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my adhd is getting to an unmanageable point. My motivation is gone, and all that I can focus on are my distractions. I wish for relief from the hell I am trapped in. I have dreams and aspirations and most importantly assignments due but I am stuck in this hell.

I hate my screen, I hate YouTube, I hate reddit, I hate 4chan. I am lost in the modern world. I need help


go and live in the woods


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see a doctor


I second this.

Meditation could help, OP. It usually helps those feeling lost.


2 things. Get a good site blocker that can't be removed (I recommend cold turkey). Block every slacking site, even educational ones like youtube, for a certain time block and slowly increase it.

Next try to deconstruct why you're not doing work. Often it's a feeling of shame, so learn to forgive yourself, or an overwhelming feeling, break the task down than. If it's adhd you should look into the methods they use to start tasks

Again if it's ADHD I'd look into starting medication or taking an off the counter stimulant, coffee, to start building those good habits and then weening off.

Finally what helped me if repeating that starting an assignment or going without social media wont kill me


go walk or take the bus as far as you can and get lost for a little while


I'm also stuck in a hellish void of doing literally nothing but staying in an "imageboard loop" where I just go from imageboard to imageboard then I'll masturbate. Fix something to eat or some coffee. Might watch an episode of an anime or a 30-60 minute documentary. Then repeat until I go to bed at the crack of dawn just to repeat again each and everyday. I've been like this for at least 5 years straight now.

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