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File: 1537681893643.png (27.75 KB, 200x157, 1418494369001.png)

No. 402 [Reply]

Does anyone here suffer from tinnitus? How you deal with the blasted ringing when it comes? I feel like I can't enjoy the simple pleasures of music anymore.
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Yeah, although it's mostly notable at night nowadays. It used to be pretty loud but over the years it has become some sort of low volume static.
The world is loud in general.


I have it, but it's not that loud for me. Hence why i got used to it easily. One of my friends has it too, but it's much worse for him, his tip for me was to ignore it, just how one anon said already. You'll get used to it, eventually.


I've heard from several people that the white/pink/brown noise generators on https://mynoise.net/ can help alleviate tinnitus for a while. If it's more of a pulsing ring, maybe sine waves can also help.


OP here, happy to report that it is getting better now. I gave more focus to listening to the world and music around me (at safe levels) than the tinnitus. When it comes though, I let it happen. Acceptance truly gives it less energy, and though it is still a bother, it isn't a big one anymore ;)


Im glad to hear that.

File: 1532808332673.jpg (43.75 KB, 500x411, Holmes.jpg)

No. 376 [Reply]

I don't have problems with alarm but I literally can't get out of bed, I spend hours (yes, hours) in my bed just draydreaming and escaping to a fantasy world
What should I do to stop it?


File: 1532848295108.png (175.42 KB, 456x676, 9206c94702b95ec8e644f1ef27….png)

Does it affect you negatively? As in, hindering any daily necessary productivity.


It is like a drug, I'm happy in my fantasy world but when I come back to reality, when I realize that all of this things aren't real I feel bad and defeated
Also my body hurt, the inaction affect me and my muscles feel tired


I know this.I think you had Maladaptive daydreaming disorder, i have it too.Okay a lil story time: i was bullied through high school(quite relentlessly) and i used daydreaming as a escapism.My grade drastically dropped, i didn't even lived in reality anymore, and even the concept of it was quite blurry for me.I had this alternative universe with my imaginary friends who will protect me and i spend all my time in this fake fantasy.I drew them, wrote stories about them in my notebook.I was totally detached from reality.When i graduated think just became weider .I moved to a new town had friends (i still have them) but my expectio about people were really high because of my daydreams.I have less and less fantasy about my alternative universe since my life became crucially better.
How could you stop it?
Seek a therapist, they helped me a lot.Also improve your life conditons, daydreaming is a form of escapism and its usually roots in lonliness.
All the best for you, sorry for the blogpost.

File: 1445217379489.jpg (139.6 KB, 600x450, Chamomile-Tea.jpg)

No. 76 [Reply]

We got any teafags up in here?
>not drinking a nice warm cup of chamomile every night before going to bed
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File: 1531229329039.jpg (92.13 KB, 896x504, barley-tea.jpg)

chamomile is very tasty and can help calm your nerves a bit. roasted barley can be made into a tea. it has a nice savory almost soupy taste and pairs well with a sweet dessert. hojicha is a nice savory tea as well. while it's technically a green tea, it has some caffeine, but it is less stimulating than black tea.


File: 1531262049138.jpg (266.54 KB, 1920x1080, 1530493266234.jpg)

I drink one or two pots of green tea a day. Just put the pot on a stove, and 3 minutes in I'll put it in the bag and let it seep while the pot is being heated up. When it's done I'll burn some cheap incense, and sit down listening to music, while reading or lurking.
It's the only thing I can stand the taste of lately since I have been trying to break myself of soda for my teeth. Used to drink a lot of lipton but I can't anymore because it tastes too acidic, and there's too much sugar in it. Tea is meant to be drank without any sugar.


you should try doing that with loose tea, it's one of the best ways to make tea because the leaves have a lot of space to float around and give off a full body of flavor. i wish my family was into plain green and black teas so i could make a big pot of it each morning as a little ritual


I'll have to get into that then at some point. Right now I'm just drinking the Yamotayama nip import brand from the stores. I like it a lot better than Bigelow. So when I get through my current 3 boxes I'll give that a try. Any good brands?


File: 1531392144715.png (518.16 KB, 1550x5209, reddit-r-tea-vendors.png)

I order from Adagio a lot because it ships from my state, but it is a pretty good balance between quality and price if you're looking to try a lot of different kinds or for buying samples. Tealyra is pretty good for plain chinese/japanese teas in my experience. Teavivre is great for high quality chinese teas. You may have had Stash tea before if you usually buy from stores, they are usually sold as bags but you can buy loose tea from them online and I've heard it's decent quality.

File: 1495438579725.jpg (256.53 KB, 800x600, C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppD….jpg)

No. 185 [Reply]

Has anyone else tried an enneagram personality test? I just heard about it and took it, was a little scared how dead on it was. Though I guess people always say that about personality tests.

Got type 5, balanced wings.
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I've taken a couple different tests, but they never give me one solid answer; they're split between type 5 and 9. I guess my answers lean a bit more towards 5, and that's the description that seems to fit me better too.


File: 1507992103883.jpg (87.46 KB, 525x594, Enneagram test.JPG)

just took the test at

not entirely sure what to make of these results tbh…


File: 1521987650258.png (20.96 KB, 571x498, whatever.png)


I have done the test a few months ago, the result was a tie between 5w6 and 6w5 - I did a bit of research and enneagram 6 fits more for me.


The tests aren't very reliable, you should read the theory yourself to see what type you are.

