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for anyone who needs it
this is your sign to see a therapist
you can even get it free


my dad told me therapy is for pussies, but then again he is a raging alcoholic. is he right? i just want to feel better


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My own raging alcoholic dad would say the same thing, but it's the same logic as "wearing warm clothes when the weather is cold is for pussies", if it's regarding your health then you do it no matter what.

I personally went to a therapist only once, but I always did some kind self-therapy and I'd probably be dead without it. I think everyone should make an effort to do it regardless of how mentally ill or not they are. It's like medicine, you take it to prevent bad things from happening instead of trying to solve them when they do. Everyone should have mentors and life coaches to listen to, people who have been where you are and made it in life, and can tell you what to do based off of their experience, ie: What our fathers should be doing.



>but it's the same logic as "wearing warm clothes when the weather is cold is for pussies"

you know my dad would tell me the same, and i realize that when you're sweating 80 proof liquor all day, you feel pretty fucking hot, so it pry seems that way


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Psychoherapy is a massive scam though. It's based entirely on old pseudoscience by old drug fiends like Freud. It's about as useful as going to a psychic. If it does have any effect at all it's just because someone is listening to your problems, and that only helps if you don't realize they are doing so only because they get paid to rather than because they care at all. Many psychotherapists aren't even good people or professionals, and might actively try to harm, undermine, or control you. That's been my experience at least.


I tell my therapist it sucks that I have to pay them to listen and they agree. That's doesn't mean they don't want to help anyways. They give you good advice and are genuinely good for you.


Therapists have never done anything good for me.


Something like 30% of failed treatments are failed because of a poor relationship with the patient and doctor. If you didn't vibe, they can't help you. Was that the case?


Going to a therapist destroyed my life. It would have been better if I had just started drinking.


How is that possible


Most of Freud's ideas are now discredited or outdated in the psychoanalytical community, but he did pave the way for other more competent psychologists like Jung. Any therapist that still practices Freudian psychology is so fucking clueless they should be fired, it would be like coming to a job that requires chemical engineering when you have a degree in alchemy.

Saying that psychotherapy is a scam would be painting with too broad a stroke, some therapists do genuinely want to help you, the fact that they may be getting paid for it doesn't change anything. You could argue that their methods are ineffective, but that also depends on the therapist and which methods they use.

Personally, I learned enough about this stuff that I could almost become a psychotherapist myself, I did it to help myself with my own problems, and I really love helping other people with this knowledge whenever I can, but once you get to this level you're faced with the annoying fucking problem of actually getting all these miserable people to want to help themselves. I have friends whose problems are super easy to solve, but they just won't even begin to solve them because of their own mental barriers, and this is where I imagine the real challenge for a psychotherapist begins. It's like being a doctor and you can easily cure some illness with a few tablets, but all your patients are superstitious and don't believe that medicine works.

So don't be like these guys, anon. Find a therapist that works for you, find good friends who can listen to you, make some kind of moral effort, or at least do self-therapy through the internet. It's absolutely worth it.


i love jung


My dad wasn't in my life growing up. I guess it's true boys without proper male role models can't grow into men. Hmmm.

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