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Are you having house nightmares?


no. who are you?


no-one here


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Has anyone experienced sleep paralysis? I've had episodes pretty regularly since I was a kid, at least once a month.

How is it like to you? Do you get it going into or out of sleep? How are your thoughts immediately before going into sleep paralysis?

I can tell when it is coming on but usually am in an altered or hypnagogic/hypnopompic state, and I'll just slowly drift into it. It still occasionally surprises me, I feel drawn in.

Usually what I get now as far as delusions is a soft buzzing or grinding which seems innocuous at first, but ends up growing louder and louder and just feels insane and malevolent. I have in the past had sort of delusions or hallucinations, I think my earliest memory of this happening were with big spouts filling my room with water, but these don't happen as frequently any more. It is mostly just the buzzing and some dark abstract dreams now.

I believe I usually get this going in to sleep. I'll be drifting off and it will just seize on me. I will no longer be able to move very much, and I'll lay there breathing waiting for it to end. It never ends unless I struggle, which leads to panic, which then leads to difficulty breathing. I do break out eventually though. I find it difficult to go back to sleep immediately, if I try to I just happen to go back into the sleep paralysis state. It helps to get up and do something else for half an hour before trying to sleep again at those times.

I believe I once got it sleeping in class. I tried to yell for help but could only manage a soft moan before I snapped out of it.
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I've experienced it twice so far.

The first time was last year, full body.

The second time was around a month ago, and then it was only below the waist, same as >>26


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Well, I'm not sure if it was sleep paralysis, but I experienced something similar several months ago while listening to this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hcYucC3644k

I didn't try to move my body, but it felt as if my whole body was folding in on itself.
It was strangely pleasant.


>Only Skin
FUCK I love that track. Possibly Newsom's masterpiece.


That's really cool, reminds me of this a bit: https://current931.bandcamp.com/track/black-ships-ate-the-sky-2

I occasionally feel a chill down my spine or body if I'm listening to or reading something that happens to mesh well with my emotional state at the time.

This is a physiological thing brought about by poor sleep habits, genetics, sleeping prone, etc.


yeah but you want to be careful though, it an be a symptom of exhaustion

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I waffled back and forth over posting this in /gf/ since it's ultimately about relaxing and bringing good vibes, but my gut told me it was really /dr/ at heart, so:

What kinds of music do y'all listen to when you just want to chill and sleep?
For me, it's jazz; putting on the MusicChoice jazz station, let the speakers ring, and just slide under the warmth of cymbals, string bass, and reedy tones. The ultimate comfy.
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I used to have sleepovers with this kid that could NOT fall asleep unless the Disney channel was on. Blaring loud, all lights on in his room. I need absolute dark and silence I don't know how people do it


How did YOU do it during those sleepovers?


I would sleep in his office down stairs!


Heh, how did he respond to that?


I rarely listen to music before sleeping. It makes it harder to fall asleep.

When I do, though, I've found that folk and stuff like shoegaze/dreampop work best.

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I had a dream a few months ago.

I can't quite remember the beginning. I was playing some kind of game with a disembodied voice in a cave. I was informed that I had lost, and was offered a consolation prize. It was a rather large box or chest hidden in one of the recesses of the cave. I opened it and inside it was another box. I opened box after box, and began to feel myself being drawn in, I felt as though I was falling into an infinite regress of boxes inside boxes.


File: 1440308223881.jpg (568.19 KB, 1920x1080, pulsedemon.jpg)

I used to have a nightmare where I'd be standing on a cliff and everything would turn black and white. Then white and black bars would start passing through me, from left to right.
My point of view would switch between first and third person.
The bars and the point of view switching always accelerated, until everything as white and black bars.

It made my hard hurt and worst of all was that I'd keep dreaming that throughout the entire night no matter how many times I woke up.


That sounds pretty cool. I've been getting these weird dreams lately where I would dream of continually waking up into different rooms until the dream was over and I finally woke up into my actual room. Usually it would be something outlandish, then my own room in an odd beige light, then outlandish again…

Then there are orange or flesh-walled rooms that I pop into when on DXM.


The other day I dreamt of Benedikt Magnusson deadlifting like, 13-14 plates on the 29th, which reminds me I need to start going to the gym again.


File: 1440952626141.jpg (33.62 KB, 480x360, mantid.jpg)

So I basically made some Ayahuasca a few months ago, vomited everywhere, and had a dream-like experience. It was like a waking dream. Told it on another board in a more dramatic form so reposting it here slightly altered.

I was visited by an entity who seemed to have both insectoid and reptilian features. It wore a long flowing robe and had a sinister aura about it. It began to influence my mind and I could feel its presence throughout the trip, though I only could see it at the very beginning.

Once it had left my visual awareness, I began to regress into an animal form. I may have become a worm and an insect or some kind of fish or amphibian, but spent most of my time as some kind of lizard. I was in a state of despair, attempting to recapitulate phylogeny but finding myself stuck, it felt like an eternity had passed and I was simply stuck in this form and would have to live my life like this. Perhaps it wanted me to resign myself to this fate. I tried to pull some flesh and bone around myself but could not manage to become mammalian once more. I eventually managed to push myself skyward in an act of pure yearning and became a bird. I flew off toward the sun, into and above the clouds. At this point I became indignant with the entity, I told it that I was a man and that it would communicate with me in words and language. And so I inhabited a human body once more, but I never got a straight answer.


File: 1440952660237.jpg (344.65 KB, 1024x526, drowned-world.jpg)

We then went on to some sort of underworld, a vast and desolate marsh from which a single giant tree sprang. Scattered in the pools were bodies writhing in pain, each seeming to suffer alone. The tree itself too was made of bodies, it was a chaos of moaning and limbs, the bodies desperately clinging to one another. It seemed to be reaching skyward. There was an air of desperation, and I stood athwart the tree and the lonely marsh surrounding it.

I was awestruck. It seemed horrible and pointless yet beautiful at the same time, there was obviously some hidden process under way that I had not yet come to understand.

The entity seemed amused and mocked me. It also seemed to want me to come back and stay awhile longer (ie. make a stronger brew and try not to vomit).

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