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No. 263

Why do I have no discipline?
Why can't I do anything?


You can always fix it.
A good book on discipline is "Self Discipline in 10 Days".
It deals with setting priorities and removing mental obstacles that might hinder you when you're working.
Sorry for shilling but it's pretty good.


Because you need to set realistic goals and start with baby steps. If you want to clean your room, you can start by picking ONE thing up each day. You will see how easy it is and you will adjust your self to maybe 5, or 10, etc etc. It only gets easier the more you do it


Sometimes I don't even feel excited about accomplishing baby steps though, since I know they are so artificially low. Or knowing I have so little to accomplish, I can lie in bed even longer, or generally allow myself to get distracted from what is my primary goal for the day/week.

Then even if I do get in a good cycle of getting things done, I struggle with the inertia - since at some point you are filling your day, so anything less than that feels like failure.

[Not OP]


Not OP, but I'm actually trying to do baby steps and making lists of "activities and small things to do" to get back in the habit of being somewhat productive. Setting it up kind of like levels and missions of a games. Making a list of 10 for Level 1, 20 for Level 2, and so on.


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Goal setting is possibly the most important thing to building quality self-discipline. Set daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals.

As far as focus goes (which is often mistaken with discipline), I recommend the Pomodoro Technique. Start small and build up until you can focus for hours at a time. Reading is the easiest thing to do this with. If you want to build mental endurance/raw willpower, I find intense exercise and long cold showers to be good. Also keep in mind that without a healthy body, no amount of training will build you discipline. You need a healthy body.


I think it's one of those things that is really hard if you didn't pick it up as a child. I'm sure it's not impossible to pick up a when you're older but it's certainly a struggle in my experience at least. I struggle with this a lot. Maybe I need things to get really bad and then use that experience as motivation to improve my life.


This is my post from before. Let's just say things fell apart. Going to try again for April. I hope this time around I can actually get something done. I think I'm going to start with exercising. Going based on the whole "a healthy body will create a healthy mind" thing.


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Because you don't believe that you can. Yes, it's a cliche. Yes it's unhelpful; it is still true. I used to feel exactly the same way as you did, as though my life was on rails and completely out of my control. I had vague ideas of things that I thought I might want, but never for a moment believed that they would be achievable or could actually happen.
It may not surprise you to hear that I was very depressed for some time; ironically, it was when it got unbearable that I set myself free, completely by accident. I bought some heroin and lots of valium off the darknet with the aim of downing a bottle of vodka and dieing (inb4 not the most effective method, yada yada yada).
And then it occurred to me. Just sitting in despair in my room living off handouts, I could get access to some of the most powerful drugs the world has ever known delivered straight to my door. Isn't that crazy? Imagine what I could do if I put my mind to it!
Look the point of all this is that you need to embrace the absurdity. Chase a whale. Push a boulder up a hill. Smoke some rocks. Just do <something>, for Christs sake. Not something you never thought you could do, because you'll mentally block yourself from doing it. Do something entirely new, that is entirely unlike you.
It could be as simple as getting dessert.


File: 1530686166760.jpg (95.93 KB, 758x698, 1525286821597.jpg)

I feel man. Every time I want to get into something new or study a subject, after some time I lose interest and drive to ever look at it again.
I've fallen so many times into this spiral of apathy and despair.


I don't have discipline unless I have stress and pressure. So if I was to guess for you anon its probably the same. Just give yourself something to stress over and a deadline to hit it.


I was just about to post this exact same topic.


This is really true. I think I was just born a POS garbage person and don't think I can change it. Like when I think about "people who exercise" or "organized people" and wish I was like them…it just seems impossible and well, I'm not *one of those people*. I'm a garbage person.

How do I stop believing this?


just know that you can change, but it will take a conscious, sometimes grueling, effort. force yourself to learn small habits. go for a walk every morning, or put things back where they belong. over time, these good habits will overtake your old, bad ones and be easier to stick to.


babies have been born and learned to walk and talk since I made this thread
and I'm still the same
Well I shouldn't say that, I guess I'm a bit better. Only a bit though…


Take the smallest easiest step you can imagine, and hold yourself to it, everyday. At one point for me it was just leaving the house.
It creates a feedback loop and things get better eventually.


Oh man. I have the same problem…
I have to learn math for exam. Nope, I get distracted with shitposing and youtube.
I want to start a major rewrite of my imageboard… But I get distracted.
I always postpone everything until it is too late.
I don't get distracted when autism kicks in or/and somebody challenges me to do something. Or get drunk (but not sure about that)

What should I do?


Alright, story idea: A guy is so depressed that the only respite and something resembling happiness he gets is spinning a keychain souvenir back and forth. His happiness is dependent on the keychain, and he lives in constant fear of the keychain one day failing to provide respite. This was inspired by a keychain.


Hey idiot, I bet you can't get over 65% in your exam. Prove me wrong sucker


based reverse psychology


Hehe… It wouldn't be so sad if this wasn't true.
It didn't work :/.
I'm literally turning into a vegetable because of this corona thing going on.


Because you don't enjoy the thing you're trying to do. You just enjoy the results.


>Because you don't enjoy the thing you're trying to do. You just enjoy the results.
There are a lot of things you have to do you don't really like and don't really care about result.


>wanted to rewrite completely an imageboard and get rid of self-made abomination/database
>ended up just changing couple things, because I just didn't want to think.
How do I stop being such a lazy asshole? I mean, there was a motivation (because this self-made flat file thing had backfired countless times, because it is just another 9000th clone of 4chan/vichan/whatever type of a deal), but still it wasn't enough apparenlty


File: 1628878791230.gif (1.73 MB, 250x189, haroldsmith.gif)

Over the last few years, I started building some more discipline but it still constantly feels like I will break the habits I have formed at any moment. Many chores and personal maintenance that I used to struggle alot with, I still end up doing inconstitently. I'm scared the days I forget will turn into weeks, and the weeks into months, because I can't trust myself from all this inconsistency. I've broken them for weeks or months on end, too many times. And the few habits that I have retained, are starting to feel like more and more of a tiring chore that I simply can't do without constantly thinking of quitting. I feel like I'm just broken myself and that I can never be fully fixed.

I feel like this GIF of Harold Smith from the Powerpuff Girls, except without any family around. The older I get the more I can understand this character, actually.


reach out to people



What do you mean by reach out? Professional help isn't an option because I can't financially afford it, and people at my school have been nearly impossible to become friends with - even when I completely put myself out there and try being involved in things like clubs.


between all people there is mutual suffering and mutual joy, we are all humans after all, no matter how divided we may feel, we all fear and hurt and love and cry. keep trying to meet people half-way because there is literally nothing else to do with life


File: 1629755833078.jpg (844.11 KB, 1920x1080, 1623949727471.jpg)

Not going to pretend like it's perfect solution to everything, but I keep myself going with three things.

First is to simply have no nothing done days. Unless you are sick or something, you can always do something in a day no matter how big or small. Never allow yourself a day of nothing unless you have a good reason to.

Secondly is that if you like for instance art, but you don't know how to draw well, remember that in months or years from now you will be in the same position. But if you drag yourself now next time you won't be as clueless to drawing as you were before and you will be able to do more and get closer to your goal.

thirdly is just to try doing something for 15 minutes. If it doesn't work, fine. Just leave it be. But I can assure you that the more you do this, the easier that 15 minutes will become and today's 30 minutes will become today's 15.


Is there anything you want to do specifically?

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