unconsciously, and I'm enjoying it.
Have you ever experimented something like this? Share.
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I haven't done it with a friend but I have had imaginary female partners in my dreams. We'll go on adventures and have sex. But that's really about the extent of it.


Man, I've have had dreams with sexual partners, and that is weird because you can feel it. Because of this I already know how it is to make sex even before I really do it.


And you're probably exactly right. Sex ended up working out to me in that regard I already knew what it felt like before losing my virginity. Also I've been stabbed in my dreams and when I ended up being stabbed in real life for the first time it felt the same to me as it did in my dreams.


What did being stabbed feel like in your dreams and in reality? I'm curious.


Well, I didn't get stabbed by anything big in reality. My dream was a bigger knife but the pain was just intensified from what it felt like it in reality. My brother stabbed me in the leg with a semi-decent sized pocket knife. It didn't really go that deep and the best way for me to explain how it felt was, a sharp piercing pain going into your skin followed with a stinging sensation. I've also been pierced by nails after falling from a height which was similar to that as well. I can say it hurt more coming out than going in. It was almost as if you're feeling an uncomfortable sharpness in the place of it then as it comes out you REALLY feel the object and it gives a little bit more of a slice inside and on your skin.

File: 1455138273890.png (516.23 KB, 1280x960, freaky.png)

No. 433 [Reply]

A.K.A: Share your blogpost about a nightmare you've had.

Lemme star by talking about mine, which for some reason, always seem to be disjointed for some reason. Had these yesterday.

First nightmare was me having a conversation to this sort of cockroach with human, slanted eyes with a mouth (kind of similar to David Cronenberg's Naked Lunch), about dissecting a human corpse, which was on a tiny table and was only a torso with a couple of organs with it's head and one arm cut off. As i was doing the operation, the cockroach thing kept talking to me about some non-sense i forgot, while blood kept spurting on my hands inside the human corpse's carcass.

Second one was me starting at the bottom of a sterile, white staircase (which i suppose was a hospital?), which had a backdoor of some sort. When i opened it, there was a large city road that had two groups of crowded people in different sides, arguing about some religion thing; one dude that was from the left side of the street, which was somebody i personally knew, started to fight with the other group which was on the right. Hugged him in an attempt to restrain him from getting his shit fucked by the mob of angry people, and pulled him inside the (what i suppose is) hospital's backdoor and locked it. He was lying unconscious on the floor, as i hopelessly tried to wake him up.
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File: 1487902376217.jpg (245.63 KB, 1280x1228, teef.jpg)

This one's pretty weird, and doesn't really seem scary, but it scared the shit out of me and made me wake up at 3 in the morning.
>Am in some irish marching band for some reason (I'm not even irish, I'm a spic)
>Band takes a detour into a Jewel Osco (a lot of my dreams involve me going into grocery stores now that I think about it)
>Inside looks more like a well lit Tony's or something of the sort
>There's a gym in the Jewel
>We jog around the gym for no reason at all
>There's a oldass mexican looking cowboy, weird gait and generally very twitchy, huge ass hat
>Stutters when talking, isn't talking spanish, but not english either, sorta sounds crazy and talks gibberish
>Gives me a mangy blue sweater, and says it's mine (fucked if I knew how I understood him)
>walk alone for a bit
>now the grocery store looks more like a bodega/more grimy and dark
>It's also gotten a lot bigger
>look inside the pockets of the sweater
>an ID from my old middle school, belonging to some girl named "Loko" (crazy in spanish), no last name
>Picture shows her as incredibly deformed, whole face is patched with different skin tones
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File: 1510004258186.jpg (2.84 MB, 1158x1637, 1509929888546.jpg)

It was dark, and it was raining, I was posting on imageboards and a stranger started to knock my door, "Who is it?" I asked, but I can't remember what he replied, he keep knocking my door but in a more aggressive way, he was desperate to enter to my house.


