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why do people think love exists


>why do people think love exists
Love exists, at least as a concept.


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Because I knowmy cat loves me.


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Delusion is what keeps people going.
Even your mother birthed you for her own selfish desires, and if that's not the case, her oxytocin through birth and societal expectations of being a mother made her "love" you.


Exactly, people are delusional about the concept that love really is. It's not actually real. Some people are tricked into the belief of the concept through something "feeling good" but only for it to eventually fizzle out. With them wondering why or thinking they just "fell out of love".


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Love certainly exists. Romantic love, familial love, and even platonic love are very real. They're unique things and they can stir up specific feelings and broad feelings. Love itself is very hard if not impossible to describe but the feelings are easy. The feelings are easy to see and those can be easily traced to love, but love itself is hard to see.

Love is ultimately your commitment. Love is the existence of a mutually beneficial relationship. Yes, there's selfish elements on both ends, but it's the mutual concern for each other's selfish elements that can keep it going. Love stops being so lovely when people lose their stakes in either themselves, their lovers, or both. Lose the foremost and it becomes obsession or dependency. Lose the medial and it becomes manipulation or abuse. Lose the final and it's depression or disassociation. Love hurts more than anything to lose because it's so amazing to have. Don't live in the shadow of love lost, though, as strong as its pain is. Let those who hurt you live in the shadow of your love, and the ones you hurt see your compassion.

That's how I've gotten out of the ruts of the many loves I've lost and the many that have been trampled.


oops, forgot to remove the name I use for /art/


Why even bother having a name on an imageboard?


Just denotes me as the person writing the poetry I write. Idrc about doing it anywhere else.


It's terrible and should only be reserved for admins and owners. IMO only Duck should be the only one here known by name.


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If your feelings are hurt by that then you have no hope. How old are you? No wonder you have no concept of what love is.


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What are you even talking about desu?


I'm talking about the contents of this thread, desu~

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