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Hi /bm/!

Tell me what you do for your sleep.

>What time do you go to bed?

>You're taking pills?

>You have habits before bedtime?

I'm always going to bed at 3am, and I fall asleep like 4 or 5 am, I really starting to think that I have a problem.

(Sorry my bad English)


>What time do you go to bed?
Usually 8 pm and fall asleep around 10 unless I am working late.

>You're taking pills?

I used to take antidepressants that did a good job of making me want to sleep. Fortunately I'm off of those now

>You have habits before bedtime?

I usually read something, anything I find interesting really while listening to music. It really helps me relax and sleep better than I used to. Also try to say a prayer or similar good thought/wish even if it might not change anything. I think your English is fine


>What time do you go to bed?
Around 9pm, as I get up at 5am the next day. Maybe 1 or 2am on weekends.

>You're taking pills?

I have some tylenol pm just in case I'm really restless but no, not really

>You have habits before bedtime?

I smoke a large bowl, brush my teeth, make my bed, lay down in it, and browse imageboards for a little bit on my phone. Then I'll fall asleep half an hour later.


>What time do you go to bed?
No earlier than like 9:15 pm, and no later than 10:15; it usually takes me an hour give or take 15 minutes to fall asleep.
>You're taking pills?
As in, sleep aids? no; but I do take other medications, one of which does make be a bit drowsy-cum-a headache.
>You have habits before bedtime?
Does shitposting on the internet count? But fr srs, besides the usual dental hygiene, etc., and beyond checking my phone to make sure my alarms are set correctly, etc., not really; I often like to masturbate before sleeping, though, since a) it does help with the whole drowsy thing, b) it's often when I only have time, and c) if I don't clear everything out I have a high propensity for wet dreams, which I find uncomfortable and inconvenient. I'll also usually drink soon before bed if I will, again so any tiredness is a help rather than a hindrance.



>I really starting to think that I have a problem.
Possibly, but only you can really make that call. I actually know a sleep scientist, and to paraphrase his view of the 30 or so years he's spent in the field, "we sleep because we get tired." I.E., we really don't"'get" sleep, let alone exactly /why/ we do it, or its precise neurological ramifications, we just know that we need to do it. But, in turn, what constitutes a 'proper' night's sleep varies widely by individual and even culture. For instance, in subsistence tribal socieites, sleep is often had in mini-naps throught the day, with the night's sleep broken up into two sections, with a couple hours' break in the middle, used for doing whatever, having sex (sometimes quoted as the best time and state of mind in which to do that). The total amount of sleep they'd get over 24 hours is only 6-7 hours — and these are people who walk everywhere and have to kill to survive on irregular, low-quality nutrition, so clearly somethin's working for them if they're still around.



I myself only maintain the sleep schedule I do because of my job (I'm tired after 8 hours of lifting, and have to get up for it around 5:15 am); the second I'm left to my own devices, I automatically and entirely non-conscientiously revert tomy 'natural' sleep schedule of going to bed around 1-2 am and getting up 7-8 hours later, with a .5-1 hour nap sometime before dinner, depending — and I feel fine doing that. Some people literally only need, and can only ever get, 3-4 hours sleep a night, including some of my coworkers.



I suppose what I'm getting at is: your sleep schedule is only problematic if it's causing *you* problems; i.e., it's interfering with your life, or is personally bothersome to you. Do you feel that this sleep schedule is a response to other, potentially self-destructive habits? is it interfering with your work and/or daily activities? do you not feel rested? If none of those are true, than strictly speaking you're a-ok; and even if they are, you may only be altering you sleep patterns to better fit your lifestyle atm, rather than having an "unnatural" one in the first place.

Best of luck, Sleep-san!


File: 1453858204332.jpg (39.86 KB, 331x329, image.jpg)

>What time do you go to bed?
1am, but I should be getting to bed at 12 because I have to get up at 8.

>You're taking pills?

Very weak antidepressants although I've only recently started them so they aren't built up in my system that much yet.

>You have habits before bedtime?

I try to read but end up jacking off most of the time. I'm so stupid I just waste time jacking off instead of sleeping like I should.


time to shill for the shit I'm taking

I used to have constant panic attacks until I started taking a couple herbs:

st john's wort
a mix of lemon balm, lavender, and chamomile
and this shit called NOW foods mood support which is vitamin based

I no longer have panic attacks

shit is so dank


I just stop eating and drinking for hours beforehand


Usually go to bed Between 2 to 4 AM. Today I fell asleep around 6, woke up around 15:00, which is one hour less than I'd want. I know that for me, the ideal amount of sleep is ten hours, and I naturally sleep that much when totally free.
>taking drugs
No, not ever. I'm in control of myself, and on drugs, I wouldn't be.
>You have habits before bedtime?
I usually try to check flanfly before bed, on 4chan's /jp/.


>What time do you go to bed?
Usually around 6 AM, to 4 PM, though I'm not very good at maintaining that.
>You're taking pills?
Not for sleep, though I probably should, as it takes me a good hour, at least, to fall asleep.
>You have habits before bedtime?
Shitposting and jacking off, I guess.


It used to take me an hour to fall asleep. I wish I was still that way. I miss thinking.


File: 1489726203538.jpg (55.72 KB, 441x700, 1322357844428.jpg)

I go to bed after midnight but I make the effort or going to bed before 1 AM so most of the time I go to bed at 12:30 AM.
A couple of months ago I got my first smartphone and since then after I tuck myself in bed i watch a cartoon, watching Tv always helped me to fall asleep

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