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Let's talk about sleep and sleep health.

Napping for 30 minutes a day in addition to getting a full 8 hours of sleep every night (at the same time!) has been one of the best things I did to improve my life. I really recommend it for everyone. You will think much faster, you will remember things easier, ideas will just appear in your head easily, and you won't be so depressed. It feels like going from being a lifeless zombie on autopilot to Neo in the matrix.

Also, and more importantly, having to go sleep and nap every day at the same time provides a structure to my horribly unorganized life, I used to think it will make my life more confining than it is and waste my time, but it's the opposite, you actually gain more time the more often you nap and sleep throughout the day, and this simple schedule gives me something solid around which to organize other things in my day so I don't feel like I'm just drifting aimlessly. I want to give a shout out to the anon who posted Jordan Peterson, as it really confirms what he talks about in his lectures, at least in regards to having a schedule.


File: 1580748126051.png (86.24 KB, 1492x742, 72b06dbc65d4fe15733bfb848a….png)

I also want to try polyphasic sleep, it's basically when you rearrange your sleep schedule into different configurations so that you don't sleep 8 hours per day, but less. For example: you get 5 hours of core sleep + two 20min naps throughout the day, and the rest of your time can be spent on more useful things. Does anyone here do this?

>you need 8 hours of sleep, man, this is unnatural!

Since I'm sure someone will say this, let me preface this post by saying that this is perfectly healthy. In fact, it's probably healthier than what we're doing now, since some form of polyphasic sleep is how human beings used to sleep for all of history. The whole "8 hours of sleep" thing that we have today is not exactly normal, it's a product of the industrial age, and having to endure 16 or more hours awake between sleep comes with its own stresses for the mind and body, so at least a short nap is necessary somewhere in the middle if you want to live a long and healthy life in which you're fully conscious and alive throughout the whole day.

Sleeping for 8 hours in one go wasn't necessary or even possible in the dangerous environments our ancestors evolved in, and not only that, but it's incredibly wasteful to spend a whole 1/3 of our lives asleep when as little as 5 hours and even less per day can be perfectly sufficient. If you're 25 years old, and you start a dymaxion sleep cycle right now, you will gain almost 9 years of extra time to your life by the time you reach 60. Imagine what you can achieve in 9 years? While everyone else is asleep, you will be working or practicing your hobbies, and the rest of the time while you're asleep might as well be lucid dreaming, it's almost like a super power.


File: 1580748214081.jpg (606.43 KB, 1400x1110, 68443d2e16811890096f089e85….jpg)

Try as I might I can't sleep unless it's been at least 12 hours since I last slept. I've tried lying down in the dark for hours, but sleep never comes. I can manage if I use sleep inducing drugs, but then the quality of my sleep is poor and my schedule is messed up. I personally feel the best on sleep schedule of 12 hours awake and 12 asleep, though I don't always manage it.


I have a bad habit of staying up all night on the weekends.


I used to do that on a smaller, unchecked scale but not anymore. Maybe if I structured it correctly it would work.
>get like 4-5 hours of sleep
>take a 50 minute nap during my lunch break, would always naturally wake up before it was over
It was nice, but working on that much sleep sucked, and waking up in the morning sucked. Now that I went back to 7-8 of sleep and no nap, I feel generally better.


How do you nap for just 30 minutes exactly?


I've been having a tough time being around and being active. I'll try this out and see if it helps any.

Nice pic tho


With an alarm clock.


How do you time it perfectly when when you'd fall asleep? I personally never take the exact same amount of time to fall asleep. Sometimes I can fall asleep in a matter of minutes with other times taking hours to eventually doze off.


File: 1580999771327.jpg (234.37 KB, 1000x823, wd_cCnwN1BQ.jpg)

Umm, you can set the timer to start right when you fall asleep? Duh.


idk if youre being sarcastic


I'm not sure if that picture is a joke but sleep has multiple phases between REM and deep sleep and it's unlikely you can get the same benefits from a 30 minute nap every 8 hours.
Sounds like flat-earther tier nonsense.




Damn, dude…


File: 1604128755982.jpeg (684.51 KB, 1750x2048, EjjK-_EVkAM46dI.jpeg)

I wish I could do that but I cant sleep that fast


I'd love to get more sleep but I have to wake up at 6:30 AM for school, and I don't have the time to go to bed earlier considering that I'm always up working on music and homework. But I'll try to take more 30 minute naps. Maybe I should just be getting my shit done and going to bed earlier? Probably.


i know how you feel lol, but trust me, sleeping WILL help ur mental heatlh A LOT. it sounds cliche but actually sleeping and drinking water has helped me stop being a depressed little creature amongst other things..


File: 1620508957778.jpeg (48.35 KB, 720x1280, PlayboiCartiStandingGoat.jpeg)

i just got 13 hours last night lets go


File: 1620514506890.jpeg (38.77 KB, 600x640, 1A0F1845-2FD4-45DE-983D-6….jpeg)



Oversleeping is also a sign of depression or a sleep disorder if it occurs regularly. Just something for other anons to keep in mind since we're talking about all around sleep health.


Oh sorry, all I meant was I’m happy for them since I thought they were the sleep deprived anon.


File: 1620620263857.png (461.4 KB, 512x512, meme.png)

a comedy of errors, in three parts

Its okay anons

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