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Most of the time I'm a pretty reserved and quiet person. I can be kinda awkward at times but I'm not a complete sperg. I think one of my biggest issues is I just never know what to say which leads to a conversation that fizzles out and dies really fucking quick.

I want to become a better conversationalist
How do i get better at talking to people irl


>How do i get better at talking to people irl
In a nutshell, by talking to people. I don't wanna be a jerk like "yo bro, just be confident, bro. be yourself", but that's true. Sorry if you expected a long complex answer but there is no such answer for your question. Find someone to talk and then talk. If you don't mind some different accent with some mistakes I could chat you a few talks throughout the week on discord (I don't even know if this is against the rules in a way. sorry, duck)


ask a lot of questions. most people love talking about themselves. ask questions you are actually curious about and it will flow naturally.


You would want to do that with me? That is incredibly kind of you friend. I'll warn you now I'll probably make it kind of awkward due to the things I explained in the op


I do try to do this but sometimes I struggle to think of questions to even ask. Or Ill ask a question, theyll answer, and say something like uhuh thats interesting… then the convo dies sometimes cause I dont have another followup


I don't mind, as long as it helps you we're all good.
invite me on discord joão#8767


So did you two end up talking? I'm just curious.


Not yet. I'm lazy and a coward so I never reached out to him. Why should I bother to do hard work on improving myself when I can just fap to porn and play videogames


I don't think this is the right attitude to have, anon!
You should try, at least once!
Here, have mine, in case you change your mind and want to improve yourself : Eidolon#3693

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