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No. 819

Last night was… bad… I had a psychotic episode and I called a friend I hardly know 23 times. I don't even remember what dumb shit I said to get.

I woke up this morning and found a sticky note on my bed telling me to call her when I was feeling better. I stressed out about calling her but I eventually manned up and called her. It went… Shockingly well, actually. So well that I've actually got a date lined up for Saturday. Life is funny.


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>Anon wasn’t okay
>he was having a psychotic break
>instead of getting some help
>his friends phone rang all to hell
>and somehow he now has a date

Anon… that isn’t okay or good man. I don’t think it’s a date I think she just wants to check on you in person. Girls are that way, when they see you at your weakest something maternal gets stirred inside of them. This isn’t incel woman pandering this is facts.

I really hope you’re doing well man. I don’t know you but I love you. Stay safe, don’t get caught in a toxic relationship and don’t bring her into it


I agree to a certain extent with the other anon. Get help from a professional and don't approach this is as a date or see the person as someone who can fix you.

Depending on your country there may be hotlines for immediate mental and physical help. Someone to talk to while they notify doctors or the like to come check on you.


File: 1581975675460.jpg (135.34 KB, 598x701, 6a20d0a0b7fe9082a776fb5cca….jpg)

It's really not as serious as it sounds. This isn't remotely the first time I've had a psychotic episode and it's among the most mild I've ever experienced. I've gotten professional treatment for these things and I've found that antipsychotics only make life worse and that the only way for me to be healthy is by taking life one day at time and managing things. The exchange made it quite well implied that it was a date, but we'll see how things play out.


Why do people throw around terms they don't know the meaning of? If you're having psychosis it is serious by definition.

To hell with this. I'd take the help of a human being over that of a person who needs to look at my name in the file every week as is paid to drug me. Fuck shrinks. Literally talking with your local pusher is a direct upgrade.


>thinking a girlfriend will magically fix all your problems
That is so naive, assuming it's even a moral thing to use a life threatening mental illness just to get a gf.


>using shitty government services
Bruh, you can literally find a proper one online with a free consultation.


File: 1582039669807.png (302.46 KB, 380x465, f5cbdfb9ae9e6b84317cb7bc4a….png)

Psychosis is serious only in terms of what it CAN do. Psychosis in and of itself is not necessarily serious. Like I said, this instance was actually quite mild from what I recall. I don't see how you can think you'd know more about it when I've experienced psychosis upwards of thirty times and live with severe psychotic symptoms constantly, though.
I never once believed that for a minute. Having a gf will far from fix all of my problems, but it will actually help me out. I'm a lonely, depressive guy who has no anchor on reality and a gf has given me that anchor in the past. Not to mention the fact that it's easiest to work through the symptoms of my Schizoaffective Disorder with a partner rather than alone.
In his defence, shrinks suck. I've only had a couple good experiences with them and they were all with this one girl who wanted to treat people with PTSD (not drug addicts and schizos). The pills shrinks give you don't even help you out usually. They will sometimes even make life worse.


Stop LARPing. People like you make things worse for everyone.


File: 1582041297739.png (19.34 KB, 379x205, 1581984892980.png)

Why are you salty? You probably don't know the first thing about what we talking about and you just wanted to shit on my parade.


File: 1582706112840.jpg (94.58 KB, 484x604, rEMZPDJAX9A.jpg)

So? How did it go?


File: 1582824167863.gif (279.49 KB, 500x281, 44d704cf230136022fa2c5bdbb….gif)

Oh, I completely forgot about this, honestly. Life has been a bit of a whirlwind tbh. The date went well (despite my autistic behaviour). I got a kiss at the end. She called me last night and said she was available this morning too so we just finished our second date. It was nice, but she had somewhere to be so things got cut short. Got another kiss too.


File: 1582831287540.jpg (118.71 KB, 1009x624, 6eb.jpg)



That's not the right face, silly billy. Thanks for reminding me about this thread, though.


>I'd take the help of a human being over that of a person who needs to look at my name in the file every week as is paid to drug me.
If your problems can be solved by somebody being nice to you you don't need a psychiatrists help. They're not your friend, they're a professional


By that logic, psychiatrists are just (insect) people pretending to be nice. NOW QUIT FUCKING FIGHTING. This thread was supposed to be comfy.


>got a kiss
>got another kiss

Omg!!!! Anon, that's great!!! Kissing is so wonderful, I swear. It's so much more than just sexual gratification, it's like…fulfilling and soothing. How exciting! Best of luck, anon. Relationships get tough to manage because the issues get less and less visible as time goes on, but it will all be a learning experience in the end.


thanks anon


This isn't going to end well. You've used her as a therapist from day one and eventually that's going to destroy her and whatever relationship you've got. She's not trained to listen to your problems, she doesn't know how to deal with them like a professional does. Even if she is able to handle it, it isn't fair to treat her like that.

I hope you've made steps to getting actual help since this post because having a gf isn't going to solve all of your problems.


Any updates?

What, so you can't share your issues with the person you're having a relationship with? Do you know what a relationship is? If the girl is really just doing this out of sympathy for OP, that will show very quickly. I can hardly see how this will 'destroy' the girl unless OP is an XXXTentacion-type violent depressive.


What part of
>a friend I hardly know
implies they were in a relationship?


File: 1592033225350.jpg (84.39 KB, 721x720, 102779594_156180815962941_….jpg)


why are you posting pictures from your facebook?


who are these girls anyway?

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