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Anyone else here dealing with erectile dysfunction?
I definitely have it now, though I should've seen it coming earlier– I think it came from jerking off too much, I used to do it several times a day just because, y'know, it felt good and was fun. I still check things like exhentai every day just out of habit. I'm without a doubt addicted to porn.
I should see a therapist about it, because my girlfriend definitely isn't a fan of it.

Anyone have any luck with beating it?


Nope, but I know that's one of the symptoms commonly cited in NoFap circles as a reason for increasing restraint.

There's just too much novelty available otherwise. 3D literally cannot compete with 2D. Unless you quit cold turkey and essentially let your system forget all about how much better it is, your 3DPD will leave you. Doesn't matter how loyal you are, how much money or attention you give her, etc.


First I'd check (if you have insurance and it's simple) with a medical doctor and see if something's up there.

How long have been jerking off and how frequently? If you power through a few days without it I'm sure your girlfriend will have no problem getting you up.


At my peak I'd be jerking it 6 times a day, now it's about down to once or twice a day.
I guess cold turkey is the only option


Yeah 6 is definitely enough to introduce your dick to some dysfunction.

Try to go as long as you possibly can with out it then no more than one from now one. Even better just fuck you're gf when you need to. Use a cock ring

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