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Mental and Physical Health.

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How do we live knowing this is it?
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I will, anon.


File: 1627796791170.jpg (91.28 KB, 1024x1548, 1534425029040.jpg)

Every relationship is transient. I've had an awful reminder of that recently with someone who left, although frankly speaking I'd rather never see him again. Childish in retrospect but although the conversation was childish it meant enough to me.
Maybe it's my fault that I ended up this way. I keep every single person at arm's length and never bother starting conversations myself, and all of my efforts to otherwise branch out and be more social have always simply ended with my voice getting caught in my throat. Those series where angels come down on people and offer unconditional love must've been made for people like me. The kind of people in real life who'd do that are always people who just want to hoist themselves on you and make you pledge alligeance to them.
Maybe I should just stop looking for friends. That's been the reocurring theme for me this past year. Looking for friends. And everywhere I turn, it's someone trying to choke me into being their personal little bitch. They're like wannabe cult leaders. There's solace in the lonliness, and no matter how my life goes, it'll end in lonliness anyways. I'm never going to end up having kids, and may never end up having a wife either. It's more than likely the fault of my own personal philosophies that I end up this way, I'm sure others have a far easier time making anything resembling a relationship.
I had more to say but apparently there's an incredibly stringent character limit on this site.


Thank you for this post, it does give me some hope. I am currently 24, 25 soon, and I have been depressed since 13. Sometimes it improved, sometimes it worsened. Anyway, any tips how to fight depression?
I try to be like that but I honestly don't know how. I would like to do things, but I don't even know what. At least I started to take care of my health, appreciate being healthy and going outside to enjoy some sunshine and fresh air. I started exercising too.
I would be interested in reading more of it. I miss having friends and yet I crave silence and solitude. Haibane Renmei is a great show, I love it. Always happy seeing people talking about it.


And now you made me smile…


If you still have some desire of having something like a friend, I'm available, I always am.

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>body and mind
>it is actually a board about a bunch of teenagers being self-attention whores by using suicide/depression as excuse.
I hate you motherfucking niggers so much unreal.
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uuuuh, whats the point of making fit thread for someone you hate? I just want you to die, you will never be a woman, fucking retard.


I love you too, beautiful.


It sounds like you needed more of momma's love when you were a baby.


You forgot the tranny threads


I'm starting to believe that the dream has ended here. Might be time to move on to another life.

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I failed at suicide. Tried using a thread, it wasnt strong enough. This time Im using a wire. Im not failing this time. I want the world to know that Jessica Beechin from Chelmsford MA is 10% responsible for my suicide. If 90% of the reason is because of the economy here, then 10% of the reason has to do with the fact that Ive been displaced many times by her friends who have the ability to speak.
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I can't even imagine how it must feel to take your own life because you let a girl make your life miserable, what way to live and die.

Should had at least make her suffer.


there is no god. he's just gone. now he is decaying organic matter. may he nourish the worms.


File: 1665251786839.png (229.98 KB, 537x604, 1626314716560.png)

We don't know the story.
You're probably right, but I can't blame anyone for having hope in an afterlife. I try to have hope but mostly just try not to think about that kind of thing.


File: 1665368111344.png (429.08 KB, 512x768, 1665267705799781.png)

Poor bastard should have found another girl or tried becoming the girl.


File: 1665425835871.jpg (1.11 MB, 1280x1440, 1480536044333-3.jpg)

So true! Becoming the girl could save so many young "men". ( ◕ᴗ◕)っ✂╰⋃╯

File: 1632430377734.jpg (1.48 MB, 2384x2832, 20210923_033250.jpg)

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I'd built up this grandiose idea that joining the Army would fix me and all my problems. It got me away from some bad shit but it only made my problems worse somehow and I let it get to me to the point that they discharged me before I even completed basic training. While I was on my way out, I was told that I could always rejoin the military after 6 months. I got so excited over hearing this. Maybe I'd try a new branch, experience something different, still get my benefits, and much more after I fixed myself some in those 6 months. I called up the Air Force today. They didn't want me. They told me they wanted nothing to do with me until it got my discharge upgraded, which is impossible for my discharge. I called the Navy. Same story. The Marines. You know the deal. None of them want me. I've even talked with an Army recruiter again and they said it would be really tough to get me in. I'd built my whole life up to being a soldier. That was my dream. That was dashed in a heartbeat. I don't even know how to cope. I've got nowhere to turn here. There's no moving up for me. I'm such a fucking fool.
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File: 1663715787811.png (2.26 MB, 2071x1338, Quotestalmud5.png)

fuck blogs


File: 1663715806353.png (1.86 MB, 2139x1538, Quotestalmud4.png)


