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Anyone trying to lose weight?

What are you doing? Any progress?

I'm thinking of picking up fasting for at least a month.


no sugar, no carbs
not a 'diet', just the easiest way to eat fewer calories
eat yogurt and meat and shit
I stopped eating sugar to help with my acne and I accidentally lost 6kgs in 3 weeks


Yes! I lost well over 40 pounds last year but managed to gain another 20 over the holidays and through January.

I had gone through some relationship drama over the holidays as well as multiple injuries that kept me from working out.

Since getting back on track with my exercise and diet I've dropped 10 pounds. My goal is to lose another 50 pounds.


what are you doing to lose the weight besides exercise?


My current regime cuts out all artificial sweeteners (they stimulate the appetite) and some preservatives (BHA, BHT, Propyl Gallate, and TBHQ because they just make you feel sicker and weaker) and I'm limiting my intake of saturated fat, sugar, and sodium. Heavy sodium intake causes your body to retain fluids, saturated fat and sugar are just empty calories.

I've also been experimenting with short fasts in which I live off of caffeine for a day or two at a time but I wouldn't recommend that. It's a form of purging behavior apparently and I think that it is screwing with my digestive tract, my metabolism and possibly even my heart.


yeah, you'll want to take it easy on the caffeine. That stuff is terrible and I honestly don't think it should be legal.


I recently dropped all microwave meals and now only eat chicken, fish and brown rice, occasionally Subway. This has made the biggest difference for weight loss and health, even bigger than reducing candy and soft drinks.


Hey OP

I fasted for 48 hours with just water, good luck going over that. Its more the feeling that you should be eating, like a habit, than hunger.

Then I was eating fish, eggs, greens, nuts and maybe some bananas, strictly nothing else. This lasts for a bit then my body craves some junk and Im drinking beer n eating whatever. However eating just that for a week you notice your weight drop quick. Steam the fish, boil the eggs.


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Fasting is easy to pick up if you do it right. You can do it daily no problems, this is how I did it I wasn't really strict with myself about this.
Just spend 16 hours a day not eating, counting sleep. If you sleep for 8 hours, do not eat for the first four hours you're awake, and then the last four hours in the day. As you get more used to this crunch the hour down one by one until you find a limit. Some people can take this days or weeks, but for your purposes just getting the discipline to reject food will be enough.
The next thing to do is eat things that fill you up and give you energy. Don't eat junk, candy, or sugar in general. Eat fruit, vegetables and meat with fat. Your body craves these things and 6oz of fatty ground beef and vegetables holds you better than a bunch of fried breads and is better for you.
Purge soy, everything with soy in it gives you estrogen, and its always loaded with other shit you don't need and doesn't do anything for you.

Try to get some form of exercise with this and drink green tea to calm your initial cravings for food. The hard craving will last two months before you're used to it and the tea will suppress your appetite while you adjust.
Good luck anon.


Can you recommend me some fruits and vegetables that actually fill you up to the point of feeling satisfied. That's my biggest problem with my diet, they won't feel me up, and then I'll end up snacking or eating another meal entirely on top of it.


I'm trying, but it's getting harder. Usually I don't eat anything for about 12 hours after the breakfast and when the night comes I tend to eat everything I see. In the last month I lost about 3kg.

I highly recommend this video.


Fasting actually works. There's an app you can get called "Zero" that I use and it helps me to stay on track. When I was really dedicated for a month, everyone was commenting on how much progress I had made and I fit into something that I wasn't able to wear for a long time. I stopped for a few weeks and gained it all back so now I'm starting again. It sounds difficult but it's incredibly easy, especially if you're not someone who enjoys breakfast.

The information on soy though is bullshit. If soy contained oestrogen, Asian men would be walking around with giant man boobs. There's nothing wrong with soy and things like soy milk, tofu and edamame are great low calorie, filling snacks or additions to healthy meals. If anything, avoid dairy.


Nta but beans are really filling. You can make a chilli with kidney beans, black beans, pinto beans and I can guarantee it will fill you. Also you can add beans to soups, stir fries and salads.

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