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No. 335

Her name is Cocola, she has that name because she likes to drink coca-cola, so that's where the name came from. So she's been with me for like 4 years (since 2013), and since then my family treated her like a person in the family. She would always wake me up or cheer me up when im sad. She slept indoors on top of my computer desk so she could be with me. She died from depression and constantly vomiting


I'm sorry for your lost, man.


I'm so, so sorry to hear this friend.

She sounds like a blessing and a true companion. May she rest in peace.


I am so sorry OP, but I am so glad that you had Cocola, and that she had you as a friend and caretaker. I am sure she enjoyed her life with you until the end, and that she would have been grateful to live among your family. My deepest condolences.


get here
rest in peace

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