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File: 1441521571192.jpg (1.8 MB, 5100x4267, 001.jpg)

No. 6 [Reply]

I would like to read a quick poem on depression

Oh my god these people are horrible
this is really terrible
I don't like it

thank you,

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This was a beautiful read, and an excellent choice of image.


File: 1495581153125.png (83.78 KB, 226x223, sorrow.png)

__She gave of the child.__

Down, free as memory, they
with the man lingered.

"Away, Sara, away!"

The healthiest echoed it over.
Tightly, it robed the conversations.

I'm nothing all in clothes.


that's a really nice painting
lesley oldaker is it? took me some searching to find it


File: 1496266066674.jpg (625.01 KB, 1089x1800, Federico del Campo (1837-1….jpg)

thank you for putting in the work for me anon


This is really good poetry. I wish I knew where it was from, but I think that comes from envy toward the emotional release such expression signals. Before, I was a poet who loved.

File: 1443397338977.jpg (124.85 KB, 937x1600, this is the chair (not rea….jpg)

No. 40 [Reply]

Can i have some tips or helpful advice to sit with my back straight? Lately, my chair has been really mean with me.

Thanks in advance!
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I always have my feet up and am leaning back in my computer chair. Hope it's not too bad for me


feel like that's probably better than being hunched over facing the computer, which is my problem


Put a book under your t-shirt in the middle of your chest. Your t-shirt needs to be loose enough that if you don't pull your shoulder blades back the bookwill fall.
Helped me straighten up.


i have been sleeping with mathbooks under my pillow for years and i still can't get out of debt


Try standing at your desk, that's what I've started to do. It has helped a little, but I've also started exercising so it might be more to do with that. If you don't have enough space/reach for a mouse, consider getting a keyboard with an inbuilt trackball.

File: 1452497524366.gif (11.88 KB, 254x192, C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppD….gif)

No. 94 [Reply]

Hi /bm/!

Tell me what you do for your sleep.

>What time do you go to bed?

>You're taking pills?

>You have habits before bedtime?

I'm always going to bed at 3am, and I fall asleep like 4 or 5 am, I really starting to think that I have a problem.

(Sorry my bad English)
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I just stop eating and drinking for hours beforehand


Usually go to bed Between 2 to 4 AM. Today I fell asleep around 6, woke up around 15:00, which is one hour less than I'd want. I know that for me, the ideal amount of sleep is ten hours, and I naturally sleep that much when totally free.
>taking drugs
No, not ever. I'm in control of myself, and on drugs, I wouldn't be.
>You have habits before bedtime?
I usually try to check flanfly before bed, on 4chan's /jp/.


>What time do you go to bed?
Usually around 6 AM, to 4 PM, though I'm not very good at maintaining that.
>You're taking pills?
Not for sleep, though I probably should, as it takes me a good hour, at least, to fall asleep.
>You have habits before bedtime?
Shitposting and jacking off, I guess.


It used to take me an hour to fall asleep. I wish I was still that way. I miss thinking.


File: 1489726203538.jpg (55.72 KB, 441x700, 1322357844428.jpg)

I go to bed after midnight but I make the effort or going to bed before 1 AM so most of the time I go to bed at 12:30 AM.
A couple of months ago I got my first smartphone and since then after I tuck myself in bed i watch a cartoon, watching Tv always helped me to fall asleep

File: 1475453173832.jpg (11.05 KB, 300x199, erectile-dysfunction-300x1….jpg)

No. 143 [Reply]

Anyone else here dealing with erectile dysfunction?
I definitely have it now, though I should've seen it coming earlier– I think it came from jerking off too much, I used to do it several times a day just because, y'know, it felt good and was fun. I still check things like exhentai every day just out of habit. I'm without a doubt addicted to porn.
I should see a therapist about it, because my girlfriend definitely isn't a fan of it.

Anyone have any luck with beating it?


Nope, but I know that's one of the symptoms commonly cited in NoFap circles as a reason for increasing restraint.

There's just too much novelty available otherwise. 3D literally cannot compete with 2D. Unless you quit cold turkey and essentially let your system forget all about how much better it is, your 3DPD will leave you. Doesn't matter how loyal you are, how much money or attention you give her, etc.


First I'd check (if you have insurance and it's simple) with a medical doctor and see if something's up there.

How long have been jerking off and how frequently? If you power through a few days without it I'm sure your girlfriend will have no problem getting you up.


At my peak I'd be jerking it 6 times a day, now it's about down to once or twice a day.
I guess cold turkey is the only option


Yeah 6 is definitely enough to introduce your dick to some dysfunction.

