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Anyone have any experience with antidepressants here? I'm getting so desperate I'm willing to try anything.


Have you talked to a doctor about this or are you trying to obtain some on your own? I'd advise against the latter because taking them yourself could have some serious consequences.


My therapist recommends it, I'm seeing a doctor next week to see if they can prescribe me something.


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In my own experience (I tried fluoxetine) they didn't really do much aside from making it difficult to poop and disrupting my sleep (which might have just been a consequence of some other medication I was taking or just poor sleep hygiene).

That said, don't take my experience as some sort of damning proof that they're worthless; their effect on people varies wildly, and the only way you can find out whether they'll work for you is by trying them. If you do end up trying them, try to be more aware of your mental state / inner thought process / how you feel in general, so that you can more easily detect any changes in your mood. Optimally the change would be really obvious, but often these changes are more subtle.

One last note: Antidepressants can sometimes increase suicidal thoughts in some cases. If this happens, stop taking the medication and contact your therapist about it.

Best of luck friend! Come back later to let us know how it goes!


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I don't, but I almost wish I could take them, however in burgerland they will deprive you of certain rights, use the fact that you've been on anti-depressants before against you in court (it goes on a public "permanent record" sort of thing) etc. if you do. I would do absolutely everything to focus on there not being a turn-key easy-way-out sort of "solution" before going to them. There's no shame in anti-depressants per se, as some chemical imbalances are an objective reality, but there may be some shame in not doing everything you can do to shape your own self first.

Are you desperate because you have physically tried everything you can? Taking cold showers every day, forcing yourself outside, exercising, and the like, or are you getting desperate because you're waiting for something to change for the better magically/on its own and it isn't happening? I was more of the second type, and slowly (it has taken months) I am starting to shower most days out of the week, brush my teeth, etc. I'm not even thinking of socializing yet - that will take years - but this is the sort of change I know will one day sit well with me.



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I have known people who were on anti-depressants, and depending on how much you value the human experience (likely not much because the world is shit, but I digress), they almost seemed worse off for it because they were so chipper all the time. It was like they couldn't experience the morose longing of a sad song, couldn't be angry…and not only was it concerning socially at some points because of the uncanny disconnect between how you'd expect someone to react and how they reacted, but it also just seemed like they'd lost half of their ability to feel - at least, publicly.

It's an interesting conundrum, but consider your own bodily health first and foremost. I flirt with suicidal thoughts and have self-harmed in the past, but it hasn't gotten to the point where I'm physically damaging myself, so I consider that as a sign that I have more time to try and grow on my own. It's my hope that you have more time as well.


SSRIs will fuck you. They are a scam. They don't help, but you become dependent on them and you have to keep spending money on them. They mess up your whole brain chemistry. Most drugs that actually help with depression are ignored because they end up classed as recreational. There are studies which show that psilocybin and ketamine are effective against depression. Psilocybin would probably be a better place to start, since ketamine can be habit forming so I'd recomend that if psilocybin doesn't help.


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>they will deprive you of certain rights, use the fact that you've been on anti-depressants before against you in court (it goes on a public "permanent record" sort of thing)

Could you provide a source on that? I did some searches for "anti-depressants/SSRIs permanent record", "anti-depressants/SSRIs used as evidence in court", and a few other permutations but I couldn't find anything that matched up with what you're saying.


I'm not motivated enough to find a source, but whenever you hear the talking point that the mentally ill should not be allowed to have guns, that's because if you've been on medication in many states you will not be allowed to purchase them, as many anti-depressant medications are also explicit anti-psychotic medications.


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I forgot all about this thread, here's an update if anyone is interested.
I've been taking 10mg of prozac daily since late June. After a month of that I went back to the doctor and she prescribed abilify in supplement to the prozac. I never went out and got any abilify (partly due to depression/anxiety and also due to my fears of all these meds). That doctor stopped working at that office and a month or so later I met with another doctor who recommended that I up my dose of prozac to 20mg daily. I said nah I think 10 is fine for now. Idk why I really said that, I havn't felt different at all since I started taking this shit. Not even any side effects or anything I feel pretty much exactly the same. I wasn't expecting a drastic change to my personality or anything but damn Is this all just a big meme?

I still feel like a big loser and I fucking hate myself and only leave the house to go to work or go see a movie like once a month.
The only real tangible difference I can identify is that I no longer despise my job or going to work long ass shifts. Idk if this is due to the drug or just me being there long enough that I've simple accepted it and learned to bear it.

Anyways I'm gonna try shrooms with a college who has said it helped him with his depression over the coming winter so hopefully that will help me out a bit.


did you end up doing it, anon?


CBD hemp flower or oil

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