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No. 123

Anyone have experience with natural anti-androgens/phytoestrogens/progesterones? Was thinking about trying purera, but I know the success rate isn't always that great, and it needs an androgen blocker to really be effective I hear. Anyone know any? Google turned up a few but there's very little "in the bush" research on it, and not very much academically, either, and any conclusions I can draw are pseudoscience (Oh, Chasteberry increases urine flow in men, must be an antimineralocorticoid!).

Some stuff to get discussion started:
>Herbs used?


File: 1460882960517.jpg (28.96 KB, 500x356, 1323037253084.jpg)

I've literally no idea what any of that shit means m8 and i'm fairly literate…

It sounds oddly specific enough to where I'd imagine there's a forum, blog, or at least some large amount of youtube comments discussing it on related videos.


So are selling filters or something guy?


I guess that's probably my best bet. So many of them are snake oil sellers. It seemed like my best option was just giving up on herbals and trying aldactone generics.


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