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No. 157

I know that this might be pushing at the limits of this boards topic a bit, but towards what end are you living your life, anon?


Nothing, as far as I can tell.


What do you mean?


Every day I wish I was dead. But since I'm not dead yet, my goal is to go to college, and eventually have a PhD in linguistics or computer science, and then do research. It's unlikely that will ever happen, but there's nothing else to do in life except try anyway.


What is presenting you at the present time from doing that? Money?

Teaching myself programming saved my life and gave me purpose. 4 years later I have a great job, no degree needed.

I've always wondered what it'd be like if I was an academic


*preventing lol


>What is presenting you at the present time from doing that? Money?
Mostly capitalism, yeah.
>Teaching myself programming saved my life and gave me purpose.
Oh, I'm already did that, and am still doing that with new paradigms and languages. I try to submit diffs to different projects whenever I can, and I am using my time as a NEET well.
>4 years later I have a great job, no degree needed.
That's possible for some people, yeah. It's kinda hard to become a scientist without a degree though.


Go away, commie. It's not capitalism's fault that you're a failure.


Hey be nice, though I agree with you (i don't think he's a failure though, it's a different world these days)


I just don't like communists on Dreamchan.


When was I a failure, though? If I wanted, I could choose to NEET up my whole life, but instead I'm working hard to become a scientist, after which everyone might benefit, including you, if it works out.
Having me only be a NEET doesn't help you at all. May as well make it less inconvenient for people to stop being NEETs.


capitalists>communists>shit>>>>people who can't tolerate other political views


It occurred to me that the only things which are self-evidently good are the things which feel good to me. So I guess I am philosophically a hedonist.

In the sphere of what others call religion my inclination is towards sorcery - that is, practical, as opposed to transcendental, magic. Rather than the will of a "higher" being, I seek greater power over the world around me.


Would you say the same thing if I told a Nazi to go away?
You know, starving millions of Ukrainians certainly isn't my idea of comfy.


Similar, yet not the same views here.


Different aspirations, but this.


What do you aspire to do?


I don't think I'd say the *same* same thing, but as long as they're not being asses about it I don't really care.


File: 1491468287378.png (164.69 KB, 791x1150, 01ts1.png)

Eternal Damnation is the price I've payed, I like the idea that simply showing people the receipt is enough to make them squirm. Living a life unhinged from the depth of the karmic balance, based not on reaching Thank You's, but instead focused on avoiding too many apologies. I live to my cravings and I dare not insult them, hied them, hold them from fruition. It is not that my will is deserving, its the opposite, I simply have so much of it that quelling it has never been an option.

I play the devil in life. Simple as that, live every day of life with a cyanide pill in my pocket, with every second story window and above a podium for your decent into hell. Its living knowing what parts of you mean death, and so encapsulate your life. Life with every Car ride a roller-coaster into a bone puzzling collision, every sharp edge a conduit for Chaos. If you survive you know who you are.

I aspire to send shockwaves through specific circuits in entertainment and tech, as any modern devil would. I dare not do it as the common man, against basic headstrong efforts and the industry standard of consumption of wealth through knowledge. Mathematics knowledge self studied and forged from one of the oldest evils in the world, Piracy, I've collabed a series of toolsets that can make the depth of modern games look like garbage, really put the stress on the medium to take it to the next level when its going to get to be compared to what I've been brewing for the last 5 years.

I get that all this texts is empty boasting until the show is shown, but I don't relate myself to evil lightly.


File: 1491546606060.gif (358.5 KB, 220x220, 1473910499526.gif)


This sounds like something I would write, I wouldn't have used that image though lol.

Show them all anon, show them all.


How does complaining about the downsides of capitalism make someone a commie? Is there only one alternative?


File: 1494606982100.jpg (263.5 KB, 1273x709, 1483896779707.jpg)

Institution, business, and economical standing might just be big words made by small men to you and me, but to others subjects such as these are ingrained to thier very person.

And with that so is a shallow sense of self worth, one closer related in the scaling of numbers than ones actual personality and way of expression in life.

For being capitalists is a roll given to us by higher powers, so complaining about being given that roll, doesn't lead people to comprehend your actual problems as an individual, Slaves long in family lineage no-longer comprehend the chains that hold them. So when you complain about thier chains, thier only comprehension is to mentions chains of others.

Haha, don't forget that your talking about systems of ruling kings hundreds of years old, don't underestimate the fear of those living under it. It really can keep them from comprehending it.


Should stated the pic is an example of the kind of mindset people get into.


I've seen this same picture posted in other board here.


Getting a job that pays enough so that I can make payments towards being cryogenically frozen when I die. There's too many things I want to do, too many paths I want to take, and this life just isn't long enough.


It's from Million Dollar Extreme


File: 1513775535611.png (59.74 KB, 640x438, do-what-you-love.png)

The only reason I continue is for the potential to pay back this cost that has indebted by my existence. I owe the world around me that.
For me currently this means breaking my individualistic habits to participate more in communities, as I feel this is a large part of what people are missing

If you are interested in computer science research there are many commercial avenues that don't necessarily require as strong formal education as continuing through academia would take. Or even non-commercial non-institutional research is continuing these days, much of the work seen in Chaos Communication and their compatriots, which might be possible for you to find some related things within [0]. Although, they mostly focus on "hacking" this doesn't mean no possibility of finding lower level concepts related to what you like.
Also; blogs of people doing DIY versions of major research.

Communism =/= Totalitarianism [1]
Much like discussion of socialism doesn't mean celebration of Nazis, I think the same could be argued for communism.

[0] media.ccc.de

[1] For more deets see The Origins of Totalitarianism, Hannah Arendt, 1951 or The Dictator's Handbook: Why Bad Behavior is Almost Always Good Politics, Alastair Smith & Bruce de Mesquita, 2012
</off-topic> sorry


What are some ways you would involve yourself in your community? Asking for possible ideas for myself


Purge the system of all bogeys and move on to the next one, and so on for all eternity


For me: community gardening, food sharing program, esperanto speaking group, nonfiction book club, occasional board gaming. Used to volunteer with a fix your own bike sessions.
Though I think I'd like to discover more hackspaces soon.
For searching in your local area meetup.com might be useful, it has for me.

But obviously it is different for what your interests are. Contributing to online communities counts too!

What interests do you think you'd like to share/learn with others?


My life is a series of projects and I have no real intention of ever retiring, nor do I have one supreme goal which will terminate my life when I reach it. I honestly have too much I want to do. I want to see how far I can go with what little I've been given.

That's awesome. Thank you for the ideas anon.


I'm living till I die.

There's nothing deeper to it than that.

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