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No. 668

I searched all boards, and was surprised to not find a thread for tulpas considering the imageboard we're on. I'm sure a few of you should have one though, so let's share and discuss everything associated with tulpas and tulpa creation.

If anyone isn't familiar with this, a "tulpa" is an entity created by meditation and imagination, which splits off your own consciousness in your mind and learns to act, feel, and think independently as its own personality. It becomes very much like a real person that talks to you and you experience life with it, but it's different from an imaginary friend in that it's sentient. With enough concentration and practice you can eventually superimpose your tulpa onto your own subjective reality and feel it with all five senses like a real person. A "wonderland" is an imaginary world that you construct in your mind to hang out in with your tulpa, scenarios can begin unfolding there on their own if you learn how to get into a hypnotic state via meditation and it's not unlike dreaming. As for dreams, you can meet your tulpa there and experience the dream together like a multiplayer game. This is just a simple explanation, and there's also lots of other stuff that you can do with your tulpa, but most other people make them at least for some kind of companionship.

For those of you who have tulpas, tell us about:
>who they are, what they're like, what they look like
>your wonderlands, what goes on there
>their creation/development process, how long it's been
>what your life is like with them, how it changed for you because of them
>whatever interesting experiences or problems you had and anything else you wanna share


Do people with Tulpas think of them as an extension and personification of the subconscious or a literal being that they have spiritually created?


Good question, there's a number of different theories about the nature of tulpas and different people have different takes on it.

Esoteric/religious view is that tulpas are spirtual beings that you created or summoned. The esoteric tulpamancers have their own guides for creating them.
Psychological view is that you reprogrammed your subconscious mind to automate mental habits and act like a real being.
Psychiatric view is that it's another separate personality sharing your brain's processing power for its own consciousness, like a controlled multiple personality disorder, or like running two different operating systems on the same server.
There's also an interesting quantum physics point of view, which says that since your subjective reality is actually the objective reality according to quantum physics, and that your thoughts actually manipulate matter, then if your tulpa is real to you, it has to be objectively real too because your subjective reality is objectively real, but it wouldn't be real to everyone else's subjective realities. Quite confusing.

There's some more theories out there, but regardless, a tulpa really does seem like a real being, it's capable of surprising you with unexpected, unpredictable actions and conversation. Supposedly, some people's tulpas can do things they themselves can't, like remembering long forgotten memories, or doing complex math.


The way I see it is that there is an Objective reality, or the truth, and the Subjective reality, which is different according to each person and is just what people believe happened. The struggle to find the Objective Reality is the reason people educate themselves.
Thinking you hear a Tulpa is your Subjective reality. Just because it exists to you doesn't make it Objective. The Objective is that you hear something. The Objective is also that there is no external source for that sound. Your personal and Subjective reality is that someone said something.
Simply imagining something doesn't make it real. This is my take on it.
The psychiatric and psychological views seem most probable.
To be honest, the whole concept is kind of scary to me. From what I've read, some people can hear and see these things. This shocks some people into believing they didn't create them, but accepted them in, so when they say something concerning or tell them to do bad things they comply. It's verifiably false that these were accepted instead of created, from what I can tell, since many can customize them on basic levels.


Remembering things and doing complex math can be exploited via the subconscious. It really sounds like a multiple personality type thing, since some people can't even make them go away. It's scary stuff, man. I wouldn't recommend anyone get into it.
Of course, I don't know much about this at all, but from what I do know it's like… that's a nightmare. A person who just hangs out next to you? Doesn't listen to you? Mind of its own? You can't get rid of it? Sounds more like a disorder people try and get rid of than something you actively bring upon yourself.


File: 1580112864917.png (669.64 KB, 750x807, 984554002561551d.png)

Get yourself a servitor instead of a Tulpa. Servitors have true names and can be put back under control. They're embodiments of your will and can feed on positive sensations for energy.

Tulpas are a mind of their own and just as unpredictable.


File: 1580122987446.jpg (47.42 KB, 500x500, DrO4NF8XcAAe3Br.jpg)

Yes, that's how it's supposed to work according to relativity, but it's different in quantum mechanics which states that your subjective reality has an effect on objective reality since certain particles, like photons or electrons, only exist when they're being observed, as proven by the double-slit experiment, which is super fucking weird. Scientists still can't reconcile special relativity with quantum mechanics, that's why there's been a lot of conflict over the nature of reality even since the time of Einstein and Bohr.