File: 1663848827847.jpg (190.73 KB, 2047x1230, 20220527_184821.jpg)

10 months. I'm feeling really good. I don't really have anything to mention, honestly. Just life has been stressful but good. Things will get better for me.
I had actually come here with the plans to end this thread on my end. It's become pretty pointless. I started this thread because life sucked and I needed help. I ended up getting it but not from this thread. I'm not sure why I'd started using it as a blog but it eventually became a way for me to show others that things do get better. I've gotten to a point where there's nothing to report and likely won't be anymore, so I've decided to end it.

Goodnight, Dreamchan. I wish you all the best. After 1 year of work, I'm happy. I hope everyone else here can attain this too.

P.S. God loves faggots and trannies. I love Jesus for he spurns the deuteronomist.


File: 1664544160840.png (328.79 KB, 1080x607, rPrJRIRAdS5mg76KAQqBbXrYc0….png)

Guy from Quebec here. Religion is dying in my country and yesterday I sat in a Catholic church with stained glass windows of the virgin that has been converted into a library. Conversions as we call them are the future of religion as we grow out of the childhood of our species.

I would advise being mentally mature and passing beyond needing to believe in mythologies by primitive people who told stories to entertain themselves. Christianity is one of many ancient mythologies like the Greek or Inuit. They are just 5000 year old Marvel universes of heroes, gods and demons with superpowers.

Hercules and Samson were basically their Superman. King David was an archetypical conqueror. God/Allah were Lain, and Jesus was a pacifist hero like Vash the Stampede, and etcetera.

You can play Fate/Go and have the pleasure of the stories and their traditions. But without the trap of basing your life around believing in mythological heroes or in a prehistoric comic book universe where magic is real.


File: 1664685047690.gif (2.4 MB, 498x278, 1596411692672.gif)

I don't really believe in god. I guess I didn't make it obvious that it wasn't serious. For a long time I was devoutly Christian, an artifact from the life I'd forged myself before the military, but when I came to terms with who I am my religion really got put on the back burner for once. I kinda just neglected it even in Basic Training, only doing simple things like keeping the Eucharist and whatnot. Ironically, I actually converted a kid who was in BCT with me while I myself was questioning whether I was Christian. He told me he wanted to start reading the Bible, I told him I'd help him with reading guides and with interpreting scripture. He battle buddied me to my religious service since I was the only one in my unit going to it. Eventually he told me he found god and wanted to convert and be baptized. I told him what he'd have to do to get there and then we parted ways for good about 3 weeks later. I clung to some Jesus centered beliefs up until very recently when I realized how silly I had been especially through everything I went through because of the church. Now I'm adherent to a religion disguised as a joke disguised as a religion.
>image irrelevant

File: 1654542331876.jpeg (48.17 KB, 405x480, 8309A78C-AC69-4CEA-81FD-8….jpeg)

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why do people think love exists
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It's terrible and should only be reserved for admins and owners. IMO only Duck should be the only one here known by name.


File: 1663381252073.jpg (66.55 KB, 658x346, When-Marnie-Was-There.jpg)


If your feelings are hurt by that then you have no hope. How old are you? No wonder you have no concept of what love is.


File: 1663419100791.jpg (44.74 KB, 637x475, desudesudesu.jpg)

What are you even talking about desu?


I'm talking about the contents of this thread, desu~

File: 1660280791350.jpg (38.19 KB, 500x500, artworks-000044389851-8g99….jpg)

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I got diagnosed with HSV2 recently.

i'm only 20. I had a vivid and lively sexual life ahead of me planned. I had partners I wanted to do fun things with, but its been robbed from me by this stupid virus.