I'm not sure if you could call it a proper nightmare, but here goes
>be me
>be some kind of reporter
>need to get some info on something
>head towards someone who knows something about the thing I'm getting info on
>drive there on a big blue van on a road inna desert and industrial looking buildings on the sides
>town looks like a bunch of big ass boilers stacked horizontally on top of eachother with stairs, pipes and catwalks connecting them to each other, rust everywhere
>center of the town looks like a cement plant with a bunch of dials and pipes headed everywhere (maybe the cement plant acted as a water tower)
>early morning spend a few minutes looking at everything,
>notice there are no windows
>notice there aren't any people in the streets
>"huh, whatever"
>go into the person's home
>notice the home has windows, despite there being none
>interview person
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I had this nightmare last night about that absolutely was shattering to me. Donald Trump had declared World War 3 and nukes were falling all across the United States. I decided to try to get in this fallout shelter close to my house. They wouldn't let me in and said that they to access their list first before letting anyone else who wasn't on there inside. Basically all of the town's officials and their families were the first allowed. Then they came back and denied everyone else entry, said that their occupancy was full and started pointing a gun and shot some people then locked the hatch up. Riots started to brake out as well as murders and rape. Some girl I grew up with that I haven't spoken to in 20 years came up to me and lured me away to a hiding place. She leaned in like she was going to give me a hug then stabbed me in the stomach stealing my backpack and running off. I basically laid there hearing nothing but screams and gunshots as I bled out. Simultaneously as my dying breathe was exhaled, I ended up waking up covered in sweat.


that's pretty scary
i've woken up too many times to loud distant planes, thinking it is the sound of a nuke dropping

File: 1514458731683.jpg (71.96 KB, 956x960, problem solver.jpg)

No. 845 [Reply]

Let's talk a bit about recurring themes in our dreams.

I've always had a lot of dreams that involve tech breaking or even my computer getting infested by malware. Last night I had a dream about my phone getting some strange malware that kept opening new screens of the web browser no matter what I did.

This is all despite that I've never really had any major problems with tech in real life.

What are the reoccurring themes in your dreams? Do you think they have some kind of meaning, like being expressions of some kind of inner anxieties?
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It being out of your control is definitely part of it. That's what adds to the comfiness, at least. It's almost like sleeping in that sense.
But, there is also the aspect of traveling. It sort of represents moving on from one destination in your life to another. Each destination could be mental, physical, or situational. It's an analogy for passing time. All the different "stops" and landmarks are times and events you are moving through in your life, as well as all the different people that come and go.


This cycle stopped a few days ago (for the past few days i haven't saw any dreams), but i still have no idea what that could mean. There was nothing strange happening in my room or something like that, everything was just normal.


I get a lot of tsunamis and tornadoes. The latter seem to be more family-related. They aren't exactly bad dreams though. I usually enjoy them.

The last time I drowned in a dream, I did it on purpose because there was something I didn't want to experience and my escape key wasn't working.


>roads leading to large commercial or industrial buildings
>cement plants


I'm almost 90% of the time being killed in my dreams. This started as far back as 24 years ago. It's never let up either.

File: 1522579555641.png (347.78 KB, 719x452, kjkasl875.png)

No. 916 [Reply]

Do you dream more intensely whenever you stay up for 20+ hours or when you just simply go to bed after the average 16-18 hours?

It's often hit and miss with me. Sometimes when I stay up so long and then finally go to bed. I'll end up not having a dream at all and it'll all be instantaneously over. I'll wake up and 8 - 10 hours has passed in what seemed like seconds.
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If i got this right, you meant if it affects how often i see dreams & how long they last ? If i did, then usually i see long dreams only if i'm completely tired. Usually those dreams make more sense, too. The time i was up for doesn't really matter for me.


The level of realism implemented into your dreams as well as the longevity that the dream is perceived to you. I'm also asking about the level of how you are dealing with lucid dreaming.

Sorry for posting very vague with my original post.