File: 1491145220035.jpg (32.89 KB, 480x460, existentialistyeti.jpg)

No. 157 [Reply]

I know that this might be pushing at the limits of this boards topic a bit, but towards what end are you living your life, anon?
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What are some ways you would involve yourself in your community? Asking for possible ideas for myself


Purge the system of all bogeys and move on to the next one, and so on for all eternity


For me: community gardening, food sharing program, esperanto speaking group, nonfiction book club, occasional board gaming. Used to volunteer with a fix your own bike sessions.
Though I think I'd like to discover more hackspaces soon.
For searching in your local area meetup.com might be useful, it has for me.

But obviously it is different for what your interests are. Contributing to online communities counts too!

What interests do you think you'd like to share/learn with others?


My life is a series of projects and I have no real intention of ever retiring, nor do I have one supreme goal which will terminate my life when I reach it. I honestly have too much I want to do. I want to see how far I can go with what little I've been given.

That's awesome. Thank you for the ideas anon.


I'm living till I die.

There's nothing deeper to it than that.

File: 1517079645079.jpg (67.12 KB, 640x480, C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppD….jpg)

No. 296 [Reply]

How does one go about getting it? Especially if you're broke?


I would say call a local hospital and see if they have any information - I am sure they have knowledge of this type of thing. If there are clinics in your area, often times there is a psychologist of some kind available, though of course scheduling might be more difficult since it's free. Some clinics you can just lie to and say you have no money, you're living with a friend so you have no permanent address, and you have no insurance. Here in the USA they still have to give you some help anyway; might not be the case in your country, in which case it might not be a good idea. I don't know. But I do know people who have used those free psych clinics before and been prescribed meds from them, etc.

There are probably forums dedicated to this sort of thing in the online normieverse. Not that we aren't here to listen and talk, but there might be a wider variety of advice, experience, and tips available to you elsewhere.


I really like the picture, thank you.


if you're insured, usually even with shitty plans mental health help has only a small copay.

If you're a uni student, usually there's a place you can go on campus that offers free(although limited) help.

If you're suicidal, you can go into the hospital and say you want to kill yourself and they'll give you free help.

File: 1499845894220.jpg (545.08 KB, 600x900, savvy.jpg)

No. 197 [Reply]

Regardless of whether hypnotism is real or fake, it seems that acting as though it's real lets me do interesting things, like relax my face and body on command.


Hypnotism is nothing more than the power of suggestion. Suggestion meaning, an appeal to your own willpower; people who act like monkeys or whatever are actually in complete control at all times, there is no such thing as magic.

Trance-like states are very common - driving occurs most often in an almost trance-like state, with your mind clear. You can go into a trance-like state standing in the shower. Etc.

File: 1441521571192.jpg (1.8 MB, 5100x4267, 001.jpg)

No. 6 [Reply]

I would like to read a quick poem on depression

Oh my god these people are horrible
this is really terrible
I don't like it

thank you,

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This was a beautiful read, and an excellent choice of image.


File: 1495581153125.png (83.78 KB, 226x223, sorrow.png)

__She gave of the child.__

Down, free as memory, they
with the man lingered.

"Away, Sara, away!"

The healthiest echoed it over.
Tightly, it robed the conversations.

I'm nothing all in clothes.


that's a really nice painting
lesley oldaker is it? took me some searching to find it


File: 1496266066674.jpg (625.01 KB, 1089x1800, Federico del Campo (1837-1….jpg)

thank you for putting in the work for me anon


This is really good poetry. I wish I knew where it was from, but I think that comes from envy toward the emotional release such expression signals. Before, I was a poet who loved.

File: 1443397338977.jpg (124.85 KB, 937x1600, this is the chair (not rea….jpg)

No. 40 [Reply]

Can i have some tips or helpful advice to sit with my back straight? Lately, my chair has been really mean with me.

Thanks in advance!
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I always have my feet up and am leaning back in my computer chair. Hope it's not too bad for me


feel like that's probably better than being hunched over facing the computer, which is my problem


Put a book under your t-shirt in the middle of your chest. Your t-shirt needs to be loose enough that if you don't pull your shoulder blades back the bookwill fall.
Helped me straighten up.


i have been sleeping with mathbooks under my pillow for years and i still can't get out of debt


Try standing at your desk, that's what I've started to do. It has helped a little, but I've also started exercising so it might be more to do with that. If you don't have enough space/reach for a mouse, consider getting a keyboard with an inbuilt trackball.

File: 1452497524366.gif (11.88 KB, 254x192, C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppD….gif)

No. 94 [Reply]

Hi /bm/!

Tell me what you do for your sleep.

>What time do you go to bed?

>You're taking pills?

>You have habits before bedtime?

I'm always going to bed at 3am, and I fall asleep like 4 or 5 am, I really starting to think that I have a problem.

(Sorry my bad English)
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I just stop eating and drinking for hours beforehand


Usually go to bed Between 2 to 4 AM. Today I fell asleep around 6, woke up around 15:00, which is one hour less than I'd want. I know that for me, the ideal amount of sleep is ten hours, and I naturally sleep that much when totally free.
>taking drugs
No, not ever. I'm in control of myself, and on drugs, I wouldn't be.
>You have habits before bedtime?
I usually try to check flanfly before bed, on 4chan's /jp/.


>What time do you go to bed?
Usually around 6 AM, to 4 PM, though I'm not very good at maintaining that.
>You're taking pills?
Not for sleep, though I probably should, as it takes me a good hour, at least, to fall asleep.
>You have habits before bedtime?
Shitposting and jacking off, I guess.


It used to take me an hour to fall asleep. I wish I was still that way. I miss thinking.


File: 1489726203538.jpg (55.72 KB, 441x700, 1322357844428.jpg)

I go to bed after midnight but I make the effort or going to bed before 1 AM so most of the time I go to bed at 12:30 AM.
A couple of months ago I got my first smartphone and since then after I tuck myself in bed i watch a cartoon, watching Tv always helped me to fall asleep

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