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I feel like my mind is in a cage, like, i dont act like a normal person, i know im not a normal person, but everytime someone asks me if im okay i dont know what to say, even know im struggling so hard trying to find the words for what happens to me, can you give me some advices on how to improve on my comunication with people? it feels like everytime i try to talk to someone, there's a voice in my head that tries to sabbotage everything, tells me what to say and doesn't allow me to be myself, i swear i dont know who i am anymore


I always instantly regret talking to someone and sharing any details about myself. I struggle really hard to attempt to be social as I was many years ago. Things are a lot different in life then they were before. I have this raging desire to do more as well as be more. I probably come off as awkward but at this point I'm trying to put myself in more uncomfortable situations. I need to learn how to split my personal life in the real world and then have my own through my "digital" one. I also need to make sure to remind myself that is okay. I don't have to be just one side of myself at all times. We as human beings are very complex and sometimes the conversations we have we'll say things we regret. I'm going to try to start taking that as a lesson to learn. If I notice something off with what I say or go through that pain of regret after I walk away from talking to someone. I'm going to try to work on myself to practice harder for the next time. It may be kind of terrible to say but I think I'm going to begin to practice lying somewhat as well. Nothing major, just little small lies or random off-topic stuff for small talk.


Which has always been my weak-point in most casual settings. I have a bad habit of wanting to share more then I need to in attempts to feel closer to someone in person as well. I don't connect well with others but for some reason I've been able to get some people that has come and gone throughout my life to treat me like some sort of priest who they have confessed great as well as terrible things to. Granted that was more common many years ago when I was more stable than I am today. I hope to be able to regain a lot of who I was that I have lost throughout the years with all of the hardships and pain I have greatly suffered. Sorry if it seems as if I'm just rambling but if you want to take any pointers from my post and try to apply them yourself maybe it could help. Either way, good luck OP.

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