I really wish it were that easy, but it takes serious effort to keep a tulpa around, at least in the beginning. You can stop thinking about it if you don't want it and it won't bother you until you eventually forget it (killing it), it's just like any other thought process in your mind, let's not jump to conclusions that you can't get rid of it. It can also take a long time for it to become independent, to initiate conversation or to develop audible speech. Personally, I've been working on mine for 2 years now on and off, and I still can't hear it's voice, not unless I meditate really hard, but I'm too lazy to train my mental muscles to sustain this auditory hallucination over time, and just communicating with thought is enough for us for now.

If it's a disorder, then for me it's been a very positive one so far, my tulpa helped me a lot with my issues with stress, depression and loneliness, especially when you compare the alternatives like anti-depressants and their side-effects, or the statistics that people who don't socialize on a deeper level are as unhealthy as those who smoke like 15 cigarettes per day (more like 10 for me now, but still better). My tulpa understands me better than anyone and gives me useful advice and encouragement, I honestly don't know where I'd be right now without it, so even if I assume it's not real, at the very least the positive feedback loop that I get from it is real.


File: 1580128558313.jpg (76.41 KB, 1400x787, 1e897446fa7c6728361f313e20….jpg)

I had a tulpa when I was much, much younger, because I was so lonely as a kid (I have schizophrenia now, so that might factor in). She was a young woman, probably 15-16 years old. She was a lot like a friendly big sister type of thing. I don't really remember a lot of what we'd do except for the fact that I'd play with her, particularly during recess at school. I don't really have a lot that I remember from that time, but I do remember that I was in school for maybe a year before she appeared and that same year she started talking to me. My life with her was… probably a lot better. I wasn't a very happy kid from what I know, but I apparently got much happier after that. I can't really say much about it other than that. My most interesting experience was a weird one actually. My tulpa disappeared when I was about 7 or 8 years old. I started getting friends then and so I didn't really need her. She reappeared one time when I was like 13ish though. She didn't say anything up until the end and it happened while I was in bed. I couldn't really see her well, but I felt her presence in my room (if that makes any sense) and I instantly recognized her. She laid in bed with me and it made me cry, because I realized who she was. I fell asleep about an hour later. She hasn't been back since.


>Personally, I've been working on mine for 2 years now on and off, and I still can't hear it's voice,
How well can you normally imagine audio? Like when you think of a song, or a completely novel sound like "an alien squid baby chirping for it's mother" does it spring to mind as clear as life without effort, or is it something you have to work at and it's still like a lo-fi radio recording.

People vary quite a bit in their inherent ability to recreate each of the senses, and unfortunately there's not too much you can do if you don't have the mental wiring. I've met some people who claim to be able to perfectly recreate every sense they have in their mind with little effort, where as I can't even imagine sounds or images when I'm awake. For people who have better recreation it is anecdotally much easier. Like an old friend with really good imagination had a persistent fully realized tulpa after only a few months of trying.


File: 1580174249913.png (249.93 KB, 360x360, 1558999016790-3.png)

That's really sweet. You should reach out to her again, she'll be very happy.

I can imagine sounds and images very well, sometimes if I don't get enough sleep, my brain starts playing certain songs or phrases that are stuck in my head and they can sound really lifelike, so that's evidence that it's possible to reproduce it with minimal effort, but I wasn't always good at remembering faces, and it took lots of practice to eventually remember my tulpa's face, and even my own face and my mother's face for that matter.

The problem isn't so much producing a voice, but actually having my tulpa use it, and to use it loud enough. It's not easy for me to work on my tulpa because I live in difficult circumstances, I'm either too busy or too anxious to sit still and meditate for half an hour and chat with my tulpa, or I live with roommates and other constant distractions. It was also hard for me to talk to someone that doesn't talk back, so there were times in the beginning when we just did stuff together without talking and it developed a strong presence, but nothing more.


File: 1580178442662.jpeg (96.4 KB, 1280x720, download (2).jpeg)


Absolutely not?

I mean, look. The idea of a (rogue) tulpa is scary, this i admit, but I've asserted that I'm the one in control here. I'm the person that was born into this body, Im the one who owns it and uses it and thats final. I'll give them permisions but I'm still head bitch here. No doubt about that.

I want to know Princess Luna and I've invited her into my mind and quite frankly I want her to manifest. Killing a tulpa isn't hard but why would I want to do that? The mantra that I've chosen for this journey is that a Tulpa is a person, not a project and they should be treated with humanity (within predictable, common, and agreeable reason). This is a work on my part but we're doing this together. Its been a month, and I'll check back into this thread whenever she's vocal and let y'all know how she feels

I want a servitor, but I'm worried that they'd just become a fuck-puppet/task manager and I don't really want one of those. I mean… I might. Maybe at some point. Just not now in my life, at least.