I'm renegotiating my sexuality within me right now and I'm having a hard time.

if you have an incurqablem or even minor disease please post your experience in this thread


File: 1660325589114.jpg (72.71 KB, 640x480, 8883176056_8ddd59c80c_z.jpg)

Erotic role play is always an option no matter who you are, and having sex with other people that already have the same exact strain. Buy a good sex doll if you ever have a breakup and wait for a cure.


i have hsv1(on my nethers) and have similar feelings, im around the same age as you.
its hard but ive tried to take it the best i can.
erotic role play/erotic audio/phone sex is pretty fun and something id suggest you look into. you can explore the ideas of sexuality without exposing anyone to your virus. but obviously this is not the same as physical sex.
im still unsure of how to handle hsv, and i havent had sexual contact down there since the partner who gave it to me.
im unsure if i should embrace having herpes along with all the stigma, or keep it secret. because there isnt a way to date people without disclosing it at some point, unless you have a sexless relationship. and people talk. and having herpes can be seen as making a person dirty.
its a hard decision to make.
have you looked into antivirals for your condition op?

File: 1636843617161.png (736.07 KB, 551x816, hugs.png)

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Since the first one hit a bump limit
"Bottling only makes it harder.
This thread is intented for people who would like to rant and write out their feelings.

It's possible to just spill everything in the textbox, explain it detailed or even write poems/haikus or stories, whatever your want.
You can give yourself a time- or character limit if you feel overwhelmed with writing down all that is going on.
You may also ask for advice or similiar.

It's hard to keep up a happy face, don't hide under a mask in order to lie to yourself.
Be honest with yourself and your feelings, that's the first step towards self improvement"
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File: 1652286731621.jpg (38.01 KB, 512x512, photo_2022-05-09_18-56-31.jpg)

I pray that you find somebody better and treat you better as well.


File: 1652784215722.jpg (797.7 KB, 1944x1424, 20220404_192229c.jpg)

things are getting better. only about a year left of school before i can transfer to get my bachelors. have enough savings that i don't need to work until then. been taking nice long walks, enjoying nature. slowly but surely selling off 95% of my belongings before i have to leave. it's sort of solemn, but also freeing. even if things don't work out, at least i know each day i'm actively planning to make life better for my future-self.


Promising myself cigarettes for doing work actually pays off. I never "rewarded" myself yet but the illusion of there being one gets me going.



"I'll be dead by 30. lol."
- Me at 18, 17, 16…

"I'll be dead by 30. lol"
- Me now

I'm pretty close to achieving my goals I set for myself as a kid. I've done the things that were bothering me as a kid. Finished most of the games I never was able to do, achieved most of my academic goals that I thought I would never be able to accomplish, and actually got a job in my field for about a month. If I'm able to get another job, regardless, I'll have completed everything me as a kid though I would never have done. I didn't have much faith in myself, so it's nothing special. I'm not talking about getting an advanced degree. Just things that I never would have thought I could achieved. Thanks to the support system I have, of course. I feel like a bit of a fraud compared to others, but in retrospect, those ideas and philosophy system is my enemy.



I've grown tired of the internet. Things aren't that funny any more. I can hardly laugh at anything. I don't like reading, and I don't like movies or television. It's hard to even watch my favorite show. Learning is something I prize, but I just don't have the passion to learn. I think school has driven that out of me. I'm further becoming more hostile to the United States and its fun antics. Definitely not the most friendly country out there towards others. The CIA could probably be called a terrorist organization for what mettling it's done in other countries. I don't particularly want to talk about it though.

I am not sure what I'm going to do for the rest of my life, actually. Mostly in free time, probably. Nothing's really interesting any more. I'm more waiting to see what's going to happen than what I'll be doing. Hopefully I can waste enough time to see Dwarf Fortress blossom into a beautiful woman. In the meantime, I guess, I'll force myself to watch more movies and maybe read some books. I don't really like books, but classic movies were pretty memorable and fun in a way.

File: 1652961759882.png (373.4 KB, 1245x1184, 40835295-0c6e-46e2-8985-ec….png)

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We're back! After a large DDOS attack herdchannel has returned, with more preventative measures taken to ensure similar events do not take place in the future.
We have board creation, 8 file per post uploads, a lack or unjust rulecuckery, full Tor support and more.
Also we have buffalo paizuri and fun.

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