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Does anyone here suffer with OCD? How do you cope? I have the incessant need trigger myself and make myself feel dirty. It's ruining my life.


I suffered for a long time, wasihng my hands until they were red. after that, the OCD become mental, intrusive thoughts. there is no better coping method than therapy. this question is like asking, "does anyone else have an ache in their back? how to cope" dude just see a doctor



I do see a doctor and a therapist but it's not working


Do you really need a doctor or a therapist if all they can do is to shill you bullshit medicine with side effects and talk about it every meeting as if it's the only most devastating thing in your life?


Whoever therapist you were seeing, they. are. crap. But don't smear their crap all over therapy.


I kinda regret making this post I'm sorry


I don't really cope, I end up repeating myself or my daily routine 4-5 times as if I mess up once I have to start all over again. It really bothers me and stresses me out at times.


I dunno if this can possibly help you, but I too have to have to perfectly complete my routine, but what I do when I mess up, is I do everything backwards—literally—until I'm back at a state where I know everything before it was in order. For example, If I put toothpaste on my toothbrush before rinsing it, I suck the toothpaste back into the tube and then rinse the toothbrush, then put the toothpaste back on the toothbrush. It's really gross, but over all it's better than doing the whole routine over. I've also made that specific mistake only extremely rarely after I started using the backtracking trick. It's like a personal `undo.'
Another thing is I modularized my routine into self-contained subroutines, so that if I mess up, and I need to start over, I can start over at the start of the subroutine that I messed up.


i got put on a mood stabilizer and it helped me, i still get the urges but i take it less badly when I can't follow up on them


i have ocd too! heres some misc advice
-ignore what the other people say, therapy and medicine can help and is a perfectly valid way to receive help. their pessimistic viewpoints wont help you at all.
-if you can resist the compulsion for thirty minutes you can sometimes bypass it entirely. start with small resistances and set timers, or when it comes time to preform the action make a mistake in doing so
-if you compulsively wash your hands like I do, try using bar soap instead of liquid (better for hands) and use lotions/vaseline for roughness
-trying to raise your self love can help you to respect your own triggers
-dont fight the intrusive thoughts, simply let them be. write them down and burn em or scribble over it or whatever. but don't give the thought power by fighting it or arguing with it, simply acknowledge it and let it dissipate with time
I hope things get better.
lots of love,

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