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Hi. Im really thin and very malnourished. How do i gain healthy weight? not like McDonald's weight but normal weight.
Hardmode: no body builder proteins
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Did you drink a bunch of whole milk?





Cardio every day, muscle building every other day (or less).


Eggs and potatoes are much cheaper per calorie than most other food. I agree that meat isn't as cost-effective but chicken is still pretty cheap and good.


I though you wanted to look like a trap?

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So what are your thoughts on DMT?

Can you classify it as a drug since your body produces it?

I been reading DMT: The Spirit Molecule and its a fascinating read. Really weird that there really is a 3rd eye in your head and it's proven by science now and not just spirituality.

Makes me want to look for the stuff to experience it my self.
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depends, you can make ayahuasca using different ingredients that can easily be found on the web (hard) or you can extract it from Mimosa Hostilis root bark (very hard), both of which is illegal to do like >>60 says.

There are different high concentration DMT plants you can use for these processes, but there are too many different kinds for me to remember them off the top of my head, so google is going to be your best friend for this endeavor.


forgot to mention the ingredients themselves are legal to buy and possess


This is the truth with most things in life. Lucy found me in the perfect moment, and not until then was I fully ready for her.


It's the most potent hallucinogen known when used right. It causes your mental factors to get exploded into random directions due to receptors in your brain usually reserved for serotonin being overloaded. It takes you to chönyi bardo, which is normally only visited right before you die, where the five aggregates are dissolved and you're turned into an ego-less observer paying direct witness to the processes of the mind. Your brain does return into normal functioning afterwards, though, so it will be capable of recounting some of it.

>your body produces it

DMT is a trace byproduct of normal amino acid production chains, possibly involving tryptophan. It occurs endogenously in the whole body, not just the brain, but hasn't been proven to have any actual use in it. You need a LOT of it (about a 100,000 times more than there normally is in the brain) for it to have its known effects.

>there really is a 3rd eye in your head

You're probably talking of the pineal gland, which does have photosensitive cells. This is likely an evolutionary remnant of the system that forms the parietal eye in some reptiles, which is a literal third eye. All the pineal gland really does in humans is regulate sleep. We carry 3.5-3.8 billion years of genetic heritage in our bodies, and obviously not all of it is in regular use.


>Really weird that there really is a 3rd eye in your head and it's proven by science now and not just spirituality.

citations you druggie

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