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How do we live knowing this is it?


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Pic related.


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I know the feeling of existential angst in these screencaps all too well. But, if I can offer something to consider:

Things do not have to be special to be meaningful.


I feel that way sometimes too.
But today it rained super hard and I could hear it pounding away on the roof of my house. The sky was just ripped open for this flood. I love rain, not the peaceful kind, but the violent kind. That's what I got today. Just hearing it felt special. I realized that even though I've been feeling shit recently, something as simple as rain made me smile.
The world can be shitty. But it still has rain.


i consider myself a proud hylic. there really is nothing but this world but thats okay, there's lots of good stuff here. a human body in good working order is the closest thing to a miracle and if you end up with anything close to one you should spend every chance you get capitalizing on the amazing luck you had. you ever get sick and have your sinuses backed up? you start to wish you had taken a moment to enjoy the fact that they weren't backed up just a few days ago. that is how it must be to be old. get out on a mountain and see a big swath of this world all at once and tell me there isn't enough.


a very good philosophy!


This is more or less how I feel too. Admittedly it took spending my entire teens and early 20's depressed but I got there in the end. Sadly I don't know how to help depressed people other than assuring them that it can get better. Hang in there guys <3

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