My hours awake usually indict how I'll dream. Also the same with how long I sleep. When I sleep a regular 8 hours instead of longer than that. I'll be in a more lucid dream like state. Otherwise if I stay up extremely long or sleep an extreme long amount of time with pushing my body or self with my weird abstract hour pattern, it seems like my dreams are all "screwy" and messed up. Or I simply don't dream at all. It's very strange to say the least.


I tried to WILD into a dream directly the other night after staying up for 30~ hours but it didn't really work, and my dream recall was bad. Props to anyone who can pull it off though.


>WILD into a dream
What is that?

File: 1519191958404.jpg (55.27 KB, 711x711, photo_2016-09-06_19-47-49.jpg)

No. 895 [Reply]

I just leave it here: http://doujinmusic.ru

This is a lossless (FLAC) doujin music library that you can listen on the fly with a browser or mobile device (Android, iOS).

The library is constantly updated, and you can add your own collections.
And of course the hunt for priority.

You can get into the library by receiving an invite in the telegram-channel @touhouchan
It's free.

We are glad to everyone who is interested.

Demo account:



That's very neat, anon. I would totally use it on my phone, if only it wasn't a WP.


Thank you!

File: 1442940507069.jpg (285.04 KB, 1024x768, 52184751_p0.jpg)

No. 104 [Reply]

What? Talking about uboachan is against the rules? I don't see anything about that in the rules? Who is the owner of this place?
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I would consider myself Ixxx, if that counts



Here, it absolutely does!


I just took the personality test and I think I managed to answer it more accurately than I ever have before. I always thought these things were sort of bullshit like horoscopes where they say things that sound specific, but are actually generalized enough to apply to many. Now that I've retaken it while figuring out how to answer it more accurately, the personality description seems to be hitting a lot more specific points that do describe my personality.

It claims I'm INFP-T.


Yeah, I think often the results can't be taken seriously (I feel as though people tend to put down what they'd like to think of themselves rather than answer honestly)

But then I know that there are general motifs to personality across all humans so I guess categorization can make sense, I wish there was a broader test.


Yo, I got INFP. What's good

File: 1492131903526.jpg (131.96 KB, 900x658, 13805681485.jpg)

No. 693 [Reply]

How do you keep tracks of your dream?
I used to write down on notepad/Word all of them, then eventually I stopped.
Of course doing so helps in remembering the next dreams, and so on and so on, but sometimes word are not enough.
I wish I could draw so I would draw some wonderful sceneries, or weird stuff or whatever I see in dreams.
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I have a notebook which I keep near my bed. When I have a dream and wake up, I try to write it in my book in full prose. Sometimes I can't be bothered and write things down later, but I fear that the waking mind tries to rationalise odd things which happened and resolve details that weren't there. For example, recently I had a dream where I thought - not that vividly, I must add - there were two 'copies' of my brother in a field; when I was writing this down, my brain tried to explain this oddity away as a misunderstanding. In the end, I ignored this, being convinced that the copies really were there, so I wrote that down.

I also include some details of when I think I had the dream and what time I went to bed the night before. So far, I haven't had any use for this information, but I think it could come in handy if I ever amassed enough dream material to really study it.


I don't normally dream often. But when I actually dream, I try my best to write down what I remember in a notebook that I keep fairly close to my bed.


I just throw whatever I can remember into a quick google doc. Bought a journal recently though, and some pens to jot things down. I think a lot of people prefer making .txt files, from what I've seen. I use my tablet to write my junk down so I don't have to worry about booting up a pc and dealing with the bright lights.


I record my dreams every morning on my laptop. Have a folder which organizes each month/year of my dream journal, each entry written in a notepad file. I sometimes wonder if a physical journal would be better but I'm not about to do that while I live with people.

Apparently you should write down something even if it's meaningless or vague if you want to improve dream recall. Other things are you should get a lot of sleep (8-9 hours daily and consistently) and use WBTB if you don't mind the sleep interruption.


A lot of dreamers go through their dream in their head before going to write. Play it back once or twice so it will stick around in your mind while you focus on getting your recording supplies and maybe hit the light.

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