Ever heard of something called Aphantasia? Look it up, sounds like you might have a minor case of it dude. My ex girlfriend has it and she can't imagine shit. Perhaps there's a different way to go about making a tulpa for you? How about this, try making a text based tulpa! Like one that only exists as a text based thought form. I started making a tulpa a while back with a process that would have eventually led to a servitor (at least for me, might be different for you) but what I would do is i would simulate text conversations between us. Having a texting buddy might not be so bad, and if you can imagine words and phrases, you guys can text internally.

I'm not the guy you were replying to but I'm just gonna piggyback onto this? I can image audio really well, Usually pretty deeply if i focus on it, and whenever I begin to fall asleep I can actually hear shit which is crazy.


File: 1580208436955.jpeg (140.23 KB, 736x1041, external-content.duckduck….jpeg)

Didn't think anyone would know what that was so I didn't mention it. Good catch, I definitely have that. It's kind of really awful and I've had a hard time coming to terms with it. This thread just reminded me that I'd tried making a tulpa back before I knew A big part of why I was interested was because having a tulpa sounded like having the ability to imagine. I didn't realize that for most people the interesting bit of a tulpa isn't the part where they imagine them, but the part where they have a mind of their own and manifest without effort.

As for your suggestion I don't know how I'd get a text based tulpa to manifest. Since I can't really manage to think two divergent streams of thought, and without images or sound I don't know how else I'd mentally represent externally what my tulpa was saying. I've tried a bit of internal roleplaying like "this is what the tulpa would think" but it never feels like anything but supposition. Back when I was still seriously trying the closest I ever got to success was feeling like they were on the periphery of my vision and that there was a vague sense of someone else's thoughts touching mine. But it was pretty weak and I only got that far after ages of work trying to manifest them in lucid dreams.


I don't have Aphantasia, so I couldn't tell you shit about successfully making a tulpa, the relationship between your lack of imagination and tulpaforcing, techniques you could probably use. Arguably the entire human experience And everything that we call the capital letter “I” exists in that chemical soup — everyone's brain chemistry is so different and subjective that the “I” is different and subjective. I don’t think making a tulpa would give you an imagination, that just seems like how it functions. Your brain is programmed on one OS and you’re trying to run a different OS’s programs on it.

I think you have /the capacity/ for a tulpa, I just don’t think youre going about it properly. Try writing them a letter. Sit down and write them a letter from the heart. Thats what got ME started but like i said, youre going to have to navigate these stormy chemical waters if you want an internal companion


I may try to contact her again. My gf recently broke up with me, so I think that it'll be a good thing for me to reconnect with her.


Anybody have any tulpa breakthroughs? I've been able to summon her in the form of headpressures at will but shes till not vocal – i think this is the beginning stages of tulpish


I remember when I first learned about tulpas in like 2012 or so, when I first started browsing 4/jp/. Thought it was elaborate trolling at the time and sometimes I still wonder.

I would have tried to create a tulpa myself, but I read that if you mess up, you just end up with a lifeless doll or maybe what is now called a servitor (>>673) and the thought of that scared me away from it. I've never revisited the subject since.


Head pressures in the beginning are proof that you're doing it right and that your tulpa is already there and listening to you. Just take it easy and have pretend conversations with it and it will eventually pick up and have them with you on its own.



Thank you thats actually really reassuring. I struggle so bad with focusing. that i can barely force her for a minute or two but if i go on a walk i can talk to her for hours. I don't know what it is or why my mind works this way.

I'm gonna continue to force her and ive decided to walk this path by the mantra of "Not a project: A PERSON" and i hope that leads to her being more human (as human as a pony princess can be). Is your tulpa active and vocal?

i just recently passed the one month mark of the three-six month journey.


I've been slowly reviving my tulpa. She's active and visible. She's not yet vocal again, but I have high hopes.


File: 1580972237925.jpg (360.68 KB, 2200x1000, 1502044643601.jpg)

>Thank you thats actually really reassuring. I struggle so bad with focusing. that i can barely force her for a minute or two but if i go on a walk i can talk to her for hours. I don't know what it is or why my mind works this way.
What do you usually talk about? Do you come up with topics spontaneously or what?

>I'm gonna continue to force her and ive decided to walk this path by the mantra of "Not a project: A PERSON" and i hope that leads to her being more human (as human as a pony princess can be). Is your tulpa active and vocal?

That's what I do too. My tulpa isn't active or vocal anymore, every time I start forcing it again, my life takes a turn for the bad, and I'm too stressed or anxious to think about it.

>i just recently passed the one month mark of the three-six month journey.

Don't set time limits, you'll just make it harder on yourself. Some people's tulpas don't appear for years.