Try to go as long as you possibly can with out it then no more than one from now one. Even better just fuck you're gf when you need to. Use a cock ring

File: 1460878246352.png (1.64 MB, 2162x1734, absurdly large alex jones ….PNG)

No. 123 [Reply]

Anyone have experience with natural anti-androgens/phytoestrogens/progesterones? Was thinking about trying purera, but I know the success rate isn't always that great, and it needs an androgen blocker to really be effective I hear. Anyone know any? Google turned up a few but there's very little "in the bush" research on it, and not very much academically, either, and any conclusions I can draw are pseudoscience (Oh, Chasteberry increases urine flow in men, must be an antimineralocorticoid!).

Some stuff to get discussion started:
>Herbs used?


File: 1460882960517.jpg (28.96 KB, 500x356, 1323037253084.jpg)

I've literally no idea what any of that shit means m8 and i'm fairly literate…

It sounds oddly specific enough to where I'd imagine there's a forum, blog, or at least some large amount of youtube comments discussing it on related videos.


So are selling filters or something guy?


I guess that's probably my best bet. So many of them are snake oil sellers. It seemed like my best option was just giving up on herbals and trying aldactone generics.


File: 1460017815950.jpg (29.61 KB, 400x300, 5ZBCD00Z.jpg)

No. 117 [Reply]

I want to fix my sleep schedule to that of a normal human, what can I do? Every time I try it just goes back


If you work/go to school in the morning, what time do you go do that?

For me having to be up early kind of naturally forces a decent sleep schedule

If you're n33t though just use a combo of caffeine and sleeping aids to stick to an 8:00am - 11pm schedule or something


Do you get a lot of caffeine or anything in particular a day? Whenever I try to pretend to quit soda I fall asleep a lot earlier.
Can confirm this works for NEETs

File: 1446624815336.gif (4.14 MB, 600x375, 1aaoeiOTtmOG8vI301XG_Robot….gif)

No. 83 [Reply]

my head's been hurting a lot recently


Why anon? Did you know something about?

Give us more information if you want some kind of help


File: 1455641771735.png (98.5 KB, 480x640, Mamimi.png)

Same here.

My head has been hurting really hard for a week, or maybe more…

I take several pills for pain, is some kind
stinging pain, Not constant but is really annoying, pain has reduced too much but it remains.


Drinking enough water?

Hopefully you don't grow any robots.


Or drinking too much caffeine OP? Maybe stopped drinking as much caffeine? It can give you withdrawal symptoms like that sometimes

File: 1443128786960.jpg (216.2 KB, 915x702, Misc_dipping_brands.jpg)

No. 29 [Reply]

What's the advantages/disadvantages of dip? (aka chew, smokeless tobacco)
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Nicotine is a better and safer stimulant than caffeine in many regards.


>tfw your dad was one of those guys who spoke at schools about getting parts of his mouth removed

please dont dip guys….


How so?


File: 1447132195569.jpg (802.87 KB, 1920x1080, nature.jpg)

You need not sublimate when your mind is satisfied; or, I dare say, enlightened.


File: 1453942718590.png (106.9 KB, 310x273, double_mint.png)

why are you doing dip

do snus

It's safer and much more civilized

you don't even have to spit


File: 1441422054326.png (545.51 KB, 721x570, Brazilians_strangling_Amer….png)

No. 2 [Reply]

What is it like to be fat, my fellow chu/bm/en?
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Like being a big guy without actually being fat. I mean size isnt measured solely in terms of volume, so youre just a space inefficient person.


*being big


Challenging OP. I been in more fights as a fat guy that when I was a well build guy in the military. Seems most people think they can kick your ass just because you're packing some extra weight. Besides that, it's what you expect from being fat.

Less pussy, lets face it, women might bitch about how men need to change their views on beauty, but they won't change theirs.

I become more of a hermit since I gained weight and really don't deal with people unless its work related. But I think that's just me and not because I'm fat now, always been somewhat of a reclusive person.


I have found that yes, the women who might have been in to you when you were thin won't like you when you're fat. However:

There is a certain type of women who are in to heavier dudes for whatever reason. If you find them you can get some action. Sometimes they can be good looking too. All they ask is that you throw your weight in to them during sex.


chick into heavier dudes here

it's because the guys who tend to put on weight are generally the opposite of auschwitz mode liberal betafags

that said, there's a difference between big guy and big guy who doesn't maintain himself hygenically

File: 1443975095927.jpg (9.72 KB, 300x186, 1441070815857.jpg)

No. 56 [Reply]

Hi. Im really thin and very malnourished. How do i gain healthy weight? not like McDonald's weight but normal weight.
Hardmode: no body builder proteins
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Did you drink a bunch of whole milk?





Cardio every day, muscle building every other day (or less).


Eggs and potatoes are much cheaper per calorie than most other food. I agree that meat isn't as cost-effective but chicken is still pretty cheap and good.


I though you wanted to look like a trap?

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