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Can i have some tips or helpful advice to sit with my back straight? Lately, my chair has been really mean with me.

Thanks in advance!


Start sleeping on the floor. It hurts the firts few times but it will start to become comfy.

Straightens the shit out of your back if you lay on your back.


Have your computer at eye level when using it. I use a lap top stacked on top of books.

If you're looking at your phone a lot through out the day, hold it in front of your face instead of looking down at it.

Place a mirror or take a picture with a timer of yourself at your usual sitting spot. See for yourself how to properly sit and become conscious of how you do. Maybe place a reminder.


I always have my feet up and am leaning back in my computer chair. Hope it's not too bad for me


feel like that's probably better than being hunched over facing the computer, which is my problem


Put a book under your t-shirt in the middle of your chest. Your t-shirt needs to be loose enough that if you don't pull your shoulder blades back the bookwill fall.
Helped me straighten up.


i have been sleeping with mathbooks under my pillow for years and i still can't get out of debt


Try standing at your desk, that's what I've started to do. It has helped a little, but I've also started exercising so it might be more to do with that. If you don't have enough space/reach for a mouse, consider getting a keyboard with an inbuilt trackball.

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