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Has anyone else tried an enneagram personality test? I just heard about it and took it, was a little scared how dead on it was. Though I guess people always say that about personality tests.

Got type 5, balanced wings.


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I believe when I took it I got a 4, which i remember being a little too accurate. i'll try it again just to see


You know that these are always written very generally, just so that they can apply to more people.
Anyway, I'm type five, though I didn't really like this test. There were too many times when neither answer applied.


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I don't feel comfortable with the A or B way of answering things. At least the Myers-Briggs test had a small spectrum. My type was INFJ


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yeah, I noticed this when taking it again. the options are way too narrow. it's more interesting to just read about the different types and how they interact with each other, similar to astrology or even archetypes


I've taken a couple different tests, but they never give me one solid answer; they're split between type 5 and 9. I guess my answers lean a bit more towards 5, and that's the description that seems to fit me better too.


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just took the test at

not entirely sure what to make of these results tbh…


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I have done the test a few months ago, the result was a tie between 5w6 and 6w5 - I did a bit of research and enneagram 6 fits more for me.


The tests aren't very reliable, you should read the theory yourself to see what type you are.

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