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I got diagnosed with HSV2 recently.

i'm only 20. I had a vivid and lively sexual life ahead of me planned. I had partners I wanted to do fun things with, but its been robbed from me by this stupid virus.

I'm renegotiating my sexuality within me right now and I'm having a hard time.

if you have an incurqablem or even minor disease please post your experience in this thread


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Erotic role play is always an option no matter who you are, and having sex with other people that already have the same exact strain. Buy a good sex doll if you ever have a breakup and wait for a cure.


i have hsv1(on my nethers) and have similar feelings, im around the same age as you.
its hard but ive tried to take it the best i can.
erotic role play/erotic audio/phone sex is pretty fun and something id suggest you look into. you can explore the ideas of sexuality without exposing anyone to your virus. but obviously this is not the same as physical sex.
im still unsure of how to handle hsv, and i havent had sexual contact down there since the partner who gave it to me.
im unsure if i should embrace having herpes along with all the stigma, or keep it secret. because there isnt a way to date people without disclosing it at some point, unless you have a sexless relationship. and people talk. and having herpes can be seen as making a person dirty.
its a hard decision to make.
have you looked into antivirals for your condition op?

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