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The longest streak I've done was about 7-8 days. Even then, I felt positive effects. I can't seem to beat that score.
Any tips?


I’ve never thought it was a good idea to never relieve yourself in that way. For mental well being, I recommend only occasional masturbation, just not using pornography when you do. (The mind paints a beautiful picture when you concentrate)


it would be hard to quit drinking with a hip flask in your pocket. for best results spend as little time alone and stationary as possible. when i worked in forestry i hardly ever mastrubated and i didn't even think about it.


>The mind paints a beautiful picture when you concentrate
you should try audio porn.


find something better to do, If your hands are idle they'll go to your dick,


Around two weeks. I think it was 12 or 13 days.
It helped me a lot. I didn't go for the 90 day goal but I wanted to 'reset' after quitting pornography as a whole.

In Your Brain on Porn the author argues that often men are led to masturbation not because of their desires but rather because they watch pornography, putting the cart before the mule. I agree. It's a habit rather than a relieving.


oddly enough what seems to do it for me is earnstly believing i'm going to have sex. i was doing the "bar/pick up line" thing for some time but once i got discouraged and give up the urges hit and i was right back to fapping. then i looked online and found a bdsm meet up was happening nearby soon-ish and until then i was able to do nofap pretty easily. now i've told myself im going to see a hooker in november and ive done six days nofap and its not even difficult. i dont know if this will help anyone else but it works for me.


my concern is, when you go without masturbating, and finally meet up with someone to have sex, don't you bust incredibly fast?


That's what my record pretty much is as well. As far as tips, I'm not the best person to chime in on this but I suppose being around others more that you can tolerate and enjoy time spend with would be a great way. You're not exactly going to "whip it out" in front of them. Hobbies and spending time outdoors are probably some other ways that would really help. I should follow my own advice here as well.

>occasional masturbation
I agree. All things are better in moderation despite what it is.

I would assume it would depend on the individual. Myself, I bust almost within minutes if not the first 60 seconds after inserting without masturbating. I have always struggled with premature ejaculation. I think the only reason why it never majorly impacted my sex life however is based on I can remain hard quite some time after I ejaculate, I'd just keep going or pull out, and clean myself off before "going back in".


no idea because all the times ive thought i was going to have sex it fell through. i can edge for about four hours straight but im sure sex is different. since the current plan is to see a hooker im not really concerned.


Three months. Words can not describe how good and healthy I felt during those three months.


I'd like to cut out pornography. I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with masturbating, though. I just feel a little strange not using porn…I don't really have any female friends so I'm not too sure what to think about. I guess it just takes getting used to because I've gotten so reliant on porn.


>I don't really have any female friends
That's absolutely vile. I'm glad you've given up porn but thinking about women you know irl is just as bad, if not worse.


If you happen to manage quitting porn then I would be interested to know how you did it.


every man on earth does it and we're not sorry. what do you want us to use if not porn?


Not true. non-specific or imaginary people is easy enough, it's imaginary anyway. not saying i've never fantasized about real people but i don't see it as good to make a habit of viewing people sexually if that's not how they fit into your life, especially important people to you

anyway, i think a big key is setting something else of value to be present in your life on a daily basis… i see the issue a lot like excessive media consumption of any kind, where for most people it's more likely to be filling a gap than truly compulsive


Your imagination? What do you think women do?

>i don't see it as good to make a habit of viewing people sexually if that's not how they fit into your life, especially important people to you


yeah i imagine the chick that sat in front of me in bio sitting on my dick. call the thought police, idgaf.


I see that as different than a friend, because what you think of her probably doesn't matter


>What do you think women do?
So men are women now?


You're both arguing with me, but what was your reason for going no fap in the first place? Porn/unhealthy fapping rots your brain and if you see women in your life as sexual objects, it's going to fuck with your day to day.

If you can imagine a realistic image of someone you know, I'm sure you have the capability to imagine a fake person too.


porn doesn't 'rot your brain' you puritan. most people can have fantasies of people in their life while maintaining objective reality. obviously the best way to mitigate both problems is to get a real dedicated sexual and emotional partner.


Having someone to satisfy your emotional and sexual needs does not stop porn from ruining your life. There's many people who continue watching porn after marriage and end up getting divorced because they start preferring porn and the high they get from fapping over their wife and either refuse sex entirely or begin cheating on their wives with someone who is more similar to the pornstars they watch or more willing to reenact what they see in porn. I disagree with >>1161 that masturbating to women you know is somehow worse than porn since imagination doesn't carry the same influence as visuals do but porn does rot your brain and has ruined many marriages due to people being unable to separate what they watch from what they have in real life.


sounds like beta men who didn't want more than sex from the relationship in the first place. men will cheat on women whether they are watching porn or not, just seems to be a convenient scapegoat instead of holding the men accountable. i love porn and i've never had a problem staying loyal to the women i've been with. if anything the women i've been with have always been into way kinkier shit than me. really depends upon the man and the context more than the material itself. just like drugs, booze, just like anything, it's more complicated than blaming an evil scapegoat boogeyman.

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