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No. 2

What is it like to be fat, my fellow chu/bm/en?


See, now I REALLY want context for that pic. Sorry I can't reverse image search for it, today's leg day and I'm already blowing out my daily calorie intake using my upper body for this post.

Fr srs though, Fat Kid Rules the World is actually a YA novel entirely about the experience of living life through a shell of adipose tissue (and also drumming), could check it out if you're curious.


Like being a big guy without actually being fat. I mean size isnt measured solely in terms of volume, so youre just a space inefficient person.


*being big


Challenging OP. I been in more fights as a fat guy that when I was a well build guy in the military. Seems most people think they can kick your ass just because you're packing some extra weight. Besides that, it's what you expect from being fat.

Less pussy, lets face it, women might bitch about how men need to change their views on beauty, but they won't change theirs.

I become more of a hermit since I gained weight and really don't deal with people unless its work related. But I think that's just me and not because I'm fat now, always been somewhat of a reclusive person.


I have found that yes, the women who might have been in to you when you were thin won't like you when you're fat. However:

There is a certain type of women who are in to heavier dudes for whatever reason. If you find them you can get some action. Sometimes they can be good looking too. All they ask is that you throw your weight in to them during sex.


chick into heavier dudes here

it's because the guys who tend to put on weight are generally the opposite of auschwitz mode liberal betafags

that said, there's a difference between big guy and big guy who doesn't maintain himself hygenically

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