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Deeds - Did you do good today?


No. 1969
I just want to make a statement on how sad I am to see Dreamchan in the current state it's in. Another dead IB...
No. 1968
I'm attempting to try new things even though I'm not too happy about it. Am I doing good today?
No. 1967
finally continued to read "Chapayev and Void". I also visited the gym after a week of absenteeism and plan to continue!
No. 1966
Discovered some music I really like today, does that count?
No. 1965
decided to check out some old altchans I knew of today one of them was ded and the other is this rip 4taba
No. 1964
Probably going to die at any time in a few months to a year. Making a reasonable list of things to do before then.
No. 1963
First time checking back since things became inactive. Glad to see that this place isn't gone.
No. 1962
I have been studying for hours every day and trying to better myself intellectual. I feel so proud of myself.
No. 1961
I haven't been here in a while, it makes me happy to see that y'all are still here. Tonight I am going to sleep well.
No. 1960
From now, I'll be a better person, and will progress each day.
No. 1959
I'm less depressed lately, feeling like a recharged battery. Going to use this new energy to get in shape and make more friends.
- أ.ع 01/31/23
No. 1958
can I post now? That would be ebin.
- perp 01/30/23
No. 1957
I'm feeling good than before, I still have a long road to go, but I can progress, hope I can do something good tomorrow.
No. 1956
Yesterday something I saw while walking home made me cry to sleep, haven't made any remarkable progress to share.
- أ.ع 01/21/23
No. 1955
i did most of the work
- أ.ع 01/20/23
No. 1954
Got back into the track, then uncle died may God have mercy on her. I'll try my best hopefully.
No. 1953
Helped my father, that's it, the deeds sp really made me conscious about how horrible I am, really nothing else I did good.
- أ.ع 01/17/23
No. 1952
Greeted the same man twice on the road on 2 different times, and opened a door to someone, after that someone opened a door for me.
- أ.ع 01/16/23
No. 1951
i greeted 2 people, and while walking home somebody approached me and talked to me and we talked down, i feel accomplished.
- أ.ع 01/15/23
No. 1950
Gave my homeless friend some money, will acquire a cellphone for him.
No. 1949
feeling a bit anxious, I want to do my time is draining I need assistance on valuing my time less I value it so much that it started to hurt
No. 1948
بِسْمِ ٱللَّهِ ٱلرَّحْمَـٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ
No. 1947
dirty deeds done dirty cheap
- D4C 01/11/23
No. 1946
>>1944 What's your book about ? Can you show us that painting anon ?
- my deeds are 12/30/22

Deeds by DuckAbercrombie