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Does anyone here suffer from tinnitus? How you deal with the blasted ringing when it comes? I feel like I can't enjoy the simple pleasures of music anymore.


I had it temporarily after an exceptionally loud concert a couple months ago. Lasted for three days and it was super annoying. Sorry you have to live with fam.


How did you get this? Like habits of volume and etc, I have a feeling I'm on track for this and am curious


Thank you for your concern. At least you can still protect your ears in the future. There are high quality earplugs that don't muffle sound: https://www.amazon.com/Etymotic-Research-High-Fidelity-Earplugs-Standard/dp/B00G0PPTAK
I've had it for my entire life, however a recent motorsport event a few months ago aggravated it to the point of it being very noticeable. I didn't have access to hearing protection at the time.


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I've had tinnitus really bad for most of my life and it's just one of those things you get used to. It's like living under power-lines, the sound is annoying, and you feel like you'll never get used to it, but eventually it just becomes the standard background noise to life and you don't really notice it. Just try your best to not think about it and eventually it wont bug you. Hopefully you get used to it quickly!


Yeah, although it's mostly notable at night nowadays. It used to be pretty loud but over the years it has become some sort of low volume static.
The world is loud in general.


I have it, but it's not that loud for me. Hence why i got used to it easily. One of my friends has it too, but it's much worse for him, his tip for me was to ignore it, just how one anon said already. You'll get used to it, eventually.


I've heard from several people that the white/pink/brown noise generators on https://mynoise.net/ can help alleviate tinnitus for a while. If it's more of a pulsing ring, maybe sine waves can also help.


OP here, happy to report that it is getting better now. I gave more focus to listening to the world and music around me (at safe levels) than the tinnitus. When it comes though, I let it happen. Acceptance truly gives it less energy, and though it is still a bother, it isn't a big one anymore ;)


Im glad to hear that.

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