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Does anyone like tarot?
I don't use them to try to foresee my future, but I like to appeal to the symbolism as a way to gain a different perspective on the present. I find the symbolism to be very deep and almost archetypal. Like old folk tales, different artists have made their own interpretations and representations of the cards over many years. Their true value and power has persisted through these various variations.
Two people just quit at my job right before the start of holiday season, and one of my tires went flat. But, drawing this card reminds me to stand tall and stay resilient, despite any past blows.


these treads do not even exist. nothing will ever ever come out a tarot tread ever.



I enjoy tarot to a degree, but my mind has really been focused upon other things.
No need to resurrect the thread based on your view of what does and doesn't constitute a true superstition, for lack of better words.


Are there books to learn the Tarot? My brother bought some Tarots decks and I'm interested on learning how to read the cards.

What do you recommend OP?


I don't mean to be rude but those things aren't effective future reading devices.
You know how some people have dreams about things that happen a few weeks later? That means that they're seeing the future. However, it's always very different, which means it's more like a rough prediction. It's like, "If everyone acts like we expect them to, it'll be like this," but since we have free will and often do unexpected things, it's slightly different in real life. Our free will keeps the future fluid. It's more like an estimate of our personalities, which are always changing. No method of future reading is effective since it just suggests what might happen.
Anyway, I believe it's a sin to even try predicting this stuff, so I stay away from it.


Plus, those dreams and these superstitions can be explained scientifically really easily. People just like these things because they like to be told what to do or told they're doing the right thing.


BTW this isnt op


I know.
And I know.

I just want to get into because it seems fun.


File: 1579845053586.jpg (28.52 KB, 530x502, mfw_touhoumite.jpg)

I do Tarot. Been doing so I was 15 and got a Rider Waite deck from my mom for birthday.

I also own a Crowley Thoth.

I can try to help answer questions if needed.


I use tarot in two ways, and one of them is has taken me into undesirable states a few times, so I tend to stick to the psychological model.

Tarot's like a Rorschach test. Tarot's meaning and imagery is sort of based on Jungian archetypes; common elements that exist in all human psyche.

When you ask a question or just pull cards, your subconscious projects what it wants you to see. It's like a dream. You don't control dreams, some other part of your mind you aren't aware of at the present is pulling the strings, putting on a play for you. Tarot allows you to do the same thing, but on top of a framework.

For instance, when you pull the Ace of Wands, which signifies new artistic or passion-driven work, don't interpret it as "you'll get inspired". Just see the card, and allow your mind to project what it wants, which is often the deepest thing you want, but might have been avoiding for reasons x y.

I prefer Past Present Future draws.

Past indicates the pattern/idea/thing that set up the situation
Present is the current situation
Future is what could possibly end up happening if you stay on this course.


Why does Rider-Waite add all that extra symbolism on the minor cards that earlier decks like Marseilles don't have?

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