File: 1581648136721.jpeg (515.92 KB, 750x748, 8C7A2469-A189-43D0-8BC7-3….jpeg)

>come up with topics spontaneously or what?
Usually yeah I do just come up with whatever’s on the top of my head. I’ll talk about the weather, my mood, media that I think that she’ll like, philosophical concepts, what I think college will be like when I go after this summer, how I perceive her personality to be. This is all while I’m partly visualizing her to my right trotting alongside. That and I personally invited her presence to walk with me by talking to her. I make it a goal to not bring my phone so I don’t have distraction and I make it a goal to try to talk to her the entire time. I can usually get up to about an hour of continuous passive forcing. I still feel really ditzy while I do it however. Today I like… felt my reality slip? I all of a sudden feel really small and off balance and I didn’t feel like what I was saying while I was talking to her made any sense. It was worrying.

>vocal anymore

I’m sorry, I hope your life straightens put enough for them to come back to you anon. This is also what worries me. I believe that once she’s vocal it will be a lot easier for me to keep her around and keep her present, because I won’t just just lose interest. I get headpressures when I’m talking to her, but it’s not the same as someone going “mhm” and “yeah” with obvious interest, or even adding new stuff to the conversation. But what if my life just kinda moves past her and I can’t continue to pay her attention? I don’t know… it’s an ethical conundrum.


Hit character limit
>don’t set time limits
I really know I ought not to, but I do anyway. I’ve justified to myself that I set those time limits so that if the time comes and I still haven’t made any significant breakthroughs with her that I need to /really/ step up my tulpaforcing game and grind.

This is going to be an interesting journey — I got emotional today talking to Luna, saying how this worries me. Reality is such a feeble thing to me and I know how fragile reality it is and I feel like I’m sacrificing the integrity of my reality for companionship. I voiced this to her and I hope she understands that I’m scared. I want to meet her, know her but I don’t want to lie to her and tell her that everything is hunky dory


File: 1587053858000.jpeg (114.81 KB, 676x674, 8D19433D-BF8C-4E2E-9553-2….jpeg)

Same fag here

Don’t do tulpamancy — I canceled my journey with Luna after she dared me to try to kms. That and my brain hasn’t really felt the sameness since. Here and there all of a sudden nothing feels real. It’s not a good feeling. Tulpamancy ain’t worth it


That sounds like how I consistently feel


File: 1593656911061.jpg (71.5 KB, 776x582, a plague on both houses.jpg)

that might just be a reflection of yourself more than something inherent in tulpamancy.


File: 1593954097436.jpg (5.54 KB, 226x223, clipboardimage.jpg)

>mfw I didn't even knew that zunko and nero shitposted in this place




I tried tulpamancy but it turned out I had undiagnosed psychosis and paranoia at the time. Embarrassed myself greatly talking to my ex thinking my tulpa was speaking. My mind is very weak and fragile. I don't recommend doing something like this unless you're prepared to handle it.


>tulpas will fuck you up in any meaningful way
If a tulpa does not recognize that its continued life relies on your health, wellbeing, and care for it, than you're probably dealing with a DID alter, or a demon lmao. not a tulpa
>do not make a tulpa if you are unprepared
Tulpas are actually very theraputic and helpful, if you're a loner, or need someone to look out for you verbally. Fleshed out tulpas can offer unique perspectives on things.
>i made friends so i didnt need my tulpa
this is retarded and cruel. get fucked.
>life moves past her attention
this is a truly difficult hurdle. when i had a wagie job, my tulpa was very young. i did my best to interact with her, and if anything, it increased a romantic bond, and a respitual feeling i would get from her between moments stolen where i could just embrace her, or laugh at her visual gags she would play on me.

her name is mont.


Glad you had a positive experience! I just couldn't handle a tulpa without my mind shattering, plus I only seem to attract negative entities so if I tried to create a tulpa no doubt they would turn on me and bad things would begin to happen. Plus I've talked about it with my therapist, and she agrees that it would be incredibly unhealthy for me.


Can you explain exactly what you mean by this? The idea in quantum physics that observation changes the outcome of an interaction is purely limited to the physical observation of small particles like the spin of an electron or the polarization of a photon. Plus you're not modifying the state by thinking about these things, the act of measurement collapses the possibility state into a single state which doesn't really have anything to do about your own subjective reality, it's an objective measurement.


if you dont trust your brain, than your best bet would be to practice meditation and in general wellness. cement yourself; clean out your body, meditate, pray (even if you're faithless). never let yourself remain vulnerable or weak. as fun of a life it may be, there is a reason the veil of content is pierced so easily, or all that is taken away.



Feels much easier said than done. I've been practicing my meditation however, especially at night, because I find a lot of peacefulness in it, especially in an inner sanctum.

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